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  1. Hi, I've solve the problem ! what was happening was that: when I zoom (or scroll) with the touchpad, it boosts CPU clock speed to 100% (like here : which means that KSP did not use 100% of the CPU (except when I was using the touchpad) so I set the CPU speed to 100% by default instead of 5%
  2. 1158/5000 Hello everyone ! At the moment I have a problem of FPS that I can not solve! I play with the version 1.3.1 in 64bits without mods, on laptop. I have a big drop of FPS with big ships (200 to 400 parts) which is normal, but there is more important than usual! I realized something: when I use the touchpad of my PC to zoom in / out (instead of the wheel of my mouse), instantly there is no problem! FPS go back up to 60, but only for a short time (15 seconds) before falling again ! I need to use the touchpad again for FPS to increase again Here is exactly what happens: (sorry for the quality) the FPS are reduced because of the video capture system, in fact it turns around 16fps when it lag and it rises to more than 40 once I zoomed with the touchpad I tried to uninstall and re-download KSP, but that does not change anything Did you know what's going on? thank you (sorry for my bad english, I'm french)
  3. hi guys, I create the channel to separate KSP videos / DIY videos. For the moment I upload olds videos there will be no more KSP video on this chanel new chanel, Jebsy : new videos will come later
  4. hi guys, KSP 1.0.2 is out, it's time for me to get back to work I hope you will like it!
  5. I made a rocket engine with R-candy, but it looks like a smoke machine
  6. I know all problem and danger, I'm very careful I've make new tests :
  7. I make R-candy : Rocket fuel with potassium nitrate & sugar : wht do you think about it ? I would like make a litle rocket with R-candy
  8. thank ! this rocket is just for test the parachute, I've more water rocket bigger than it !
  9. hi guys ! I've make water rocket with parachute deployment mecanism I feel play KSP for real ! what do you think about it ?