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  1. The only possible problem I see is that such a list might be too spoilerish, given that the current ScienceDefs.cfg file has a huge spoiler warning at the top.

    I imagine it would be possible to do something like this by simply adding a really small amount of Science (0.00000001 or so) to all experiments of a certain type on the planet when that experiment is used the first time there. It would thereafter be listed on the RD Archives I think.

    I'm not exactly sure how that would be "spoilers". If anything, I almost see it as more realistic. I mean, in real life, we know that there are Biomes on planets and we aim our missions at them when we send probes. I think that instead spoiling anything by knowing that you need a soil sample from the Minmus Polar Biome, it will give players something to work towards.

    Or maybe, have a condition for the science list, like an Orbital probe performs tests in space, and comes up with a list of biomes, which then gives you the list of things you need. Such as Soil Samples, Temperature readings, etc...

    You know what else might be good? A Mission planner. Like, the goal if the mission is to reach Mun's Lowlands, so you can setup your launch time, oribital changes, landing poisitons, time on surface, return time, ETC.

    Nothing automated, just something you can use, and of course, have the ability to make fly-by-wire changes (like Armstrong did on the moon landing).

  2. I had a similar problem. I used a solid-fuel rocket with a command pod and the parachute deployed and detached itself, leaving Jeb to fall to his death, which knowing he was dead, meant that he would exit the pod and make an EVA report on his way. It said something along the lines of being in a precarious position.

    After this, I just put a command module on the ground, walked out, gathered some samples and reports, then recovered and teched up.

  3. I have a tendency to leave most of my debris up, and one of my launches to refuel my station's fuel tanks was hit by a half-empty fuel tank, causing a collision with the space station, resulting in the loss of the docking module, the refueling mission, 1 kerbal in a Cupula module that was lost, and 1 kerbal who I eventually abandoned as I couldn't meet up with him. Since then, I always put Escape Pods on my space stations, so that I can quickly switch it it (assuming it survives) to stabilize it's orbit and grab any Kerbals that survive. But, no impacts since then.

  4. I really don't see a reason for science in Sandbox, can someone please explain why they think it would be beneficial?

    I mean, it seems like the equivalent of collecting research points when you start a game at the max tech level. Irrelevent.

    Also keep in mind that any unlimited science-over-time solution turns into an instant exploit due to time warp ;)

    The "science tank" idea which fills up with "science" that you need to offload and return to Kerbin is neat and takes care of that problem quite elegantly.

    Maybe not have the science over time limited, or maybe have it so that you have to "assign" a kerbol to a specific project for it to work? I mean, I'd like to see more stats on Kerbols one day, like (Energy, Food, Drink, O2). Then, you might be getting unlimited science, but your paying for a Kerbol to pretty much live on your station forever by carting up O2 and supplies. Or maybe even a "universal science resource" that powers the experiments and needs to be replenished. I mean, we send modules up to the space station with food, water, and sciencey supplies and they transmit data back.

    I'd like to eventually see more "resources" necessary to sustain kerbols in space for longer periods of time, but at the same time, I don't want the game to end up becoming a glorified taxi simulator, much like our space shuttles became a glorified taxi service.

  5. 3. Use multiple antennaes and you can do the same experiment multiple times at once, all branching from the same science machine. Its not the science machine thats making you wait, its your antennate. More transmitting modules = more science, regardless of the amount of science modules available. Thats why I always have 3-4 transmitting units.

    I think he's talking about for return trips.

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