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  1. Here's one of my own to start it off This is Smaug, a dragon with a vast wingspan in order to terrify his enemies and fully ride-able by courageous (insane) kerbals. Smaug is also VTOL capable and can easily handle water landings. It features the mods -Kerbal Aircraft Expansion -Hull Camera -Tweak Scale -Firespitter -Mechjeb2
  2. Here you can post all your pics and (if you want) your craft files as well of all your dragons that you have built in KSP. For this thread please have your description contain 1. Name of Craft 2. Mods (if any) ALSO, DRAGONS MUST BE FLYABLE WITH NO CHEATS WHATSOEVER Have fun posting all!
  3. Post all your wacky rovers. No normal rovers!
  4. It's a place to read everything about nothing all at the same time.
  5. Post whether or not you like reddit.
  6. Post the weirdest expressions on a kerbal you've ever seen
  7. Cool to find out how many people have YouTube channels.
  8. If you are tell us, but I can't tell you why because if I did, I'd have to kill you.
  9. I like playing the bagpipes and scuba diving.
  10. I figured it out squad is messing with our brains with the cake and special radio fre- -----------------------------------------MESSAGE TERMINATED------------ Boy I sure love KSP and cake now. I think I will donate all my money to squad because they are my masters now.
  11. It's not the music for me, but I am hypnotized into spending two hours trying to dock something to something else but I know it is impossible but I just can't stop trying.
  12. Try taking a break for a week and then mess around on it after to make it fun.
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