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  1. sorry for the (very belated) response, as far as i know--it is, not sure if it's compatible with the current kopernicus version, but i've been thinking about doing a revival of the planet pack sometime down the road.
  2. I come bearing pics of my development shenanigans behind-the-scenes of the next update. No ETA available for when it'll drop, but here's some pictures of the new Belus under the cut. Might change up the texture a little bit, I'm not entirely sure yet at the moment. Yes, Belus now has a ~15km high atmosphere, as I am planning on making it akin to Nova's concept for Fonso--a moon where it's mountaintops reach above the atmosphere. For reference, those plateaus on Belus are around ~5km high.
  3. This mod is still a rough work-in-progress and is still in beta, please do not be alarmed if stuff is still wonky in the mod's current state! As said, this mod is NOT READY to be reviewed yet in it's current state. The Geptu Expansion is a pet project of mine that i've been working on-and-off that is loosely based off of Nova's Gas Planet 2 concepts, and my old Kopernicus mod JoolPlus. In it's current state, this planet pack adds four new bodies. Geptu, a brilliant azure gas giant with a ring system that orbits a little bit beyond where Eeloo used to, Belus--a volcanic moon with a pizzalike appearance, Krav, a rugged moon with vast mountain ranges and huge craters, and Galena--a large brown super-tylo moon. This planet pack also relocates Eeloo to orbit around Geptu, so if you are using any planet packs that relocates Eeloo--chances are, stuff won't be compatible. Geptu's current texture is a placeholder, and it comes from this thread by the lovely Eudae55. IMGUR ALBUM https://imgur.com/a/TKroX1L DOWNLOAD LINK https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nihoiedhb457qn/Geptu.rar?dl=0
  4. looks very interesting, will have to take a decent look at it when i have the time!
  5. This is the best thing since sliced bread. Bravo, Necrobones.
  6. Astrolab. Kerbalkind's first settlement in the stars.
  7. How can this mod exist when people know that we are lizard-men that fake out space programmes, that know deep inside that our eyes that don't exist? /s
  8. I got Portal 2 back in 2011. I might check it out.
  9. Might as well go in the soup then. Waiter! There's my mother's spaghetti in my soup!
  10. Took my new Dyna Soar-esque spaceplane out for a spin today.
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