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  1. I think it has to do with reverting to the editor, I made a video, it's in the .zip. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qpyf7du9asvfjxw/AABrRFnj556VlVgoUZcEPxGia?dl=0
  2. Hi Nertea, I finally had some time to test SystemHeat. First of all, I think that this will work . I read one of your latest post regarding FFT, how SystemHeat is nice to work with, and I completely agree. Once you get the hang of SystemHeat, heat management will be a breeze. It was very intuitive, matching the required radiators to the heat sources, changing the loops and, managing multiple loops is all easy to do with the overlay and information. I tested some stuff on the lauchpad, in space and on Eve in a clean KSP instal with no other mods. What I think/found that might help dev
  3. Makes sense, and still adds a heat management challenge to hotter environments. Fair enough, you got to hand it to those engineers, they know what they are doing Seems like a solid design for the system Have you considered heatsinks? To act as a pool/reservoir for heat in a loop? Each sink could have a maximum "storage" based on the temperature and flux. Activating the sink would temporarily remove heat from the loop to be added again later when you "discharge" it. Say for when you are running a reactor and have retract your radiators for re-entry. Not that I want to ad
  4. The system you describes makes intuitive sense and combined with a visual overlay as you WIP image show or like the fuel flow overlay would make it easy to work with yet adds a challenging addition to the gameplay. This would be something I would definitely add to my game as it makes you builds a bit more "alive" and realistic. A few questions came to mind: How do you see environmental effects affecting the performance of the heat consuming parts? A decrease in the input flux? What kind of effect does distance between the heat producer and consumer have? I.e. do a need to
  5. You know this mod got me thinking about other drone based space missions. I found these: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_Atmospheric_Maneuverable_Platform https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_Helicopter_Ingenuity No hint at all haha, just thought they were cool. And a BTDT scanner would work well in the mod I guess. Perhaps also an idea to make an alternative to the science package and make a resource scanner.
  6. Dude! Raving reviews here! It looks amazing and fits in very well with the stock and Restock styles. I like the little details on the parts (camera's on the body, the sampler on the legs) and the antenna tracking is a nice addition. Did a test run from the KSC to the Island Airport. It flies very well and was even able to land it With the current power requirements and without using the Near Future capacitors you could easily manage 40-50 km or something like that so the balance seems fine with me. Can't wait to bring this to another planet for a dragonfly mission. I will keep
  7. I am running into the same height effect as seen in the image. Not to sure about the upper limit when it disappears seems higher because I see it in LKO but definitely the 20km altitude limit. Below that limit and in timewarp all looks normal. Also running Spectra with it's dependencies so I don't know if the problem lies with them or with Scatterer. Is anyone familiar with the issue? And knows where I could go for support?
  8. Cant wait to see that huge solar sail in action. The UI is looking very sleek and professional. What are the underlying mechanics for using another vessel as a source of force (orbit restrictions, power availability, line of sight, etc)? Could a planet other than kerbin be used too? Or would that be another vessel landed on a planet? Cheers and thank you for all the cool updates!
  9. For ideas, information or just as a read: https://www.nasa.gov/directorates/spacetech/niac/2018_Phase_I_Phase_II/Breakthrough_Propulsion_Architecture_for_Interstellar_Precursor_Missions Thought it was relevant
  10. Have not had the chance to play KSP at all lately... :(, but I have been following the development of this for a while now and it is really making me want to start another career game. This is looking phenomenal, can't wait to visit these planets. Keep up the good work!
  11. I know we are not supposed to describe rocket parts as sexy but damn! Can't wait to see how they turn out.
  12. Ideas for solar panels: Phoenix lander, MRO, Stardust, Hershel/Spitzer/Kepler (could be combined solar/radiator), MER/MSL (the flight stage). On http://historicspacecraft.com/ in the space probe section there are lots of diagrams depicting space probes with their solar panels unfolded, maybe you can find some inspiration there? I would first focus on the space probe part before moving on to ground ops / EDL. Mixing them would involve a lot of different styles or purposes for the parts and I would have a hard time staying focused then.
  13. Hi akron, I did some quick testing (dont have a lot of playtime unfortunately ) of the latest Github repo, all parts seem to be working correctly and I found nothing of note. Liking the new additions very much, with you, Dmagic and BDB my science tab has been flooded . Might actually have to send some probes to places now... Looking forward to what will come after this!
  14. Wow looking good, I think it is high time I made some planetary bases. Will be following the development and if I run across something I will let you know. Nice work!
  15. I prefer the smaller version, and if anyone wants both at the same time you could change the names (of both file and config) of the 2,5 part .cfg's, they use the same as assets I believe. And then place files in the correct folders. Loving the mod, looks very good. I had a weird bug/issue when using the shrouded panels, when under aerodynamic stress the focus of the camera would drift away from the centre of the craft. Couldn't not grab the log. If they keep acting up I suppose you could make the shrouds into separate parts and connect them with nodes at the sides of the truck that you could d
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