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  1. KSP Making History

    They'll give it for free for those fo us who've had the game for that long. English is my second language. But thanks for pointing out the ambiguity. It doesn't at all make you one of those gamers. Nope nope nope.
  2. KSP Making History

    Since there is a large intersection between the gamer community and the human scum pool, there'll be enough people who say "well, I bought the game having been promised this in a legally binding manner, so I'mma kick up a excrementsstorm and demand a refund". This could easily spur the easily lead people into doing the same, which could easily bankrupt the company. I'mma guess they'll just give it for free to those of us who've had the game that long to save the hassle of dealing with the amazing person gamers.
  3. Pilots Suggestion

    You can imagine that a pilot actually knows how to operate an engine instead of just pressing the big red START button, it still makes some sense.
  4. Pilots Suggestion

    Using exactly the same real world physics and science that allow an engineer's level to increase the efficiency of drills and IRSUs.
  5. Scientists are always useful, engineers are always useful, pilots are only useful to get to a planet the first time and deploy a satellite network. After that, probes do everything a level 5 pilot can do. To address this, I think that pilots should add their level as a percentage to the fuel efficiency. 5% more fuel efficiency isn't huge, but it's a bonus. Unlike "you get nothing from this pilot, the core you have is more advanced than he is".
  6. Subassemblies still completely destroy your staging when you add them. Not just by adding their stages intermixed with the craft that you add them to, but by reordering the staging of the craft. It has gotten to the stage where I don't use them because they save less time in the part-addition than they cost you in terms of completely reorganising your staging. This isn't rocket science. This aught to be easy. Subassemblies contain staging as a linked list, array or other stack/queue type thing. That stack queue's add method should not intermix the stages with the craft, they should add to the end of the stack
  7. Minmus is my favorite moon.

    Minmus is, thus far, my favourite moon.
  8. I'm currently 1.1 testing, so there are clearly no mods I must have. But the one I miss most is the one that allows me to have fuel lines. Because docking to refuel on a planet means building really awkward designs or having a tanker that connects to my outpost, transfers the fuel to itself and then undocks, docks with my craft and transfers fuel to it. I have played with MechJeb on and off, but I only use it for things I've done before and am comfortable doing. But I'm not missing that this run, I'm too busy figuring out if the changes in my launches are due to the new physics or because the changes in the game engine have effected my efficiencies.
  9. First Mun Landing - A Few Simple Pics

    And then you add more bodies to the experience and it becomes even better again.
  10. Quad/Tri/Bi Couplers

    I couldn't get the aesthetic from girders I was looking for and the quad proved too troublesome, so I've gone on with 2.5m and confounded my earlier design.
  11. Quad/Tri/Bi Couplers

    If that's a mod, I'm testing 1.1
  12. Quad/Tri/Bi Couplers

    I was going for an aesthetic choice. Also, the length and moments of inertia.
  13. Quad/Tri/Bi Couplers

    I wanted docking ports on both ends. I'm just a picky stand-up guy today.
  14. Quad/Tri/Bi Couplers

    I am messing around in the pre-release, but I felt it should be asked generally first.