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  1. I just want to say thanks you to the devs for their great support here! You are doing an amaizing job!
  2. Does it matters, what order I use the arguments in the LOCK STEERING command? My goal is to let my rocket rotate, so the kerbals will fly in head-down-position and to pitch eastward. I tried it this way: LOCK STEERING TO R(0,0,180) + HEADING(90,80). Is it a known behavior, that, although, I am aiming east, that I get an increasing inclination? Are the expressions UP and EAST for the STEERING command not working anymore (got this from the kOS Documentation)?
  3. Ha, great! Thats it! That works! So just to sum this up for me: No LOCK THROTTLE inside my function nor in this case inside the loop, but return of the value it has to be locked to (btw. do I always have to call functions with using () even when not using any parameters?). Thx a lot!
  4. Hey folks, I need some help to understand what I am doing wrong here. I am trying to set up my throttle to a certain TWR (in this example its 1.6). To do this i put up the following function: FUNCTION thrott { SET MAXTWR TO MAXTHRUST /(SHIP:MASS *(SHIP:BODY:MU / ((SHIP:BODY:RADIUS + ALTITUDE) ^2))). Set thr to (1.6/MAXTWR). LOCK THROTTLE TO thr. } Now I call this later in my scipt at some different points... At certain moments in the ascent there are some steering ajustments, so I call this function with an until loop, up to that point, where I have some ajustments to do.
  5. And another question to understand this: If I want to lock my steering just to a direction - lets say, lets go east - without wanting to lock to a pitch too... is there a way to program this? Is it enough to LOCK STEERING TO EAST?
  6. Very cool! Thats one goal I would like to achieve someday - right now, I am working on my first ascent script!
  7. I am trying to do this as a kOS script - so far steps 1 - 4 seem to work for the Kerbal X as my testing rocket. But I have some questions about the last step: If I got this right, I shall try to point activly towards the horizon or ajust the throttle, when getting into the upper athmosphere. I assume, that would be okay, if I start this at about 30km. Now I should try to ajust my ETA to Apo at about 45secs, as long as it takes me to get to my destinated Apo? What way is to be prefered? Ajusting the pitch or the throttle? And for those of you, working with kOS: Would this be a case f
  8. I am not an Apple user either... I tried this in Win7, but that way it doesn't seem to work. So it seems, this would have to be done in the .dll's... Would love to work with my codes in my off-time at work...
  9. If I understand this right, I should try starting setting my THROTTLE TO MAXTHRUST and as soon as I have used this, I should be able to use a calculated lower value? BTW: Is there a way to "unlock" a STEERING? For example, at launch I give my rocket a slight push for the gravity turn, but from that moment on, I want it to let the gravity do the rest of the turn?!
  10. Ah, and another question: How do I check for a certain part? I want to check, if my craft has any launchclamps on it, to determine, if I have to stage once or twice to liftoff.
  11. Thx Kartoffelkuchen! Another maybe dumb question: How can I calculate my possible TWR before igniting the rocket? I tried using MAXTHRUST, but that value is 0 before launch so that doesen't worked for me.
  12. Hi folks, I am trying my first steps in kOS and I am trying to do something like in this gravity turn tutorial here. So to set my throttle not to a certain % of thrust but a certain TWR, I think I need my maxTWR(t), which equals THROTTLE=1 and the TWR(t)=1.5 for which I have to calculate the actual THROTTLE value. For doing this, I am wondering about the definitions about MASS and WETMASS. Is MASS the actual mass of my rocket at a given time? If so, i assume, WETMASS is the total mass before igniting the candle?
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