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  1. Anyone tested controllers/joysticks on Linux yet?
  2. GeneCash

    KSP Weekly: The Foreigner

    Wait, what? Since when? No, I didn't know, since I've never gotten any such reward...
  3. Oh heck yeah. Right now, in all the time I've played since career mode came out, I've gotten contracts to go to Duna TWICE, and NEVER anything beyond. I just recently got a "Sentinel" contract and I was so surprised I didn't even know how to do it. This would give you goals to shoot for - "oh yeah, you know... I've never gone to Tylo... let's do that" and the "deadline bonus" would make it even better. I'm not a fan of the "tech tree paths" though, as I want to do it all, with planes, probes, and manned. What drives me NUTS about the tech tree is IT IGNORES COMPLEXITY. Wheels are way far down the list, but you have rockets right off? And you're expected to tool around all the KSC biomes for cheap science, but you don't get wheels? You're supposed to land on things, but you don't get ladders & landing gear? You should get small simple rockets like the Spark/Terrier/Flea/Reliant before the Swivel/Aerospike/Mainsail. Why do you get a complex gimballed Swivel before the simpler Reliant? And obviously, probes should come just before manned capsules. Right now I play career by just hitting the "all technology" cheat button immediately, so you can see how much I hate it.
  4. GeneCash

    Mod to show biomes in KSC map?

    Hm. so does MechJeb - if you bring up the custom window editor, you can add "current biome" and "surface biome" which seem to be the same. Interestingly, the runway had several reported biomes: KSC_Runway_09, Runway, KSC_Runway_Section_4, KSC_Runway_Section_3, KSC_Runway_Section_2, Runway, starting from the spawn and going toward the beach. There was no KSC_Runway_Section_1 or KSC_Runway_27 that I could find. Also, the KSC_Runway_09 & Runway seemed to overlap and flicker between the two for a short stretch. I have ForScience, which runs all the onboard experiments available for your current biome and situation, but I'm not terribly interested in "getting the science" - I'm just mostly interested in mapping things because of the R&D complex... "which one's the main/central building?" "Which one's the small/corner/side lab?" I was also interested in "does the admin pool have a different biome? no, but it should!" and I thought the building "hexes" interlocked, so you went straight from the VAB grounds to the R&D grounds, but that's not true, and there's a short bit of "KSC" biome there. I also discovered the astronaut complex flagpole is a different biome from the launch pad flagpole.
  5. GeneCash

    Mod to show biomes in KSC map?

    Yeah, I was kind of hoping for something that might highlight the building a different color than the hex around it. For example, all the R&D special buildings. Oh well. Of course there's a ton of maps for level 3, but not so much for levels 1 & 2. On level one, the R&D buildings aren't special, except for the one off in the corner. I also haven't found an instrument you can put on a rover and show the real biome either. The surface scanner just says "shores" even when it's on the runway or the pad, or the VAB hex... Come to think of it, wouldn't that be a bug? Or not?
  6. So there's the "Biomes Visible" cheat checkbox that makes biomes visible in the tracking station as different colors. Is there a mod that makes biomes show up like this in the KSC display? (the one where you pick the various buildings) I ask because I was going to do up a KSC biomes map for each level of buildings, and this would make it a lot easier. My google-fu doesn't show such a mod, but it figure it won't hurt to ask.
  7. How about if I say I only spent about $1K on it at NewEgg, minus the graphics card & extra monitor that I added later? Well if it helps, this is also my work PC, so it's got to handle 2 or 3 VirtualBox VMs or maybe an Oracle database running. Plus, I was surprised myself to see how much a ton of memory helps. I spent the bucks on 32GB instead of a faster CPU because I remember such an argument about upgrading my TRS-80 from 4K to 16K and for ages I wanted to be able to say "well my PC has 32GB in it!" - my mother's Honeywell & IBM mainframes had only 4K so she could not see why anyone would need more. So since I'm not running anything else other than Pale Moon & email, Linux caches all of KSP from disk in memory because what ever RAM you're not using... Linux uses as disk cache. xosview says I'm using only 3.5GB right now so there's 28GB cache.
  8. Turns out it's Module Manager... with it, all the logos fly by in 10 seconds, counting from hitting enter on the command to start KSP. Without it, it takes 32 seconds. Interesting.
  9. Well it is a 6 year old PC... I figured by now it'd be as antiquated as a Commodore 64, but it doesn't look like things have moved that much in 6 years. It sure has taught me a lot about water cooling (which I do for quiet, not for speed) - one fact being that water and nvidia graphics cards do not mix. The CPU & motherboard don't mind being flooded... but one drip on the GTX and it's quittin' time.
  10. Yeah, I guess. It's just a 3.4GHz i7-3770 but it's got an SSD and 32GB RAM, so KSP gets completely cached from disk. The drive activity light doesn't even flicker.
  11. So I noticed with 1.4.x that if I have no mods installed, I don't get to see the witty sayings & loading screens. It just goes direct from the Take Two screen to the menu. Not a huge deal obviously, but is this meant to be the case?
  12. I ain't messing with that grandma, she looked like she'd backhand Stalin if he got too lippy. I opened that chocolate roll... I was expecting a bunch of little debbie things, but it's one huge roll and just delish. Trying to keep from eating the entire thing in a sitting. They had some sort of 4 seat little dining area in the back... I couldn't figure out how that worked.
  13. They were meh, not great, but I've made worse! I am amazed I managed to land almost back at the pad after the first "surprise" I don't like the "local vertical" EVA in KSP... I used the "Through the Eyes of a Kerbal" mod, which works in 1.4.3 despite the date on it. For me, EVA is the hardest part of the game... harder than docking even. It really confuses me that Kerbals on EVA in zero-gee have an up and a down. I'm not sure why I didn't get gold... What was really a pain in the butt was the spiders on Duna one... fortunately I used a ship I built in career to land a probe on Duna and it had ΔV up the wazoo, so it was able to handle the plane changes. And to my shock, I got gold on the 1st try. I was actually expecting to land a probe.
  14. I found a Russian bakery/deli here in Orlando, so I decided to go see what they have. Of course it's all in Cyrillic, so my illiterate self had to just look at all the pictures. I finally used the cheat key and had the old lady tell me what I should get. There was the vodka filled chocolates, but they're gone for some reason and Jeb is walking funny... The cherry gelatins on the left are AMAZING. They're much softer than the American stuff and actually taste like cherries! There's a Polish deli here too and I had some pyzy and they were to die for.
  15. GeneCash

    [1.4.*] Through The Eyes of a Kerbal

    FWIW, this seems to work fine in 1.4.3. I used it for the Sally-Hut 1 mission and career and didn't have any issues.