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  1. Ah, each object had 3 UV maps for some reason. I just deleted them all, I'll redo the UV again. I'll let you know if that fixes it. Holy cow that worked! Thanks so much!
  2. I didn't set that, so it is at whatever is the default. How do I check which channel it is?
  3. I just tried that, and the texture is imported automatically but it still looks messed up like it is when I assign it. (Picture)
  4. I've been working on an engine for the KSPtoMars project, but I'm having a few issues with transferring the textures over to Unity. I UV unwrapped the different parts of the model onto a single UV map for simplicities sake. It looks fine in Blender (see here). The textures aren't finished, but somebody else is going to do them so these are simply for testing. I then try to export the model as a .dae for import into Unity. When I import into Blender, the model is untextured, and I must drag the texture onto the material. Because the model is separate parts, Unity simply wraps the texture around the model, disregarding the way I set it up in Blender. (See here) I've played around with changing the materials on each section, from making them all the same material to all being separate, but none of that seems to change the way it displays on my model. I feel like I'm being really dumb as I've never had this issue before, but I've got no idea how to fix it so it would be great if someone more experienced could give me some tips. Let me know if I can provide any more info.
  5. Kerbal Engineer Redux V1.0.16.3 has been updated for version 1.0.
  6. That's awesome! Do you have any of these at 1920 by 1080 for use as a background?
  7. Would ATM compress a texture for a skybox in texture replacer, and if it does, can I stop it? Like put it on a whitelist?
  8. Just to let you know, don't know if someone has already said but the 2x1 Liquid Salt reactor has the description for the 2x1 solar panel.
  9. I did export obj again. I did this the first time too but that time I used a blender addon which allows you to only export selected so the engine and fairing were exported separately. It seemed to work but it isn't the way you're meant to do it.
  10. When I export the engine from Blender, the engine and the fairing are two separate parts. When I get it into Unity they are joined together. How do I split them? Do I need to? Also in the Hierarchy tab, the engine has got a child called default, which contains the texture and mesh renderer whereas the engine on only has an animator. Should I delete one of them?
  11. I'm quite new to modding, but managed to create a simple fuel tank and thought I would have a go at an engine. I managed to model it and texture it in blender properly (I hope). I didn't try and get emissive textures working but I did try and get a fairing working. In Unity it also looks ok(to me), although the fairing is probably wrong and the parenting in the scene is also probably wrong. However, In game it looks like this. If someone would be so kind as to take a quick look to try and figure out what I have done long I would be grateful. Here is a download link for a zip file which contains the: .blend file The unity project The "finished" file from my GameData folder The texture Sorry If I forgot any thing vital, If I did I will upload it as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this.
  12. I have a number of mods installed, and recently I have been having a problem with my game, In the map view on the nightisde of kerbin this happens. Please could someone help me with this problem.
  13. Perhaps there will be actually belts of asteroids, like the main asteroid belt and if Jool ever gets rings then you could mine them. Squad did create a resource tree but decided it was far to complicated to work. Each asteroid may only contain a large amount of one resource so you would have to visit a number of asteroids to collect fuel. If it was Ice you would get then you should require a large amount of electric charge to perform electrolysis. This could tie in if Squad implement resources utilization by Kerbals and you could refill oxygen tanks from the asteroid. Just some ideas I had, sorry if these have already been posted I only skimmed some of the other posts.
  14. Perhaps we should compile all the info in one place, so people don't have to read 100 pages.
  15. Of you don't mind me asking, what company do you work for Endersmen?