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  1. Craft download : http://kerbalx.com/stardog573/VOLANS-II.craft Volans II is stock SSTM. It is capable of VTOL on Mun / Minmus. Parts count : 66 Mass : 51.2 tons Dimensions : 4.3 x 12.6 x 16.8 meters (HxWxL) Keybindings : 1 - Switching RAPIER mode 2 - Toggle RAPIER 3 - Toggle Nerv 4 - Toggle Hinges Flight instructions 1) Ascending with 20~25 degrees angle 2) Flaming out, switching RAPIER mode, Activate Nerv 3) Make it onto orbit, going to Mun or Minmus 4) Toggle hinges and Land (Control from top docking port to control easier) 5) Control fr
  2. Here you are. https://kerbalx.com/stardog573/you-name-it Problem is, this can lift only small weight to low orbit because... VTOL -> need additional engines -> increase weight simple ascent profile -> need more TWR -> need more engines -> increase weight I can do extreme weight reduction if you are okay with poor appearance and losing some functionalities like docking or rcs
  3. Rear-heavy planes tend to be unstable because of large lift/drag in front of CoM. That's why I distributed engines from front to rear to locate CoM at center position.(It also helps to prevent CoM shift by cargo load/unload) But even with that, it still needs rear airbrakes as stabilizer during reentry.
  4. Actually it was painful to have one in front. It produced large lift during reentry, made the plane vurnerable to flipping. Had to compensate that with airbrakes at rear position.
  5. After endless edit and optimization, finally I can introduce KORE's latest work. It's not most fuel-efficient Mk3 SSTO. It's design to be fly easy, comfortable, and fun. Any comment on things to be improved will be appreciated. <Download links> KORE Andromeda : https://kerbalx.com/stardog573/KORE-Andromeda AMM-137 'Longship' Body Extension Module : https://kerbalx.com/stardog573/AMM-137-Longship AMM-48 'Steward' Crew Transport Module : https://kerbalx.com/stardog573/AMM-48-Steward <Update log> 2016.11.1. Added AAM-137 'Longship' Module.
  6. updated kore 16 for ver 1.2 not much change, just made it more compact and attached antenna <download link> https://www.dropbox.com/s/ifaqzazeldlpolj/KORE 16-1_2.craft?dl=0
  7. [IMG]http://sadalsuud.kr:8080/Upload/WIP/1.gif[/IMG] adopted IR, now this is modded. Worked for rotation & elevation, and more precise ammunition. Working on further stabilization of gun. [IMG]http://sadalsuud.kr:8080/Upload/WIP/2.gif[/IMG] Carousel ammo rack for reload. Also worked for robotic loading arm. [IMG]http://sadalsuud.kr:8080/Upload/WIP/3.gif[/IMG] Problem is, after arm picks up ammunition by docking - parts are suddenly collapsed... don't know why but have to find and fix it.
  8. [quote name='kStrout']Did you consider landing legs to get a similar spring effect using smaller parts?[/QUOTE] Didn't know that. I'm satisfied with these parts they nicely replicate hydraulic cylinder that can be found in real-world cannons.
  9. [quote name='Bubbadevlin']Very cool, how did you do the spring effect? am i right in guessing it has something to do with those wonderfully weak structural hardpoints?[/QUOTE] Stacked Z-200 batteries works magically.(as a spring) And there is no hardpoint actually they are small wheels to make parts fit tightly in hollow tube.
  10. [IMG]http://sadalsuud.kr:8080/Upload/WIP/WIP1.gif[/IMG] Ok I found that there is gun barrel in 1.0.5 (They call it structural fuselage... but it's definitely gun barrel) So I start building cannon.(for integrating it into tanks and battleships) recoiling system works beautifully and now I have to work on ammuniation and reloading system. Mods were not used yet... but IR will be needed soon.
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