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  1. I got my paleo-career savegame started in 0.21 with the latest 1.4.1 and the expansion pack. No big explosions or kraken attacks, I must've failed somewhere.
  2. If you finish the update for yourself, I sure can give that update a run. But I don't think 1 is a high enough number of users to make you work on it, so no pressure, my oldiest career save won't go anywhere xD
  3. Kind of, I have an old as hell savegame (my first career with my only modular land bases) dating originally to KSP 0.21 with this, but I gave up on getting its mods updated after KSP 1.22 really. This save is like an old t-shirt, you like it but you can't use it anymore xD
  4. Doesn't people get tired of re-starting the "Mechjeb is cheat or not" war every 2 months? XD I do use it, I know how to perform every manuever but I prefer to do other things while Mechjeb does the 8465th lift-off for me. I enjoy more planning the mission and doing the final steps than doing again and again by hand the circularization burns. And sorry Pals, there's no "but I'm right and you're not" here, everyone is right at this matter, for themselves only.
  5. Thanks, I had just thought of that as I wrote this, after a couple of struggle days... my job is killing my brain cells xD
  6. Is there a way to disable the warnings for some ships that are still useful once in a while and not pure debris? I have a bunch of dieing satellites giving warnings every now and then and I can't time warp forward properly between warnings
  7. A friend of me that's usually my multiplayer partner and shares a lot of my games tastes tried it and recomended it to me. So me, being the "anything space related is worth a try" freak that I am, tried it and bought it within a week or two, back in the 0.21 time.
  8. There's some flying stuff that's reached the limit of the Kerbol system, and continued getting away, not always on purpose. Some Kraken enhaced explosions sent part of my Kerbin space station pretty far and pretty fast... my purpose built probes have never been that fast, but they've gone pretty far too. I've landed everywhere, and I've got back from some places even... sorry stranded kerbals. And I've build stock modular land bases on Mun, Duna, Eve and Laythe, as big as the lag in the game let me. And my main savegame still works since 0.21, where I made all this xD
  9. On my desktop computer: Everything I've tried yet is working perfect on Windows 10 Home, updated from Windows 7 Home Premium. KSP, Steam and it's games, Origin... performance is on par with what I got before, didn't check FPS but i don't notice big changes for the better or for the worse. Only one issue on this computer, I had to reinstall a "fake" USB driver for using the printer attached to my router like a local USB device. On my laptop computer: A 5 years old laptop, I had to install manually the AMD GPU driver, but that's something that was already troublesome in Windows 7 so not a new i
  10. This. I just read them and pronounce them with my Spanish from Spain spelling, reading every character in the word loud with the single sound they will have in Spain. It's amazing how English can be such a mess to guess how a word sounds even for native English speakers, makes me feel way better when it happens to me xD
  11. This was the last update I needed for my oldest savegame to be useable, thanks!
  12. My oldest save comes back to 0.21, and is just not the main one because some unupdated mod that works, but makes the kerbonauts ignore gravity and float away xD
  13. I learnt most manuevers but launch and circularization by watching MechJeb do them. Now, i can perform them manually, but less efficiently than it does. I enjoy moredesigning the ships and payloads than doing my 500th launch by hand. It's my game and I play it like i want to. And I'm addicted to it's delta V readings anyways xD
  14. I got and completed one yesterday. It appears like an asteroid, with the (?) icon on the map view, if you can track the unknown objects, that's it. If you still can't I don't think it'll show anywhere.
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