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  1. First of (hopefully) many submissions from Bumba Aerospace The BA-1-100, a 6 engine behemoth optimised for hub to hub flights Picture of a development prototype, therefore lacks features present on actual aircraft. Price: 512 290 000 Starbucks Fuel: 20415 liters of Jet A1 Cruising Altitude: 4500 meters ASL Cruising Speed: Built for 245 m/s, capable of 280 m/s in optimal conditions Cruise Fuel Burn: 1.53 liters per second Range: 3269 kilometers (calculated with a 245 m/s cruise) Passenger Capacity: 312 Kerbals in an all economy layout Built for the classic hub-and-spoke model, the BA-1 works excellently for the high demand long range flights. It may be more thirsty than the competitors, and may even have a shorter range and lower capacity. What it lacks in all of these categories it makes up for in speed. With a TWR of 0.86 (in optimal conditions) it is a speed demon. Think about why we fly instead of simply driving? One big reason, speed. Why opt for a slower offering when something like this exists? The wingspan is almost excessive and the plane is easily able to be stretched for a higher capacity, or perhaps remove a pair of engines for an ultra-long-range aircraft. This plane is filled with opportunites just waiting to be harnessed! Maintenance costs will be a breeze (for the size) due to the low mounting of the engines. Not to mention the prefitted APU able to generate power if ground power is unavailable. Piloting Instructions Rotate as early as possible while still avoiding a tailstrike. Be careful with roll controls as you will lose a lot of pitch authority (for some reason) aswell as altitude. Be ready to compensate for roll on takeoff. If the plane decides to be noseheavy, press the button 1 for trim. Landing is a challenge, to say the least. Craft File: https://kerbalx.com/hempa2/BA-1-100
  2. It would be great if you could make a relay satellite, it should be able to relay signals from kerbin to mun. I would probably place it in Mun orbit
  3. Via a friend that had seen it on Nerdcubed's channel
  4. I'd like to apply for a spot, I am new to community builds but it will be interesting to see what people come up with.
  5. The Putnik 5 second turntime (the engineers called it overmanouverable, the pilots called it a deathtrap) Max speed is 255 m/s. 160 units of liquid fuel Time to 7km is 5:13.
  6. @foamyesque I messed up bigtime, sorry.
  7. I just noticed the problem, it should be fixed by now.
  8. That would make sense however the amount of people doing the challenge will be too little to have 2 leaderboards. This is my first challenge though so the rules & score system might not be that good.
  9. That is true, I am currently switching it up to your format. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. That plane is so cute! :3 You need a time from take-off to Old Airfield runway landing to get a score though.
  11. Planes in KSP usually weight a lot. Sadly the Kerbal goverment noticed that runways started to break due to the immense weight of the planes. He called up Wernher von Kerman and asked him to come up with a solution. The president expected a reinforcement method for the runways. He was wrong though and Wernher proposed new guidelines for aircraft. The president looked through them and was satisfied, making it a law. The guidelines (rules for the challenge) were: A plane must weigh under a ton without kerbals & fuel. A plane must be able to carry atleast 2 kerbals. A plane may only be powered by jet engines to not waste precious oxidizer. A plane is not allowed to use custom parts (modded parts) and must stick with them provided by the Kerbal Space Center (stock parts) A plane shall be flying with lift and not be a metal tube with a couple of chairs and an engine. A plane shall be able to fly to the Old Airfield. A plane shall not be using any mad tricks (Alt + F12 cheats) To calculate score: 1000* Number of Kerbals aboard / (Weight in tonnes * Time from take-off to land on the Old Airfield Runway in seconds) Scoreboard: 1. @foamyesque Score: 16.7 2. @Cunjo Carl Score: 12.80 3. @zolotiyeruki Score: 11.44 4. @Jetski Score: 10.75 5. @Panel Score: 7.74 (By the way, should I make a badge for this?)
  12. Sorry för att jag är så sen, men det funkar galant i 1.1.1 och senare versioner.
  13. Do you base the mass score on takeoff mass or mass when done?
  14. Isn't there a tiny amount of randomness in the aero forces?
  15. Link does not work, try removing /edit from the end of the link.
  16. Thanks a lot! Repping And do I need to install Linux or do I just need to download the Linux edition? - - - Updated - - - OMG! Game went from 3.5 GB of RAM to .6 GB!
  17. Since CKAN had just downloaded, I decided to put it to a test by downloading some mods from it. But when starting up, after the loading screen with the loading hints I crashed. Mods are: TweakScale Blizzy's toolbar Texture replacer TAC Life Support TAC Fuel Balancer KSP Interstellar extended KSP AVC Kopernicus Interstellar Fuel Switch Interstellar Fuel Switch Core Filter Extensions - Plugin Docking port alignment indicator DeepFreeze continued Community Resource Pack and Kerbal Galaxy 17 mods :3 Crash report is HERE!
  18. Nope, got a mutaded index finger. The user below me wasn't hyped for KSP 1.0
  19. Due to 1.0 getting released in 4 days, is it worth downloading a resource mod?
  20. Okay, straight to the point. Jebediah had been killed in a plane accident (stupid non-functioning parachutes) so i decided to edit him back. Now my save is all strange, i can click on the following buildings: R&D center, Mission Control, Astronaut Complex, Tracking station and the Administration building. Screenshots refuse to work. I will be providing the save file down below https://www.dropbox.com/s/oowmp6sj8ftypt5/My%20KSP%20savefile%20%28Career%29.zip?dl=1
  21. Use the radial tanks when building a monoprop vtol
  22. It will fly for 1 minute and 16 seconds
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