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  1. 1,001 people have signed the petition. We only need 499 more signatures to reach the next goal of 1,500 signatures. The petition is free to sign.
  2. 991 people have signed the petition. We only need 9 more signatures to reach 1,000. #BringBackStarTrekEnterprise #StarTrekEnterprise #StrengthInNumbers
  3. 962 supporters have signed the petition. We only need 38 more signatures to reach 1,000. Lets do this Star Trek fans. Lets show them we want Star Trek: Enterprise back. There is another petition available with more details on why the petition is there, https://www.change.org/p/bring-back-star-trek-enterprise-7a2836de-73e4-4b6c-a3b0-f3669ce5a68c . #BringBackStarTrekEnterprise #StarTrekEnterprise #StrengthInNumbers
  4. 942 people have signed the petition. We only need 58 more signatures to reach 1,000. Tomorrow is Star Trek Day. Lets show them we want Star Trek: Enterprise back. #BringBackStarTrekEnterprise #StarTrekEnterprise #StrengthInNumbers
  5. I agree that season 1 is one if the best compared to other Star Trek series. Season 3 and 4 helped the series. 930 people have signed the petition. We only need 70 more signatures to reach 1,000. #BringBackStarTrekEnterprise #StarTrekEnterprise #StrengthInNumbers
  6. In my opinion, they should have had a break for at least a year or 2 before starting Star Trek: Enterprise. As for Star Trek: Nemesis, they should have also had a break for at least a year or 2 before starting and let Jonathan Frakes or someone else who knows the official Star Trek direct. 921 supporters have signed the petition. We are very close to 1,000 signatures. #BringBackStarTrekEnterprise #StarTrekEnterprise #StrengthInNumbers.
  7. Funny thing is people who watched ST: Enterprise the 1st time had a long break from it then rewatched all of it again realise it is actually good and wish they helped out during the Save Star Trek: Enterprise campaign.
  8. 914 people have signed the petition. We only need 86 more signatures to reach 1,000. #BringBackStarTrekEnterprise #StarTrekEnterprise #StrengthInNumbers.
  9. 886 people have signed the petition. We only need 114 more signatures to reach 1,000. #BringBackStarTrekEnterprise #StarTrekEnterprise #StrengthInNumbers.
  10. Have you watched all the seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise? It is lower tech compared to the other series but it is still the technology is still more advanced than what is around in today's modern era. Star Trek is, mostly, about a positive future for Humanity. It is not supposed to be a series about living in a dystopian era. Sure, they may sure that for a short time or for a season or 2 but it always circles back to the positivity. 881 people have signed the petition. Come on Star Trek fans, lets see we can reach 900 signatures and then 1,000+. Star Trek: Picard has sh
  11. How was it the worst Star Trek series? Who promised? There has been no information about resetting the timeline, as far as I know. They have not brought back every same race from previous Star Trek series. That is an exaggeration. You do realise in the series shielding technology has not been invented by Starfleet-pre Federation. There is no canon information on when they were invented so no problem there. Humans meeting Ferengi early. So what. Not alot of information was given about them in that episode. You do realise they was Humanity's first warp 5 ship. Captain Ar
  12. Hello everyone, It has been over 15 years since Star Trek: Enterprise ended. There is still a lot of stories to show and character development. If they cannot continue it as a live action series the other option, I think would be best would be an animation series. Also, maybe include a movie or 2 and possibly a sequel-prequel series, which tells the story of the early years of the Federation. I think, this series should be called Star Trek: Federation or Star Trek: Rise of the Federation or Star Trek: The Rise of the Federation or Star Trek: Beginnings or Star Trek: Beginning of the Feder
  13. I want to know how efficient it would have been compared to the other type of rotating structure? The Nautilus-X rotating centrifuge.
  14. To quote Lee Mason, STMD’s principal technologist for Power and Energy Storage at NASA Headquarters, 'This new technology could provide kilowatts and can eventually be evolved to provide hundreds of kilowatts, or even megawatts of power.' So this could potentially be used as a space reactor to power space electric propulsions such as VASIMR, X3 Hall Effect Thruster and others.
  15. NASA is working on a nuclear reactor: - https://www.nasa.gov/directorates/spacetech/feature/Powering_Up_NASA_Human_Reach_for_the_Red_Planet I have mixed thoughts about this. What I want to know is what are they going to do what the nuclear waste produced?
  16. They are working on that. The important thing here is that it is real, it is still being tested and it is getting closer to being tested in space someday. It is similar to how other space electric propulsions are tested before they are tested in space. Back on topic: Is there an option to expand the DSG if there is a desire and need for it? Will the DSG be a modular design?
  17. No, it is not as real as VASIMR. VASIMR has been built, tested and continues to be tested. There are few versions of VASIMR. Here is a website of videos on VASIMR: http://www.adastrarocket.com/aarc/video. VASIMR has been contracted with NASA. Currently they are doing a 10 hour steady state test, which they have completed 2 out of 3 year test sussessfully. Here is the latest information on VASIMR, http://adastrarocket.com/pressReleases/AdAstraRelease080917-final.pdf.
  18. Would be great if Squad added the linear aerospike into the stock parts. Similar or same to the one that was going to be used for the X-33 and Venturestar. Also add parts to build the X-33 and Venturestar. More station parts would be great. That are also light on mass.
  19. For habitats, I hope Bigelow will be mentioned. I was meant to say, for propulsion I am surprised Ad Astra is not mentioned. They are working on plasma electric propulsion, V.A.S.I.M.R. Also NASA's X3 hall effect thruster is not shown.
  20. I am surprised Ad Astra and NASA is not on the list.
  21. Magnets are used in fusion reactor so the plasma does not touch the interior walls and melt it. A Lab here in the UK and other places are researching in using magnets for magnetic shielding spacecraft. https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20727701-300-shields-up-force-fields-could-protect-mars-missions/ http://www.minimagnetosphere.rl.ac.uk/
  22. Here is a list of what we know has changed from Orion EFT-1 to Orion EM-1 1) The pressure vessel will be made from 7 welded parts instead of 18 welded parts. 2) The pressure vessel is lighter in Orion EM-1 than Orion EFT-1, 1497 kg (3300 lb) to 1225 kg (2700 lb). 3) The heat shield has changed from a monolithic ablative heat shield to a block ablative heat shield. 4) A metallic-based thermal control coating will be bonded to the crew module’s thermal protection system back shell tiles, which will reduce heat loss during phases when Orion is pointed to space and therefore
  23. Anyone have the latest images of the C.M? I have looked around but can not find anything more recent.
  24. Do you know what Squad will put in 1.4 patch? I agree more nuclear engines would be great plus i electric propulsion such as ion drives, plasma propulsion such as VASIMR and Hall effect thrusters. I agree bigger fuel tanks with engines. Also I want and need cryogenic fuel tanks which can be used with any engines or add specific engines. As they are more fuel efficient and hopefully lighter. Plus, add metallic hydrogen fuel tanks which can be used any engine or introduce specific engines. Add more mark 2 and 3 parts.
  25. That is your opinion. Back on topic. More advanced sensors could be added into the game. Also have the ability to build and deploy space telescopes and laser communications. Plus add more mk2 to mk3 parts. I think this is lacking. Squad could add the linear aerospike engines that were going to be used on the X-33 and Venturestar. Also add the X-33, Venturestar and other types of lifting body vehicles.
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