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  1. [quote name='colmo']Would you care to share the edits you made to the part CFGs? Not the whole file, that would violate licence I think, just the necessary changes or additions?[/QUOTE] What he said! :D
  2. I just want to confirm, but the parts themselves don't have problems, its just when you want them to float is where the problem comes in? I haven't tested this yet, but I found this: [url]https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/1261/Submarine%20Systems[/url] That may help in some way.
  3. I think combining this with the Maritime pack, Link: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/125063-1-0-3-Maritime-Pack-Beta-0-0-13-RoRo-ReReased Would be a match made in heaven. I was actually thinking of using the CVE as a landing pad actually!
  4. This maybe a stupid question, But does the current version of KAS work in 1.0 and what problems should I expect if it does (somewhat) work?
  5. I'm not sure if this will help but, I noticed that in the Kopernicus config called system there's a list of planets and the Sun. I believe Kopernicus is getting confused because where the sun should be is a black hole. Maybe altering that would help? I also noticed that it hates any module managers that did not come with itself. (MM from kopernicus + Kopernicus = success) (MM latest + Kopernicus = fail) (MM from kopernicus + star systems= fail) Star Systems alone is awesome, but I would like more than a star for a destination.
  6. Remember how I was so ecstatic that I got it to work? Yea... It was a little premature, I'm actually back to square... Actually I'm at -1 because I have to find out exactly how star systems modifies the system in the first place. Actually scratch that, I do know; The original sun is turned into a black hole and a new one is created for the kerbol system, Along that line Dolas and Corbo are added in the same manner. So for kopernicus to work I assume I have to modify the system config to recognize that kerbin for example is no longer orbiting the original star, but the new one. Sigh... When I g
  7. THANK YOU! (And in hindsight that was pretty simple...) Now I just have to edit the Kopernicus files to play with Star Systems and Ill be golden.
  8. Firstly to a123, yes and no. I would recommend using the examples as templates, by creating a copy and changing some of the values, which I believe would work. I myself am going to try to modify a few of the PF packs that already exist. However before that... Secondly the Module Manager that comes with Kopernicus and the stand alone one are conflicting with each other, which means I can either have a few mods (including star systems) that don't require MM, or I don't use Kopernicus. Any help?
  9. I haven't tried science/resources yet, but the module manager for both of them (Kopernicus comes with one that doesn't have a version number and star systems comes with 2.5.1) and they don't cooperate with each other. I'm going to see what is different about the two and try to hopefully combine them. Tell me if this is a bad idea. On another note I noticed that both the PFCE files and the examples here and included with Kopernicus are really similar. I may try modifying the PFCE ones to match the Kopernicus example and see where I go from there. Edit: Cant access the .DLLs.
  10. I have a few questions; 1. Does the Solar Systems mod work or are there some changes in the files I need to make? 2. Is it currently possible to add/modify the science/resource configs to include these new planets? 3. Somewhat unrelated but can Custom Asteroids (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/80483) work with Star Systems and Kopernicus? I was originally using both star systems and PFCE to create a total of 4 systems (Kerbol, Dolas, Corbo and my own). I did manage to edit the Sentar system to orbit the black hole, and sometimes another system around either star (One or the other a
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