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  1. I am attempting to find the real life fission reactors for space craft. The Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators are right where they're supposed to be but I can't find the fission reactor generators: SNAP-10a, BES-5, TOPAZ, TOPAZ-II? Is there a mod I'm missing or have the configuration files for thermionic reactors just not yet been written?
  2. Why are you so good to us? ETA: after reviewing Bob's Panic Box I find it does what I have already managed to do in a slimmer format but it does not feature the mode switching I am seeking to achieve: The ability to change which action groups the abort executes during flight based on preset parameters.
  3. First off, thanks for maintaining this mod, I use it extensively for automating my launch vehicles and the versatility is wonderful. At the moment I working on implementing a multi mode abort system utilizing this system but there seems to be a mission link: a relay that can be disabled. The purpose of the relay would serve as an interface between the abort command button (backspace) and multiple abort options which are arranged in extended action groups so that only one of them is activated; one relay is on, three are off, all four of these relays are commanded by [backspace] to execute, but only those which are on would actually execute the command relay to the appropriate action group. The abort modes and switching I'm trying to implement: Launch command begins startup procedures, Switch to Mode 0. If engine failure, execute: Mode 0 - Pad Static Abort: Shut down S-1 engines, shutdown ascent guidance, Switch to Mode 0.5 If catastrophic failure, execute: (engine explodes, sympathetic detonations, etc.) Mode 0.5 - Pad LES Abort: Fire LES motors, decouple service module Launch clamp release, Switch to Mode 1. If engine out causes <1.1 TWR, or catastrophic failure, execute: Mode 1 - S-1 LES Abort: Shut down S-1 engines, shutdown ascent guidance, fire LES motors, decouple SM, activate 5 second delay on S-1/2 Range Safety Device Staging to S-2, Switch to Mode 2. If catastrophic failure, or more than one engine fails, execute: Mode 2 - S-2 LES Abort: Shut down S-2 engines, shutdown ascent guidance, fire LES motors, decouple SM, activate 5 second delay on S-2 Range Safety Device Velocity/altitude exceed LES/CM survivability, Jetison LES, Switch to Mode 3. If catastrophic failure, or more than one engine fails, execute: Mode 3 - S-2 Stage Abort (To Orbit): Shut down S-2 engines, execute early staging I have managed to arrange for all of the above, but the only thing I have not be able to achieve is selective command forwarding, so for now [backspace] is basically permanently locked to mode 1 and the others get assigned to number keys. ETA: The timer block would work just fine if I could use action groups to switch its ability to function on and off.
  4. As a navigation aid would it be possible to add a feature to the flight planner to display markers for lagranian points based on frame selection?
  5. Yes! As a difficulty option though. Maybe an intermediate cosmetic-only setting of a cracked and leaking visor too.
  6. Still can't plan gravity assists to a specific target.
  7. I only hire Kerbonauts with proper names.
  8. Okay, one more question: what happens if an SOI is placed outside of its parent's SOI? Is it permanently isolated or can it be entered from the parent superior's SOI?
  9. Easy answer, I was going to fudge the instability nature of some of the lagrangian points via the gravity mechanic. L1 and L3 would get a very scant negative gravity. Any craft you put there will eventually float away without constant (monthly) attention. L2 would receive zero gravity so how long you would stay there is a matter of how well you park, but still will likely drift due to the resolution of RCS translation adjustments. L4 and L5 would receive scant positive gravity. While it will still require careful parking to meet the absurdly low "halo orbit" velocity, these would be stable. I've tested a zero mass, zero gravity body. SOI was less than 50km. Used a 2km radius Jool analog. Next question: can I have a body/soi without an attendant visible planetary body? ETA: is there a limit on the planetary ID numbers? I see 1 through 90 is in use and there are examples into the hundreds range. I ask because I was thinking of using a hexanome system to deconflict planetary additions: "123456" 1=cluster, 2=system, 34=planet(oid)s, 56=moons/sub satellites.
  10. I am kicking around some ideas for simulating a few things like Lagrangian points and orbital precession. This lead me to some questions that I haven't been able to search up the answers for: Can I directly alter a body's orbital period/orbital speed and deviate it from the normal calculation? Can a body be set to have negative gravity? And as a general modding question, can I directly mess with orbital information for vessels? Just found the station keeping mod. That answers that.
