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  1. Well it's been a year, and it doesn't look like anybody replied to this guy. I'm having the same problem -- my chutes always cut at around 30m, regardless of speed. I set them to arm, they deploy just fine, and I'm floating down at anywhere from 3 to 6 m/s. Then, at 30m, like clockwork every time, the chutes cut, and everybody dies. I've tried tweaking the settings on the chutes, but to no avail. I'm on 1.3.1, using RealChute 1.4.5.
  2. Having reinstalled RealPlume + RealFuels + these configs using CKAN, the phantom engine plumes have been eliminated. Not sure if the order mattered? However, thing is, stock RCS thrusters still have this phantom effect problem. Non-squad ones have no such issue...
  3. There's a couple of problems with this on 0.90, contrary to the title. I copied the VenStockRevamp (or something) folder to KSP/GameData/, no overwriting required, right? Then there's the '' script. Apparently little to no testing was done, because... 1. Some of the target files don't even exist; to name a few, GameData/Squad/Parts/Electrical/gigantorXlSolarArray/model001.mbm GameData/Squad/Parts/Electrical/z-200Battery/model000.mbm GameData/Squad/Parts/Engine/liquidEngineAerospike/model003.mbm 2. You can't even run the damned script on any Unix -- windows line endings are everywhere in the file, resulting in stray '\r' characters that confuse the shell.
  4. Ah, your post made me investigate further -- although I did indeed 'merge' the folders, it turns out that OS X only replaces older files with newer files. Supposedly then the Revamp files had an earlier modification date than the Squad files, so I didn't merge it. Used `ditto` on the command line, merged indeed. Unfortunately... I've now run into a problem -- I can't load the damned game. I guess you can't have pretty models and textures without large costs. Pretty pissed right now. PS: Why is it so hard to have a 64-bit Mac version? Unix is Unix, and if the conjectures about Win64's instability (pointer truncation somewhere inside Unity or an external library) are to be believed, then the OS X version should be as stable as the Linux 64-bit version. Here's hoping to 0.90?
  5. Ah, the screwy-ness was probably due to me manually (destructively) converting all textures to DDS format (for DDS Loader) before ActiveTextureManagement came out with a non-destructive version of that feature... Anyway: Now the textures are fine... except they're stock. I've copied over the Revamp folder countless times, deleted the ATM cache and MM cache for the Squad folder... no dice. I can't try without ATM because KSP dies within the first few minutes of loading -- more testing. EDIT: After removing ATM and its configs, as well as a couple of the heavier mods to get past the loading screen... No dice. The parts are still as stock as bland chicken soup.
  6. God damn, I hardly ever remember to browse the WIP Addons subforum, but am I glad I did! The engines especially look effing-fantastic. Issues though: All my fuel tanks, structural parts and command pods are screwed up... I don't have the KSP Renaissance Pack, so that's not it; here's a quick ls of my GameData folder: The only thing inside TextureReplacer is CRP_ORS.cfg... It would be really appreciated if someone could tell me what to do, this addon is too good to give up. Could it be ATM/DDSLoader? Doubtful but...
  7. No idea man... I think 'dyld' or whatever dynamic library loader somehow has a hardcoded path. Maybe it's a OS X or Mach-O thing, but you're not supposed to move shared libraries after you link a program using them. Also I'm not entirely sure if this is needed anymore (haha) since ATM seems to convert and cache every image file into DDSLoader-compatible formats? Not entirely sure.
  8. @Robotengineer: Just wait, the progress bar is still moving. Unless you have a ridiculously powerful computer, it will take upwards of a few seconds to convert each texture, especially higher resolution ones.
