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  1. камрады подскажите как включить обратно подписи в постах? а то кнопку отключить нажал а кнопки включить нету(( очень не удобно, у многих разрабов в подписях ссылки на моды...
  2. DSL working in 1.04 exept for craft file... just assembled it in VAB...
  3. Yes still working but very slow because my experience in KSP modding very low... trying to learn and use it))
  4. Already updated Lunokhod and Luna-17 for 1.04... if anybody intresting in it i can upload, but i dont know am i have to ask authors for permissions for it? https://yadi.sk/i/_uXVVVjVjVyhH
  5. would anybody upload patch for american pack? i didnt download it yet(((
  6. Anyone want patch for the bobcat american pack? Yes!!!
  7. How to attach S0? to Destiny or to Z1? Cant attach JEM in VAB is it not fixed yet? Canadaarms still dont work after launch...
  8. i cant make canadaarm2 works in EVA but in hangar it works normal(( what i have to do?
  9. MarrouxIsBack, would you share settings for all staff?
  10. Nice!! What plans?)) release?
  11. Hi there)) trying to make Luna-16 for KSP some pictures of modelling progress: need some information: how look like real station with colors? i've found only one color picture: and it has different color with other pictures of station that has mostly yellow parts
  12. very nice!!! p.s. would you done CM IVA?
  13. how to add clouds to planets? i dont have it after installing mod... and what mod added rockets from first page imgur: "widmanstatten goes to Mars and back with Apollo-derived hardware"?
  14. Great job!!! what about IVA for Vostok/Voskhod? would you make it?
  15. whats happend with vostok iva? its used to worked.. p.s. who knows any chance for voskhod iva to be complete?
  16. raidernick, would you add another version of Galileo with fully open dish? (i've seen that model) p.s. really awesome mod))
  17. Why i cant dock Unity and Zarya? I use stock Zarya and Unity with PMA but they dont want to stick and dock...
  18. Dragon01, do you mean ScanSat part on satellite or on Soyuz? i have satellite around kerbin with all scansat parts it made map and i can see map with all crafts monitors exept Soyuz...
  19. KSP_win\GameData\SovietPack KSP_win\GameData\BobCatind\HOME2\Props
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