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  1. Hello All! I have just released version .02 here is the changelog! Version .02 Released 8/24/14 ...Includes New Engine: S-Half ...Includes New Fuel tanks: 1.25 to .625, 2.5 to 1.25 & 3.75 to 2.5m Adapter Tanks ...Includes New Omni Spotlight ...Includes Radial stack Decouplers sizes .625, 1.25, 2.5m ...Slight Texture change to the VT1 (Replaced name with Hazard tape.) Imgur Album updated now (bad me for posting this prior to everything being ready) Next patch will probably include ladders if I can figure them out, .625m Fuel tank and other assorted goodies I haven't thought up yet.
  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence! My initial starting point was just making some crazy powerful rockets for each tier. I toned that down before I initially released (while I only had the 1.25m engine) because having a 800 thrust 1.25m engine was a little stupid. (Could lift something like 15 of the large 1.25m tanks). So I guess I unconsciously was aiming for that niche. I do know I don't plan to make 5m parts because KW has that covered splendidly. As for the exhausts/flames all of them are stock. I just added in more locations from which it shows from (each nozzle). The only custom exhaust/flame effects I have made is the ion trail for the VT1 and QVT engines. I do plan to make more exhausts (mainly for vacuum thrusters) just because that is something I am not yet overly familiar with, but at the moment I wish to flesh out the rest of the parts. Anyway thanks for the support and let me know if you notice any glaring problems which I have missed, or any suggestions for different parts or changes to current ones!
  3. Version .01 is released now! Changes to Initial post include: Spoiler section, Better IMGUR album, spelling fixed. Changelog: Version .01 Released 8/21/14 ... Includes New engines: S1, S3, S7, QVT, J Half, ... Slight Balancing Changes to the J series of engines (no longer have more thrust than they should. For example the J9 had 30 thrust higher than it was supposed to) ... A few tech node changes Spreading all the pieces to sections of the tech tree they should be in. Example: RTG is in advanced Electronics now
  4. Hello all and welcome to Derp Shield Corporation! Here is a sneak-peak with download of my part pack. Pretty much my goal with this part pack is to fill in the gaps that stock parts leave. Examples would be make an excessively powerful lifter engine & a slightly more vacuum efficient than stock engine for each tier, add in some utility/quality of life parts (Longer ladders, fuel tanks adapter parts), and some futuristic propulsion. DISCLAIMER: Parts are a work in progress, many parts have yet to be made, and existing parts might be imbalanced for either cost/use. Please leave me feedback if you have any ideas for new parts or balancing! Or anything really! Part Classification in this Pack S Series Engine stands for Smart Series. This engine type prioritizes Vacuum ISP over Thrust. Suggested use is for upper stage for orbital insertion or for anything out in the depths of space. J Series Engine stands for Jump Series. This engine type prioritizes Thrust over ISP. These engines should have lower ISP than any stock engine, but much higher thrust to compensate. Suggested use: First stage in heavy lifter platforms. Future Tech: VT1 and QVT. These pieces are not meant to be realistic in terms of thrust. They are meant to provide alternatives to conventional chemical rockets for your late game exploration of deep space while not being quite as frustrating as stock Ion engines (low thrust) or KSP Interstellar parts(Complicated with alternative resource system). I tried to balance these pieces against each other and against the O.H. RTG. Parts in this pack (see spoiler section for more info on each part S-1 "Long Haul": 1.25m Engine S-3 "Tri-Flame": 2.5m Engine S-7 "Grandiose": 3.75m Engine S-Half "The ittle engine that could" .625m Engine J-Half "Micro Heavy": .625m Engine J-1 "Size doesn't mean everything": 1.25m Engine J-4 "The Prince": 2.5m Engine J-9 "Over-Compensator": 3.75m Engine NERVA: 2.5m Nuclear engine O.H. RTG: Opressively Heavy 2.5m RTG VT-1: Vacuum only Ion Drive size 2.5m LumiLeg: Large suspensionless landing leg with 2 lamps Repurposed Tank: Xenon : 2.5m Xenon tank QVT: 2.5m Quantum Vacuum Thruster .625m Radial Stack Decoupler 1.25m Radial Stack Decoupler 2.5m Radial Stack Decoupler 1.25 to .625m Fuel Tank Adapter 2.5 to 1.25m Fuel Tank Adapter 3.75 to 2.5m Fuel Tank Adapter Omni Spotlight Special bits for various pieces may include: Emmissive Textures Animated Parts Special Running FX (currently only the "Ion" vapor trail used in VT1 and QVT) Parts in progress or to be done: Various Lights (might be built into other pieces) Structural Pieces