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  1. I'm curious as to the nature of the experiment mentioned in the OP.
  2. I made a house before, it was't nearly as detailed as this though, this is great, and that toilet!
  3. I struck gold in the tracking station in a fresh save, I was heading to the mun but it will have to wait for an asteroid recovery.
  4. The small jet would be good for probes on Laythe. I would use them for that
  5. For everyone watching, turn off AdBlock, the money from advertisements go to the charity.
  6. Working on a massive space ship for doing random stuff, probably a Jool mission or other planets.
  7. Took a jet for a spin in the mountains, then crashed.
  8. Less than 1 gram of the uranium detonated in the bombs, uranium just has absolutely crazy energy stored in it.
  9. IMO, the biggest feature is the unit converter in Microsoft calculator, it will helpfully convert and give you some real-world idea of how much energy, measured in things like cakes.
  10. Took a trip to the north pole, discovered the no atmosphere bug, crashed and died. I also worked on a new ground attack plane. I like the missiles too much to give it away.
  11. Oh dear gosh, I forgot how big that thing is.
  12. I took an old jet of mine out for a quick spin. I forgot just how good it was.
  13. I think they launch from a different launch site instead of Cape Canaveral, they wouldn't have enough fuel to change velocity.