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  1. Is it rows-dow-er, rohs-dough-er, or some combination of those?
  2. I have a potential entry for this, but I'm not sure I understand the challenge. It's OK if the craft is the wheel, instead of having bearings/axels?
  3. Not sure if this is the right spot for this, but suddenly one of my crafts was removed from both my (client) universe and the host's universe. We didn't find any way to recover it. I was approaching the craft (launched by me) in another craft launched by me. I then used the ] key to switch control to the other craft. This caused immediate desynchronization, and when it was done loading, the craft I attempted to switch to had vanished from both of our map views (and was no longer present in space).
  4. Most likely, it would be the super large decoupler "which slices the largest of rockets in twain." I've always managed with the Rockomax Brand decoupler.
  5. Hello all, thought I would share my most recent design. This really has no practical purpose except looking (IMO) awesome and having a neat staging ability. Here it is looking great on the Runway: Accelerating using those jet engines: Wait, what's this? Aw, yeah! Motorcycle! Further images, including end-of-the-Runway jump, can be found in this album: Here is the craft file: Some advice if you plan to drive it: Keep SAS activated, but tap F to level out after using rover wheels to turn. Don't go too fast with the first stage, as it is prone to drifting left or right above 80 m/s. I plan to slightly refine the design, and possibly add some jump jets on the first stage and other stuff on top of the first stage. What do you all think? I used a neat system of wheels, with landing gear activated during engine burns and rover wheels for turning and maneuvering, that I copied from one of my friends. Anyway, any feedback, advice, or comments?
  6. My most recent failure: No, I think I'll keep flying, actually...
  7. For something huge like that, you may need to put it up in separate launches or launch vertically. Landing it shouldn't be an issue if it has downward-facing rockets, since gravity is so low on Minmus.
  8. I agree. This could also make space stations more practical, since experiments from repeated "scout" missions could be stored, then brought down all at once with another mission.
  9. The idea of having space stations and bases to return science to is a good one. Reputation added
  10. I agree with the idea that there should be separate "pools" of science for transmitting and recovering. Even if I transmit tons of times about something, there should still be some value in bringing it back (which is a challenge and makes the science process more fun). One easy way to encourage this would be making it possible to store multiple experiments in a goo pod / material lab.
  11. This is one sweet VTOL. I might need to emulate it a bit for my next craft, if you don't mind! And, because I care: Should be
  12. Sapphire, do you think Black 2/White 2 are different enough from Black/White that he should play both? I've played Black and enjoyed it; do you recommend getting the 2nd one? ATM I'm planning to just move to X/Y.
  13. Achieved my first orbital rendezvous and began construction of Toshi Station. Now I'm looking to add the all-important power converters.
  14. ^ Whoah, awesome! Today I launched the core of my space station, Toshi Station, into orbit. Next, I tried to launch a crew module to dock with it (this will be my first attempt at docking). However, I accidentally burned in the wrong direction when trying to rendezvous, and when I quick loaded, I was back on the Launchpad. Hopefully I can complete the mission tomorrow!
  15. Thanks for the tip. Still haven't been able to work out what's wrong with the docking ports (I've just been copying the whole VESSEL blocks), but good to know I'm at least getting the filestructure right.