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  1. Looks really nice, gunna try it and install it today. But I think it may break return journeys from planets... maybe you can make it so that you lose science on board if you jump back?
  2. Here's mine. It was discontinued after i realised it couldn't really get into Munar orbit with a profitable payoff (the lander). Also the command thingy didn't have fuel lines.
  3. What about a habitable planet with rings? I know it makes no sense, but hey, this is Kerbal. Maybe a little less oceans? Just a suggestion
  4. For some reason, the docking port cameras don't seem to work in IVA.... But good job anyway. This is by far my favourite mod, I wasn't really using the 1m parts until you showed up
  5. NASSAULT ROCKS! His cinematics in general are pretty awesome
  6. I'm having some weird problems with the RAT in the DROP capsule. Am I just not attaching it right or do i have to have decouplers in the insider or...? I tried messing a little with the config files, but couldnt really find what i needed
  7. Yo. Kinda new at KSP, not a complete noob, but I still suck. I might nott post very often, but i am reading and active. Things I can do Munar/Minmus Missions Design semi-legit rockets Land on Duna Things I can't do Land reliably Dock without MechJeb assist Come back from Duna So, be seeing everyone.
  8. And here I am getting to the mun with 9k delta v....