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  1. Kerbal Alarm Clock stock. Some way to build launch pads that you could select in the VAB like the current ones. Possibly you'd need to build a base with a certain (large) mass and population.
  2. You obviously never had the Shapeways figures. They're pretty sweet. Expensive AF but worth it.
  3. Well, at least on Linux you can copy your settings.cfg file and not have to do this.
  4. GeneCash

    Steam Achievements

    Those are *awesome* names... and they would make awesome contracts. Edit: and this is basically the "Challenges & Mission Ideas" subforum in a nutshell.
  5. Bad news: I drove all the way to Titusville only to have Falcon Heavy scrub due to upper-level winds. Good news: I get home and KSP 1.7 dropped, with tons of fixes to all of the things!
  6. SQUAD FIXED IT! SQUAD FIXED IT! Squad fixed the issue in 1.6 where you needed World Stabilizer because small probes on low-gravity moons would leap to their deaths "because physics" (they'd spawn slightly "under" the surface collider) I loaded my test vehicle (48-7S engine, Oscar-8, Probodobodyne HECS, Z-200 battery, 88-88 antenna, and 3 LT-05 micro-struts) landed on a "flat" on Minmus, switched to the tracking center, switched back... and my probe just sat there! Also, the landing gear spring/damper tweakables DO something now. After I landed, my probe was bouncing up and down, so I slid the damper strength up, and it stopped bouncing. That didn't work in 1.6 (and I think 1.5 too) WHEEEEEEEEEE! (edit: and the new "AGL" altimeter mode made landing much easier)
  7. GeneCash

    Release date for KSP 1.7?

    Dang. I don't think I can wait that many years...
  8. GeneCash

    Release date for KSP 1.7?

    They had to hold off a day to coincide with the Falcon Heavy launch.
  9. I've always wished I could get physical media for KSP, with some nice box art that I could be proud to display on a shelf for everyone to see. Shoot, I wore my KSP t-shirts until they were tissue paper. I'm still really glad I got a full set of the Shapeways figurines before Take Two shut down all the merch.
  10. Would it be possible to add a table of contents (AKA "outline") to the PDF? Most PDF browsers have a space for a clickable TOC that takes you to that section. It usually has the ability to expand/collapse subsections.
  11. And I remember, I think it was just the other day, when HarvesteR announced "hey guys! I figured out how to tell where someone is clicking on a patched-conics orbit with the mouse!" Whoo! I am psyched for the update.
  12. Hm, any more than I "robbed myself" when I used MechJeb for my first rendezvous, and for my first docking? I still enjoyed the h-ll out of my first manual rendezvous and my first manual docking. Edit: to the point I ran around the house and made a fool out of myself... However, there should not be extra-planetary sites in Career mode, as part of the point is getting there. I do agree wholeheartedly with that. On the other hand (until recently) I do the "research all tech" cheat as a matter-of-course in Career, as I think the tech-tree is a waste of time.
  13. Hm. I don't care at all how someone else plays KSP. Not the slightest. Somebody finds fun in launching fireworks from the Mun, more power to 'em. And another pad certainly wouldn't "break the balance" (there isn't any) or ruin the game. It's another pad. You're free to ignore it just like you probably ignore the Not-Rockmax Micronode or Dres. Or like I mostly ignore the "dessert" launch site except to wander around. And you're certainly free to leave. Heck, I think there should be a launch site like this on Duna. I do wish there was just a little more effort spent on it and the Woomerang base... more than the generic pad and a small amount of set dressing. I hope they fix (AGAIN) the problem worked-around by WorldStabilizer where probes leap to their deaths on low-gravity moons because they spawn slightly below the surface.
  14. GeneCash

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    So I just noticed a lot of moderators on /r/Kerbal_Space_Program/ /r/KerbalSpaceProgram... Er, I was just going to ask how much you guys interacted with the reddit mods, but then I literally just discovered there's two KSP forums, not including r/krpc, /r/KSP_Missions, and /r/ksptrickshots... So do you guys mix with reddit at all? Or is it just the Wild West over there and you try not to look at the carnage?
  15. GeneCash

    Open World...

    Nope... in 4 years, I've "knocked" on pretty much every door. The climb to the top of the VAB has been more or less glitched depending on the version. 1.4.x is about the only version to let me go all the way to the top of the helipads. One cool thing is a small bunker you can explore near the first-level launch pad. I remember when the huge R&D complex showed up, with the nice observatory dome and wind tunnel arrangement. I was hoping for something playable like experimenting with aircraft in the wind tunnel, or looking for things with the observatory, but sadly no dice on that.