  11. Thank you for clarifying, Snark. Your original points came across as stating that ballistic reentry was the only reentry as opposed to controlled flight. As to the OP's rotisserie idea: while pointless for reentry a slow constant rotation was used to evenly warm the CSM in space. This game mechanic is already partially implemented via Persistent Rotation (mod, keeps craft spinning during time warp) and just needs a thermal mechanic to benefit from it.
  12. Does not matter if capsule or plane type. Both make maneuvers during reentry to control their landing points, something Snark stated very explicitly (and wrongly) can't/isn't done.
  13. First and foremost, THANK YOU!! This mod made the other half of the game (planes) possible for me. I now consider it an essential-to-play mod and am thinking about figuring out how to gut mechjeb's own spaceplane subroutine and drop this in its place. And now for the obligatory feature request: Could you alter the vertical speed input so it also applies for the altitude hold function? This way I can make sure my craft only climbs at X m/s on its way to Y altitude. (Basically I want to engage both altitude control, and vertical speed control, with vertical speed controlling the rate of climb/descent to the specified altitude.)
  14. I am experiencing this bug, but only when I boot the game in OpenGL mode ("-force-OpenGL") When I boot the game without the OpenGL option I do not experience this bug in the tracking station. I didn't see OpenGL mentioned in this thread so I hope this helps you guys track down the offending piece of code. Other germane information: Game resolution is same as desktop: 1920x1080. Running on an AMD Phenom II (Quad core, 3.4GHz), 8GB DDR3, and Win7.
  15. My suggestions: to start, remove action groups from van/sph status. As mentioned earlier you could just exploit your way around it by building and launching rockets from the hangar and runway. Besides, this is a more tech and control related aspect, it would be better suited to being tied to mission control or the R&D campus. As for upgrade specific: Tier 1: full actions groups as they exist now in game after full upgrades. (Tier 1 real life equivalent: hard wired controls, switch A goes to part A, sensor B goes to dial B, has to be set when building the craft.) Tier 2: simple computer logic automation, ie. set action group 1 to execute automatically when <part> becomes empty of <resource> and other logic options (speed, altitude, orientation, environmental factors). In-flight removal of action group participants (for when you dock two craft together permanently and need to deconflict groups, removes parts from action groups only, equivalent of simply unplugging a memory module; you can take it out, but you just don't have anything to replace it with.). (Tier 2 real life equivalent: rudimentary transistor technology, non-writable permanent memory storage (rope core, ROM, etc.), still requires most things to be set up prior to launch but can help take task loading off the crew.) Tier 3: in-flight addition of action groups (think of this like going from rope core memory in the Apollo era, could not be reprogrammed in flight, to EPROM chips that can be updated in flight) and an expansion on the complexity of logic systems. (Tier 3 real life equivalent: full up integrated circuitry with deep programming/scripting ability coupled with readable/writable permanent memory storage: flash, hard disk, floppy, continuous tape, solid state, etc.)
  16. K. Also earth is sans oxygen at the moment, at least as far as removing the kerbals helmet.
  17. In the science panel (inside the R&D complex in science or career modes) the Earth is still labeled "Kerbin" and does not display any experiments conducted in the Earth regions.
  18. Add separation stages between the engine ignition stages and have the control parts jettison during those. S1 - Engines S2 - Decouplers and solid separation motors <- Actual rocket separation occurs here when no main engines are running. S3 - Engines Admittedly it probably wont work if you are parallel staging with a liquid fuel engine core booster and have control parts located on the peripheral boosters you are shedding.
  19. Great stuff, that first alone should allow me to calculate some average mass/volume so I can set accurate part weights.
  20. Hopefully someone here already has this in their back pocket. I am attempting to estimate mass for part structures and need either reference materials or formula quantifying the mass of metal or composite isogrid and other structures relative to its dimensions and designed capacity. Please help, will work mod for food engineering information, god bless.
  21. Okay, what about static building models? My thought was the creation of an engine test stand for another mod and also for giggles being able to deploy a transport van from the driveway in front of the astronaut building.
  22. A general question, is it possible to add more runway and launch pad facilities to the space launch complex yet?
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