Additional Fuel tanks emphasizing Utility (Built on Ladders/.625m tanks) 3.75m Docking Port RCS Blocks Texture fixes here and there if unity stops fighting me .625 Engine: Tech Node: Specialized Construction J Series 38 Thrust ISP 280-330 . S Series 10 Thrust ISP 150-400 1.25m Engines: Tech Node: Advanced Rocketry . S Series 100 thrust ISP 120-435 . J series 530 thrust ISP 240-320 2.5m Engines Tech Node: Heavier Rocketry . S Series 300 thrust ISP 120-435 . J Series 2120 Thrust ISP 240-320 3.75m Engines Tech Node: Very Heavy Rocketry . S Series 700 Thrust ISP 120-435 . J Series 4770 Thrust ISP 240-320 Future Tech VT1 Tech Node: Advanced Motors 250 Thrust ISP 5000 (Runs only in Vacuum) Aprox cost to run at full throttle ~1k ec/s & 51 Xenon/s . QVT Tech Node: Advanced Science Tech 100 Thrust ISP (might as well be infinite) Aprox cost to run at full throttle ~2k ec/s & .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 mono propellant (Looking for a fix for the need for 2 propellants) Example with a cockpit, the OH RTG & QVT Kerbal engineer was listing over 990 million (yes that is correct) dV for 7.5 mono prop. Essentially have at least 1 mono prop and your golden Utility Pieces LumiLeg Tech Node: Advanced Landing . O.H. RTG Tech Node: Specialized Electronics Weight: 22.2 tonnes Electrical Output: 2k ec/s . Xenon Tank Tech Node: Ion Propulsion Capacity: 90k Xenon Gas . Omni Spotlight 5 lights at 45 degree angles from each other .2ec/s Structural .625m Radial Stack Decoupler 1.25m Radial Stack Decoupler 2.5m Radial Stack Decoupler All attach like normal radial Decouplers, but comes with a 2 stack attachment points. They also decouple. Fuel Tanks 1.25m to .625m Fuel Tank Adapter 115.2 Fuel & 176 Oxidizer . 2.5m to 1.25m Fuel Tank Adapter 576 Fuel & 704 Oxidizer . 3.75m to 2.5m Fuel Tank Adapter 864 Fuel & 1056 Oxidizer Full resolution imgur: Download Link: OR Make sure you delete the smokescreen folder, and the Derp Shield folder prior to installing the latest versions to avoid problems. This pack is in the "Part Pack" Folder Other Necessary bits/disclaimers: This pack includes Smokescreen Version 2.4.1 for exhaust effects & ModuleManager version 2.2.1 Licensing for this Pack: For the time being I'm going to go with "All rights reserved for the contents of the DerpShield Folder". Module manager and Smokescreen have their own respective licensing. Reason for my decision: Not sure what types of licensing there is, or if I have to do anything special for them and this was the "easy" option in the licensing tutorial. [LIST] [*]Version .02 Released 8/24/14 [*]...Includes New Engine: S-Half [*]...Includes New Fuel tanks: 1.25 to .625, 2.5 to 1.25 & 3.75 to 2.5m Adapter Tanks [*]...Includes New Omni Spotlight [*]...Includes Radial stack Decouplers sizes .625, 1.25, 2.5m [*]...Slight Texture change to the VT1 (Replaced name with Hazard tape.) . . . [*]Version .01 Released 8/21/14 [*]... Includes New engines: S1, S3, S7, QVT, J Half, [*]... Slight Balancing Changes to the J series of engines (no longer have more thrust than they should. For example the J9 had 30 thrust higher than it was supposed to) [*] ...A few tech node changes Spreading all the pieces to sections of the tech tree they should be in. Example: RTG is in advanced Electronics now . . . [*]Version 0 Released: 8/14/2014 [/LIST] Changelog:
  5. Make sure that in blender you click on the scene button (looks like a cyl and a sphere) on the right hand side and set your measuring to metric. In unity make sure you set the scale to 1 when you click on the imported fbx file & in your cfg make sure the scale is 1. This should avoid any random size variations. If your still having problems, I'm at a loss =)
  6. I always export my blender models as .fbx I seemed to have the best time with that, I originaly did .dae because that was the first tutorial I read said to use. Other tutorials (especially if you have blender animations) work far better with the .fbx . Make sure you check out I just started modeling & all that jazz 2 or 3 weeks ago and that forum page, once someone told me about it, was indispensable. (It is now popping up as a most visited page on chrome) Some of the stuff is old, and rather complicated but once you get the hang of the basics the rest of it starts to make sense. Edit: Also I have 2 installs of unity. The last version of Unity 3 and the latest version of Unity 4 (when I downloaded it). I use Unity 3 install for animations & emissives, and Unity 4 for simple parts that require neither.
  7. Make sure that if you want to do animations of emissives to get a Unity 3 version. Unity 4 is a whole lot harder/imposibler to do animations and emissives on. At least from my experience. But unity 4 is far simpler to use if you are not using unity made animations or emissives.