  9. @shaw: Thanks for your efforts! Unfortunately sys.platform on OS X (I just tried with python's REPL) is not 'OSX', but 'darwin'. So just replace that part appropriately (I don't see a need to pull request this right)? Also: squish compiles to by default instead of libsquish.dylib, no idea why -- had to rename mine to work. Anyway, here's the osx64 folder to include in your releases: EDIT: That won't work: I forgot to uninstall FreeImage from /usr/local/lib before trying, turns out it still expects the dylib there, instead of in the osx64/ folder... not sure what you can do about this. Turns out the makefile complains "No rule to make target `/usr/local/lib/libfreeimage.dylib', needed by `img2dds'" as it appears to put a hard dependency on that. Same for lib squish, it expects it in /usr/local/lib as well. As an aside, it is literally impossible to Control-C your script....
  10. So I've woken up from my deep slumber. After trying weird things like Wine and stuff to try and load lilleman's converter (on OS X), I have failed. I then tried using Which seems to work, but not without some effort on the end user's part: Steps for OS X (since windows and linux binaries are provided): 1. Ensure you have both cmake and make available. I recommend using 'homebrew' ( to install both. 2. You will also need FreeImage -- "brew install FreeImage" will work. 3. You will need libsquish. Checkout the svn tree from 3a. Installing libsquish: LD on OS X does not recognise the -soname flag. Delete this portion from 'Makefile': "-Wl,-soname ..." till the next space. 3b. make && make install 3c. Ensure that you have squish.h under /usr/local/include (by default) and in /usr/local/lib (again by default) 4. Compiling img2dds 4a. Clone or download the repo somewhere (github link above) 4b. Run "cmake ." (the period is important) 4c. You cannot compile yet. Open 4c (i). Near the top, write "#include <vector>" somewhere with the other #includes. 4c (ii). Do a search for "vector<char> buffer". Replace this with "std::vector<char> buffer" 5. Run "make" 6. You should have an 'img2dds' binary file in the folder 7. Setting up the tree 7a. You need to create a temporary folder somewhere, I used my Desktop. 7b. Inside this temporary folder, copy the '' file. 7c. Also inside this temp folder, create a folder named 'img2dds', and inside that create a folder named 'linux64' 7c (aside). For some reason linux64 is the default SYSTEM as found by the python script on OS X. 7d. Run and point it to your GameData folder. I cannot tell you what the end result is, because it is still converting my GameData folder as I write this post. But since it got to that point (and at least ran), I'm hoping for good things. Also to the creator of this tool: Thank you for your work. You might want to put clearer instructions in your README. 1. "using namespace std" isn't a good idea. 2. You use std::vector but never #include <vector>. I don't know what compiler you're using but this is an error. 3. Your indentation is atrocious with a capital A, which makes it Atrocious. To sarbian: Thank you for your work on this! Hopefully it will be another revolutionary mainstay mod like ModuleManager and will convince all mod developers to switch to DDS instead.
  11. Hello! Great mod, everything looks so pretty. Especially the AES! I've built quite a number of things with this part pack and I have to say it's outstanding work. There is an issue however; The electric ducted fan is... annoying to use. Not the power draw, but rather in construction. It's not possible to attach it properly in the SPH bilateral symmetry mode, because one side faces up and the other faces down, causing the craft to spin. The only way they face the same direction is if I attach them facing forwards/backwards, but that's not really useful. Other than that, good work!
  12. Hello. I just downloaded 0.58b, accepted two contracts to deploy satellites... neither are working. One of them is a simple 'Specific Orbit' satellite deployment mission, with Ap and Pe at 400 000m, while the other is a contract to deliver a satellite to "Keostationary orbit". Curiously, the latter's "notes" and description indicate an Ap and Pe of 400 000m as well. Neither are completing. What's this 'force complete' thing people are talking about?
  13. Fantastic, now that this is released my life will be gone (not that I had one anyway) One small request though, is it possible perhaps to group the parts (in GameData/B9/Parts/*) by size? I for one (honestly) don't care for the new HX parts, or for the panel thingies, so I usually delete them from my folder. But since there are a lot of HX parts, perhaps it would be better to sort them somehow? Also, I assume the S2 cockpit will be getting a makeover in the '5.1' release?
  14. I don't know if this has been reported yet. I'm trying to play KSP, but it hangs on loading 'StationScience/Parts/StnSciZoo/lab-emissive'.