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  1. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    What determines you have a chute instead of the rocket pack? Are they tweakable in the VAB? or while in a vehicle/on EVA? And if you have a chute... do you not have a rocket pack? (Pardon my OCD... and excitement! - - I don't know why, but this is sooooo extra cool to me!)
  2. KSP shop on Shapeways is MIA

    Ah well, the figures were going to be a birthday present for a friend I was trying to get interested in the game. I guess I'll have to nip that in the bud. I wish I'd known this before buying a new graphics card to play 1.3. It was a lot of fun while it lasted, like HALO.
  3. KSP shop on Shapeways is MIA

    So I got paid, and I was hoping to buy a couple Kerbal figures from Shapeways, but the store is gone. What's up with that?
  4. There's no way with my complete lack of coordination that I'm going to get that in any way resembling any sort of symmetry. It's not happening. OK, I finally figured out a workaround: 1. Create new empty stage. 2. Click one of the decouplers in the green blob. 3. Move cursor out of staging window until the plus/minus symbols disappear. The clicked decoupler will turn grey. 4. Now if you drag the grey decoupler, all the others will still come with it. INSTEAD click one of the other green decouplers and drag them to the empty stage. This will leave the grey decoupler behind all by itself. 5. Go back to step #1 until all the decouplers are in their own stages. 6. Now you can recombine decouplers in pairs like you want. That's definitely broken. I just tried 1.1.3 and 1.0.5 and they worked "correctly" where you could simply pick a decoupler out of a bunch and drag it to another stage.
  5. So... I'm building a rocket with 6 boosters. I turned on 6-way symmetry, and placed them around the central booster. The problem is I now have 6 decouplers in a "glob" in the staging, and I can't pick one of them out so I can separate them into pairs in each stage. They all pick up at once. I've tried all sorts of clicking and double clicking and right-shift clicking and left-shift clicking and alt-clicking and ctrl-clicking, and middle clicking and left clicking and right clicking. This is on Linux, and the only mod I'm using is MechJeb Edit: I used to be able to do this before KSP 1.2, but I'm not able any more. I could click one decoupler and it'd turn a different color and I could move it by itself.
  6. Thank you EVER so much for fixing the MJ handoff, and thanks for the upcoming features too.
  7. Do you use mechjeb anymore?

    Yup. It's got a couple issues for me, but it burns the maneuver nodes for me, which is the best part. I had enough of manually doing burns during the pre-release, TYVM. And to ---- with doing a Hohmann transfer by myself! I'm not ever doing that again! I've sort of switched to GravityTurn for ascent. MJ is more efficient in a 40% profile but I don't like the scorching ascent, and it's less efficient in the 60% profile I prefer.
  8. Loving 1.2 so far. A bit crashy though.

    I had crashes on my Linux box about every 15 to 30 minutes. It was getting pretty tiresome and I'd given up playing until an update. I read this and turned off F12 (and I don't ever use it in the first place) and no crashes in the 2 hours since! I'm using the latest Debian Testing drivers for my nvidia card, and this release (as of the first of the month) has Vulkan support, so I'm guessing that might be a wee bit buggy.
  9. Switching to Steam?

    Yeah, when I wanted to get in on the last pre-release, which was only available on Steam, I bought it again on Steam. I've since uninstalled Steam since it's a huge hassle all by itself. It's much easier to just go to the KSP store and download it through the browser, than to battle Steam's "is it downloaded? yes? no? why not? why can't I get it to download?" Edit: just a data point from my experience.
  10. I think all the (non-clear) plastics in my Estes kits were styrene. It's strong and not every flexible, even in thin sheet.
  11. So I've noticed the crew portraits switch to "static" for a fraction of a second when you stage. It's even worse with MechJeb, but it also happens on a completely stock, fresh deleted&unzipped game for me. Launch the Kerbal X straight up with SAS on, and 100% throttle. It happens regardless of having G forces enabled or not. Is this supposed to happen?
  12. Where does one report a store typo?

    I guess the answer is "report it here" because it's been fixed. Kudos to the webmaster for the quick action! Not that I keep checking to see if 1.2 is out yet, or anything, nooooo....
  13. The v1.2 Hype Train Thread - Prerelease is Out

    On this day in 1958 – NASA launches the lunar probe Pioneer 1 (the probe falls back to Earth and burns up) OK, that's a sufficiently KSPish event to make the day special!
  14. I was just looking at the "Ready to download" page on the KSP store, after you sign in, and noticed a typo. There's a graphic at the bottom saying "RECOMENDED SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS" where it should probably be spelled "Recommended" with 2 Ms.
  15. Well I wouldn't pay a monthly fee for any game, but I would have gladly paid $5-$10 for each upgrade since 0.20.0 when I first bought it. Heck, I bought it again on Steam so I could participate in the previous pre-release. Edit: and actually I've always felt sort of guilty downloading a free new update from the KSP store. However, I'm kinda screwed since I really suck at launches & maneuver nodes, so if MechJeb & Kerbal Alarm Clock don't update (and I don't see that happening) I'll probably lose interest. Oh well.