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  1. Oh my god, I have looked for this for ages... what is the name of that computer operating system?
  2. The ships in this thread are supposed for the rescaled Kerbin mod, not simply launchers that look like the real thing. It's a nice shuttle, but it's in the wrong place
  3. Seeing as this thread has come to a squabble about missions/contracts, I'll throw in my two cents. I would really like to see contracts. However, I would prefer them to appear in limitation, and be optional . If you accept a contract, you are given the payload and build a rocket under it to perform the mission which you have accepted.
  4. Alright, then if not decrease the mass, then why not increase the durability?
  5. I know that (probably should edit to mass 3 instead), but then you compare that with the mass of the X200-8 fuel tank...
  6. I've noticed that the mass of the BBD-12 Cupola Module has a mass of 4.5, whereas the bulkier Mk2 Lander-can only has a mass of 2.5. This is fairly unreasonable in my eyes as the Mk2 Lander-can is clearly larger than the Cupola, which itself is too fragile for its mass (Cupola). Thus, my suggestion is that either Squad reduce the mass of the Cupola to 3 or increase its durability. EDIT: Mass 3, not 2
  7. Can you make an R7 Soyuz-FG for your Soyuz vehicle?
  8. Looks mice. I've never seen anyone do something like this by itself
  9. That's quite good, actually. Although, you are correct, your boosters are too wide. Also the core stage of your vehicle has too many engines, IMO. Also, Ethan, I've gotta go to a tech store and upgrade my RAM. I'll build something and post pics sometime today.
  10. But what about with a payload? P.S. I think I'll start building some replica stuff too
  11. There's not too much fuel in that stage, is there?
  12. Wait a minute... This looks like it may work. I'll download this in a day or two and see how I go... I'll try and post an album when I'm done.
  13. Also, you, please don't comment with your anti-mechjeb propaganda. Some people use it not because they don't know how to play the game, but because they are tired of performing the same tasks over and over again. I, for one, greatly enjoy watching something doing a job for me.
  14. For some users it may be an intensive task. Not everyone here has a computer that can take under a minute to load KSP. My KSP for example takes up to five minutes to load up. It'd be easier and much kinder of you to post up some pictures of the ship so we can at least make a judgement on what we're about to download.
  15. May we see a screenshot or two of the ship?
  16. I'll start off: Kaitetsuwa Research Module Litovuy Habitation Module Ceraph Science Module Senka Cargo Module Show off your space station modules in this thread and spread ideas
  17. I'll post some pics up in a tad if you'd like to see
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