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  1. It would be great if you could make a relay satellite, it should be able to relay signals from kerbin to mun. I would probably place it in Mun orbit
  2. Via a friend that had seen it on Nerdcubed's channel
  3. I'd like to apply for a spot, I am new to community builds but it will be interesting to see what people come up with.
  4. The Putnik 5 second turntime (the engineers called it overmanouverable, the pilots called it a deathtrap) Max speed is 255 m/s. 160 units of liquid fuel Time to 7km is 5:13.
  5. @foamyesque I messed up bigtime, sorry.
  6. I just noticed the problem, it should be fixed by now.
  7. That would make sense however the amount of people doing the challenge will be too little to have 2 leaderboards. This is my first challenge though so the rules & score system might not be that good.
  8. That is true, I am currently switching it up to your format. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. That plane is so cute! :3 You need a time from take-off to Old Airfield runway landing to get a score though.
  10. Planes in KSP usually weight a lot. Sadly the Kerbal goverment noticed that runways started to break due to the immense weight of the planes. He called up Wernher von Kerman and asked him to come up with a solution. The president expected a reinforcement method for the runways. He was wrong though and Wernher proposed new guidelines for aircraft. The president looked through them and was satisfied, making it a law. The guidelines (rules for the challenge) were: A plane must weigh under a ton without kerbals & fuel. A plane must be able to carry atleast 2 kerbals. A plane may only be powered by jet engines to not waste precious oxidizer. A plane is not allowed to use custom parts (modded parts) and must stick with them provided by the Kerbal Space Center (stock parts) A plane shall be flying with lift and not be a metal tube with a couple of chairs and an engine. A plane shall be able to fly to the Old Airfield. A plane shall not be using any mad tricks (Alt + F12 cheats) To calculate score: 1000* Number of Kerbals aboard / (Weight in tonnes * Time from take-off to land on the Old Airfield Runway in seconds) Scoreboard: 1. @foamyesque Score: 16.7 2. @Cunjo Carl Score: 12.80 3. @zolotiyeruki Score: 11.44 4. @Jetski Score: 10.75 5. @Panel Score: 7.74 (By the way, should I make a badge for this?)
  11. Sorry för att jag är så sen, men det funkar galant i 1.1.1 och senare versioner.
  12. Do you base the mass score on takeoff mass or mass when done?
  13. Isn't there a tiny amount of randomness in the aero forces?