  8. @nili2work & Everyone else since there seemed to be some interest Here is my first rendition of the model with textures as it appears in KSP: Sorry for using dropbox, its 4 am and I am posting this before going to bed. Pretty much an "ok" first model it might/probably will change in the next iteration. I haven't messed with the vapor trail yet, & just seeing how the emmissives would look in game with only a few bits being emmissive. What is your take on the emmissives? (Radiators, center bit & thruster) Also ignore the other parts, most of them are stock with some tweakscale, and a massive RTG that I made just because.
  9. @NathanKell @nili2work @parameciumkid Turns out that an ISP of 0 does infact just make the fuel cost really high.. Infinity high. This is probably a bug but that makes it so it will not consume resources and immediately flames out (which is what I want!) The best part is, it doesn't consume any resources prior to flaming out. So that part is solved, and doing some digging in the hotrockets thread/smokescreen thread it looks like the vapor trail won't be crazy hard to make.
  10. No worries! I am a little overwhelmed, did some google searches didn't come up with much so I just threw that cfg together and hoped it might work. As for the ISP - Thrust thing. I was aware of that, I am just trying to make the engine produce no thrust while there is any atmosphere present. When I get home from work I shall try the 0 isp thing and see if that works. My guess is it will just use fuel extremely rapidly rather than making it not produce thrust. One way I just though of to get around it "albeit a shoddy way" this is have a generator type module that produces "vacuum" when atmosphere is 0. Unless you have a simpler suggestion I'll futz around with that later tonight. I shall try when I get home from work and let you know, as for the vapor trail. Thanks for the SmokeScreen suggestion. I hadn't even thought of using an open sourced one like that! I shall try when I get home from work and get back to you on that.
  11. Yeah, I noticed something like that when using the nuclear engine and its isp was at like 780 or something on the surface. That was probably due to its incredibly thin atmosphere tho. So in the cfg it would be something like this (ripped from the lv-909 cfg) MODULE { name = ModuleEngines thrustVectorTransformName = thrustTransform exhaustDamage = True ignitionThreshold = 0.1 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 50 heatProduction = 300 fxOffset = 0, 0, 0.21 PROPELLANT { name = LiquidFuel ratio = 0.9 DrawGauge = True } PROPELLANT { name = Oxidizer ratio = 1.1 } vessel.staticPressure <----- changed section { key minThrust = 0 0 key maxThrust = 0 50 key minThrust .0001 0 key maxThrust .0001 0 key minThrust 1 0 key maxThrust 1 0 } } Or id I miss what you were going for entirely there NathanKell (/do bad things with that key min/maxThrust). Or did you mean in create a plugin for a thrust curve that is based off of the vessel.staticPressure and make it so it produces no thrust until a pressure of 0 is achieved. I should also clarify I have no experience coding so the plugin will be my first go if that is what is necessary. A daunting task to be sure.
  12. Ok, so my goal is to make an engine that only runs in vacuum (will flameout in atmosphere or if that isn't possible produce 0 thrust). In addition to that I would also like to have a vapor trail come out of the back for a short range (25 meters?) when the engine is on. This would be similar to the stock chemical rocket's smoke trail, but only show itself in vacuum and would glow as well. Design/goal for the engine: Pretty much its going to be an Ion-esq futuristic engine so that is why I want it only to work in vacuum, plus I think the idea of an emmissive/glowing vapor trail would be a rather cool. Since I am rather new to modeling/texturing I am unsure if this is configurable with a .cfg file exclusively, or if I need to make a plugin to get such an effect. I suspect that I will need a plugin. I already know about the large post with all the tutorials, so I will have that to help me along with the plugin creation if necessary. I did a cursory search of the forums and that tutorial post, but I didn't see anything there with something like the vacuum only / glowing vapor trail. Thanks in advance, Reign
  13. I'm trying to get a light to work. Essentially what I am trying to do is make a light attached to a landing leg. The problem is I want it to be attached to the leg, so it will move /shine in conjunction with the legs position (deployed vs retracted). If I add the the light in via unity I don't know how to attach it to the blender animation. Any ideas? Note1: The animation for the landing leg is done through blender Note2: I figured out how to make a light turn on and off via animations thanks for that "useAnimationDim = false". Couldn't figure out why it wasn't working till I saw that and tried it.
  14. Hello all, Quick question, I can't seem to get any of the converters to work. I have tried installing Kethane, the buttons would show up but when pressed (even when crewed and have plenty of EC) nothing would happen. I also have Karbonite installed so I figured I would try the MM cfg to make it use Karbonite, and the buttons are gone. Any ideas on how to fix this. Note: I just updated everything prior to posting this and still no luck
  15. Hey all, Updated the Generator again with some guidance from everyone's feedback & Nil2Work. Textures altered again, I think they are better? New Highlight for this version: Replaced flat button with a lever that animates! Keep the feedback coming. I am thoroughly enjoying learning more about blender/texturing! Dropbox DL: