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    Been a "space nut" since I saw the Apollo 11 landing after my 4th birthday. Airplanes too! If it flies...

    I'm lucky to be close enough to KSC to see a lot of launches.

    Motorcycle nut, including riding and maintaining. An electric Zero SR is my main transportation. I've rebuilt engines and transmissions, but I would prefer not to!

    I'm a "Unix guy" - I started on Solaris in late '80s. First Linux install was 0.99pl13. I've calculated modelines. I have an official RedHat red hat. I've been a Debian user since "Woody" and my main PC is a Debian box.

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  1. The Green Hills of Earth Let the sweet fresh breezes heal me As they rove around the girth Of our lovely mother planet Of the cool, green hills of Earth. We've tried each spinning space mote And reckoned its true worth: Take us back again to the homes of men On the cool, green hills of Earth. The arching sky is calling Spacemen back to their trade. ALL HANDS! STAND BY! FREE FALLING! And the lights below us fade. Out ride the sons of Terra, Far drives the thundering jet, Up leaps a race of Earthmen, Out, far, and onward yet --- We pray for one last landing
  2. I wonder where HarvestR is these days, and what he's doing... I'll bet this is a bittersweet moment for him.
  3. I threw Jeb 'n' Bill into a butterfly rover and drove them to the VAB. You can go up the VAB stairs, but when you hit the first ladder, you can grab it, but you can't climb. Interesting, I saved and reloaded, and now "W" takes me up the ladder like I should... parasailing from the top of the VAB is back on, Bill!
  4. So I'm running KSP 1.9 on Linux, no mods. Start a game, make a rover, and drive Jeb out to the KSC monolith. Have him stand by the long monolith side with the Squad logo, the side that's facing KSC. The monolith will slowly rotate with the planet away from him. You can see the surface texture move with the monolith. If you turn on any time warp, it stops. Is this just me? Edit: if you move him to the short side facing the mountains, it's even more obvious.
  5. Well, I notice (on Linux at least) the game uses all the cores according to xosview. It used to use one core plus part of another one for mods like MechJeb. Also, the VAB ladders are finally fixed! Jeb climbed all the way to the helipad without a glitch or getting stuck. That hasn't worked since 0.23, I think. Not that it's a big deal. However I notice the Kerbal comes back down the ladder head-first...
  6. I do not know why they make it so difficult to give them money, especially when there's very little opportunity to make profit from me software-wise. I bought a motorcycle last week, and they made it extremely easy to give them my money. Ah well. I'm preaching to the choir here anyway.
  7. That's actually a pretty creative design! Speaking of which, I remember someone did a Cafe Press shirt with PROGRADE on the front and RETROGRADE on the back, with the respective maneuver node symbols. I thought that was amusing.
  8. Not me! I have the entire line of Shapeways figures except for Val and the planets. It was when I went back to buy Val that I found out they were all gone. (That should be the name of my new rock band: Val and the planets) However, I think it's really strange they find it so difficult to sell us stuff...
  9. The 1st time I tried to rendezvous. Boy... I thought I was sooper hawt spaceship flyboy after being a space nut for 30 years and I'd have NO problem doing a rendezvous. I had read Buzz's thesis and everything! I wuz SMART! Whelp. KSP took my ego down a bunch of notches. After a couple days of trying to do it, I installed MechJeb and pressed the big red button marked "Rendezvous" I spent another 20 minutes going "what the **** is IT DOING?" as it raised the orbit to something that would intersect in less than an ice age, did the proper Hohmann intercept, and did all the flip
  10. Yeah right. I started a thread a year ago about getting the 3D printed Kerbals back, and I got nothing but empty promises from Squad & the community manager. I don't see it happening any time soon. There was an effort to do a collector's edition with a Kerbal X rocket statue, figurines, and a Mun backdrop and it went nowhere. https://www.geek.com/games/85-kerbal-space-program-gamers-edition-has-a-bunch-of-cool-collectibles-1624501/
  11. Silly question... does this make it easier to judge level/flat areas on the Mun? That's the hardest part of landing for me... I end up tipping over afterwards on a crater edge a LOT.
  12. I think it's really strange that the large lander pods don't have space for experiments. I've added 6 slots to the new Mk2 Lander Can, which is really useful when it's in large rover form. // Add experiment inventory slots to new Mk 2 lander can // Author: GeneCash @PART[mk2LanderCabin_v2] { MODULE { name = ModuleInventoryPart InventorySlots = 6 } }
  13. 1m 6s from hitting enter on the command to hearing music. That's with both DLCs, MechJeb, Kerbal Alarm Clock, ThroughTheEyes, and ModuleManager. i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 32GB RAM, and SSDs.
  14. I loaded my career this weekend and had forgotten about this: Crikey. I guess I better rename my mission to Kerpollo 15 and add a rover with an arm and all of the science instruments. P.S. I bought 0.20.2 six years ago last Tuesday. I haven't even played HALO that long!
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