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  1. I didn't realize the save/exit/reload would work- all of my tests were done within a single session. I am totally fine with doing this little workaround when I want to do a mission that requires cryo. Thanks for looking into it!
  2. I would like it for launching the largest Near Future Liquid Hydrogen spheres into orbit. They don't fit inside any of the other farings.
  3. I am trying to get this to work with TAC LS, but it appears that the resources are used retroactively when you unfreeze a kerbal. I think this might be an effect of the Background Processing mod coupled with the new 'unowned' status on kerbals, rather than the old 'dead' status. That being said, I don't know much about mods, so it definitely could be something else. I would list all the mods I have installed to help aid in finding out if I have a problem, but I have quite a few and most of them are parts packs or utilities like docking alignment indicators (which wouldn't do much), or are n
  4. No, it shouldn't- this is part of the reason I wanted to fix it. @Flashblade Why did OP put the resource production into a new plugin instead of just adding a converter module from stock into the config file?
  5. I want to semi-approximate a SABRE using the AIRE, and since the SABRE seems to not use oxidizer for the first engine mode I would like to remove the 'Oxidizer' component from 'SupercompressedAir'. What exactly should I edit to do this? I can't seem to find the ratio between these two in any of the config files... Ninja EDIT: Note that I know that the RAPIER is supposed to fill this slot, but I find myself thinking of it more as a jet + rocket squished together rather than a single engine with two modes because of the massive ISP difference. Plus, this requires a compressor, just like the SABR
  6. I determined the problem. I was installing from the 'github repo' master copy, which has other folders in it. The other Umbra mods are fine using that method, but this pack has different files in the github variant apparently- the install from the 'latest release' is good. Thanks a lot for your help! Off to start my Karbonite, Koloziation, and Kapitalistic Konquest of the system.
  7. This mod seems to cause me to be unable to revert to VAB when I launch a rocket. I installed the MKS master first, and then this mod, and I overwrote all the files it asked about. EDIT: I just checked it by installing it by itself- it is definitely this mod. I do not know how to mod anything more complex than a config file, so I can't narrow it down much further than that- Sorry.
  8. I do love this mod, but I seem to have stability issues with it. I was playing with it just fine in career mode, when suddenly I CTDed when clicking on the VAB to go build a rocket. After that, I tried to start it again several times but CTDed on startup. Removing the mod stopped the CTDs, and re-adding it started them again. I'm not sure what about the mod + 5 or 6 hours playtime causes CTDs, but it does happen to me for some reason. I will keep an eye on this mod since I love it, but I'm going to have to remove it to play I do have the following other mods installed- ATM, Crossfeed Enable
  9. The install itself was easy enough (since KSP is so easy to mod), and ATM worked fine when I first started to boot it up, but after that initial hour-long boot up process I checked the map and didn't see any of the other planets. I went to the VAB and launched a stock ship and then reverted to see if it just needed to boot up the universe but that didn't fix it. Then I re-installed this mod, leaving the ATM intact, and I got a CTD error. I tried to load again just to see if it needed the initial failure to load and got another CTD. I re-installed this mod again and removed ATM and then starte
  10. I had problems installing this for some reason, but now that I finally got it to work, and to play nicely with the other mods I have, it works fine. Great mod, good job.
  11. I agree with the previous poster, it is not an either-or proposition. I would really like to see the 'vertical snap' capability in 0.90, since it makes designing and executing planes and SSTOs much easier. I also liked the 'lock symmetry' capability this mod had. Changing build modes was also extremely useful IMO. There are tons of things which should be hotkeys in the editor, but aren't in stock and that your mod adds. I personally think this mod is totally indispensable, even (or especially) with the editor overhaul in 0.9. I always update mods in the following order: 1 Ferram, 2 Kerbal en
  12. I actually just made my first spaceplane today! Link to album: http://imgur.com/a/GeCVH?gallery#0 It's a light SSTO (3.2 ton payload to orbit), but it looks nice and it is my first successful one ever. Modlist: FAR Spaceplane Plus Goodspeed (only for the nuclear reactor on the payload)
  13. Why does changing the numbers to 1 solve the problem? Doesn't TAC LS use liters now? Wouldn't using liters mean that the standard '1 unit' would not support a kerbal?
  14. I changed the numbers on the greenhouse to the following: CelssInputResources = CarbonDioxide, 261.78, WasteWater, 1.98, Waste, 0.56, ElectricCharge, 1900800 CelssOutputResources = Oxygen, 261.78, true, Water, 1.98, true, Food, 0.56, true But despite this, when I run the CELSS mode I lose water and food, but the O2 gets filled up and the CO2 emptied, so the O2 > CO2 conversion must be more than 100% efficient. I do not understand why my numbers do not provide exactly 100% efficiency.
  15. To make stuff surface attachable, do I just have to edit the config file like this http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/71841-Make-shielded-docking-port-surface-attachable thread suggests? Would I just change a 0 to a 1? Edit: Also, what would I change to get true 100% efficiency out of the 2 man greenhouse? (I need it for traveling between stars in the StarSystems mod)
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