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  1. By the way, what laptop are you getting? Hope you like Win 10 better than I did, beats 8.x any day but i think most of the ui changes over Win 7 are fairly pointless.
  2. Your file download isn't working, it is asking for a password to download.
  3. Now all that is needed is a rounded ass end (possibly with a built-in ladder) for the form factor, or a couple empty prop Kerbal EV suits (e.g. Desert RATS).
  4. I approve of this, kind of like what RoverDude is doing with Karibou Expedition Rover. Glag that there has been a lot more MK2 love lately
  5. Haven't had any problems with RasterProp before and don't seem to have any lag in the FusTek IVA but, FusTek is the only thing I have that has the transparent windows. The lag is worst on launchpad spawn and teleport into orbit, dipping to the sub 1 fps range. Once the camera readjusts itself in orbit frame rate hits around 5fps. Vessels without windows seem to do well. Ive got a 560 Ti and 16GB ram so KSP usually runs fine.
  6. Just tried it with the bare bones setup, it still behaves as Crampman stated. The buttons and windows shades work beautifully though. *EDIT* JSI is definitely the source of the ultra lag, remove it and everything is groovy (except none of the stuff that needs testing works).
  7. Failed test, extreme lag, similar experiences as Crampman. I will do a clean, bare minimum plugin test tomorrow after work, 7 Eastern US time (had RPM 0.21.1, do I need to downgrade?)
  8. Between all the blinkenlights on telecom, network and various data acquisition systems I've been around I think your animation is wonderful! Lovely TX and RX back and forth.
  9. â—â€_â—†{« soupir », il n'y a pas de viande!]
  10. I've had that problem since .90, figured it was just snapping to the 2.5m section. I just use the offset tool to move radial attach parts into place.
  11. Yeah, I check your GitHub daily, that's how MLI Blanket crept back into my gamedata folder between troubleshooting steps.
  12. At most only a ~30MB reduction in ram usage, hmm, still have Active Texture (aggressive) loaded after pairing down mods while troubleshooting "out of memory" problems. That may be the reason for the meager savings or part of the problem. *EDIT* Removing Active Texture Management (with the MLI Blanket removal of previous step) yields ~100mb savings (With FusTek and dependencies loaded).
  13. Is everyone getting about a 300MB increase in ram usage between KSP with FusTek Station Parts and KSP with just FusTek dependencies?