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  1. This is Everything I want in a game *Tips Tophat*
  2. "Are you getting Fallout 4?" "No, It's just Fallout 3 with a new name and re-textured. And the theme is bad"
  3. Power? Depends on where you live. If you live in France, you would have up to about 2 weeks of power, as their nuclear reactors run autonomously for a certain amount of time. The internet would die in the first few hours, as the amount of new posts and other stuff in the first hours would overload it.
  4. "Oh that's better. Now Stanley, all you have to do is follow the blue line, PAST the death. I did say past, not in too... Stanley!"
  5. I would let the Rocket fly, but I would make sure that the people remembered every man, woman and child left behind. The show must go on.
  6. communism I don't know why this was copied
  7. Perhaps. Many a time I have attempted to sail under the ocean using rockets.
  8. I would not push the button. If you push the button, there is a 50% chance the entire world becomes capitalist, and 50% chance the world becomes communist.
  9. "Um, sorry to bother you but how do you spell spell? Wait, never mind, I'll type it in to google" My friend, after a 4 hour Civilization V Game.
  10. Granted. The food now expires in you, giving you horrible food poisoning constantly. I wish i was a Russian
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