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  1. Yep, still experiencing problems with TweakScale. The behavior now is with craft files. If the craft files were saved before 1.52.1, the part costs on tweakable parts are zeroed. This means that crafts will need to be rebuilt with the parts from the part catalog in order to experience costs. Not sure if I can word this better, but I will try to edit it if this is unclear.
  2. I think there might be a problem Pellinor in TweakScale. In career mode, part costs are being zero'd out (example parts include the 3 man capsule and the skipper engine) but does not exclude many others. I noticed after installing your mod that many of my crafts became impossibly cheap. uninstalled TweakScale and the prices came back. I am on windows 7 (updated) KSP 0.90 . I hope this helps! Also the TweakScale version affected by this is Major 1 minor 52
  3. Yes, because loading a persistence file that is 24,000 lines long takes quite a bit longer relatively.
  4. Make sure it is not just http://imgur.com/xeZjTxw. it needs to be in the format : http://i.imgur.com/xeZjTxw.jpg . Notice the .jpg on the end. you need to include an extension I am not sure how to escape the image tag but I will give it a try: ""
  5. I deleted the vessel and I have given up on Solar Power Plants with KSP Interstellar.
  6. Can't deactivate the engine because I can't unlock the power to the probe core. can't unlock the power to the probe core because the transmitter instantly drains all EC. Can't deactivate the Transmitter because I can't unlock the probe core. Catch-22
  7. The Transmitter is actually engaged in that picture Trying to set up a solar power plant is turning out to be a nightmare of Catch-22's. My EC is being drained instantly when the transmitter is running and the solar panels are engaged(which makes no sense whatsoever) . so now in it's current configuration, I can't control anything because my RGU is locked in EC, but if I unlock it, INSTANT drain, and then I am left with a very large and expensive paperweight. More reasons to come when I am done being frustrated to the point of not being able to think clearly.
  8. I have been trying to start my reactor for a while now, and it will not start. Checking the Debug window, I see this: Thanks in advance P.S. this is after attempting to spam click activate reactor. KSPi version .10.3
  9. Sarbian: Reminder for Delta-V issue with Docked Tanks. IRC message has the persistent.sfs you requested (I was told that is what is meant by including a save)
  10. Uh, I generally searched over the thread, but something concerned me in the OP. is the part about module manager not knowing if you reloaded thing in the debug menu... Um, so I should never use reload parts from the debug terminal under database, since it would delete all mods stuff or something? What should I do? I actually need this function (I have used this function from the debug terminal before for testing parts)
  11. do you know the KSPOfficial IRC channel? I am currently in it trying to get the panels to work Otherwise I will keep checking this thread if anyone comes up with a solution before me, which is likely because I am rather new to part editing, but I can borrow from other things I guess and interpolate Alright also, for anyone also trying to get the solar panels to work: I figure the more information the better, and I found a video of the solar panels animating on the Mk5 ANT: Still looking around to how to fix this.
  12. This issue needs to be revisited! After fixing the solar array with this post: After adding the missing Resources file for nuclearFuel, my PowerPlant still had broken solar panels... so I fixed them with this edit to the part.cfg for the PowerPlant: MODULE { name = ModuleDeployableSolarPanel animationName = generator_solar_geploy raycastTransformName = solar_panel_panel resourceName = ElectricCharge chargeRate = 100 powerCurve { key = 206000000000 0 0 0 key = 13599840256 1 0 0 key = 68773560320 0.5 0 0 key = 0 10 0 0 } } It appears I don't know how to multi quote, but credit for that last bit
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