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  1. I was just wondering if anyone had any and felt this was a better place than in the general section. And stock parts only.
  2. is this an actual thing or just photoshop from the kerbalizer?
  3. I would be willing to donate in the future to support devs but the would lose that money if the did in game purchases of any kind. I think full price is full price no matter what.
  4. I've been trying to make a plane that can reach orbit and I've always managed with planes pretty well but with this plane I have to hit 120 m/s to takeoff and even then it just flips around uncontrollably (with SAS on or off) until it crashes. Any ideas how I can fix this? Edit: and suddenly 4 intakes isn't enough for two engines. greeaaaat. P.S. Thanks to everyone for the help. In the end I started over and ended up with a 3 seater atomic rocket powered space plane that can reach orbit with about 5,000 delta-v left over.
  5. I enjoy putting weird and wacky stuff into space so I thought I'd make a thread based on that, I'll start it off That is my orbiting house, "Up the Sequel" so lets so how quickly everyone can top that.
  6. I've heard of a couple people that do this and I was wondering if its possible in vanilla. Any ideas? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/images/smilies/k_huh.gif
  7. I'm planning on making a full sized Mun Colony and I already have my first portion landed. I can handle precision landing and everything but my one problem is docking while on the surface. For me it is necessary to dock once on the surface of the Mun but I'm worried that even if I line up docking ports while on Kerbin that the slope of the Mun will make them not line up and not dock. Are there any solutions that will guarantee that the docking ports will line up? (The docking ports are on the side of the ships by the way)
  8. I'm currently working on a full blast mun colony, sadly I only have the core down with one regular docking port on the back: and I cant find a way that guarantees the next ship I land will dock. I have landed a clone of the ship on Kerbin and I've tested and set another docking port on a rover to try to get the height right but I'm worried that if i have a technical difficulty or the slope is wrong they won't dock. Does anyone know how I can set up a docking port that is much more likely to connect?