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  1. I love this little mod In the pictures of the pods, the kerbals sitting in the seats are visible from the outside of the pod, while in my end I can only see the default "window colour" which is not transparent. It's like that both in the editor and in the game. Bug?
  2. I am using this mod together with other of my favorite mods, like TAC life support. I am not sure which of the mods gives me these parts, but I am just curious if something might be broken and hope someone could help me out. Here is a list of the parts I don't know which mod provides me with: I feel like some of the different TAC LS parts have wrongly proportionated amounts of resources. Like this LS container: It has just as much oxygen as the dedicated oxygen tank in addition to it's food and water, though it seems like the oxygen is over abundant and the food & water is normally proportioned. Also, some of the parts require hydrogen, or creates hydrogen when it is used, though there are no hydrogen storage tanks provided with the rest of this set. So my questions are: Which mod is providing me with the Planetary Base Tac Life Support parts? Are the oxygen amount in my tanks bugged, or is it a design flaw, or just the way it is? Are there any Planetary Base parts that supply me with Hydrogen so I can use the Sabatier Reactor and Elektron Container?
  3. Lovely mod! Perhaps one of my favorite ones. Do you know when it will be available on CKAN again? I just keep getting errors from Spacedock that it's 404
  4. Aha, you are right. It does create resources in the background and catches up to them instead of creating it in real time.
  5. Ok, I got it to work finally. I used this mod for a bit a year ago, and I cannot remember this issue; Do I have to keep my focus on my space station/planetary base in order for all the converters to work? I have food / oxygen etc for 100 days, but I have enough waste and waste water etc to make it last for at least 500 days, but then I have to keep looking at the station to make this work. And it has a really slow conversion rate, so is there any way to make my base self sustaining without having to look at it?
  6. Happy to see this mod active again I'm trying it out now, and I have an issue that the Life Support Monitoring window is empty, even when I have kerbals on board, and they seem to not consume any resources while on board the vessle. Is this a common issue, or is it a conflict with one of my other mods?
  7. Is there any way to make the processing facilities work autonomously and not having to focus the veichle I want to create supplies for? I just started using this mod and i'm testing it out before using it on my missions, and I tried making a small space station that could supply itself. It has plenty of resources to make supplies in its greenhouses, but it creates supplies at a slow rate, just a tiny bit faster than the Kerbals consume it, so I have "supplies" for 15 days, but if I could make the greenhouse work autonomously it could easily provide food for 100+ days.
  8. I tried installing manually, and there is no difference. The overlay says v0.0246 Reloading the oceans seems to fix it though. I never tried that before since I just learned about the in-game UI
  9. I dont see this listed in the known issues section, so I gotta ask, am I the only one experiencing these two bugs with the ocean: First one, when I zoom in any IVA view, the ocean zooms with it, making it appear closer or further away than it is. This property remains if I exit IVA view while zoomed. Second one, when I reach an altitude of about 150km, I get this sphere on the bottom of my screen, which may vary in intensity. It dissappears when I go below the magic line of 150km edit: I'm using SVE together with Scatterer, but it only happens when Scatterer is installed.
  10. After 1.1 dropped I wanted to start playing with life support. At first I wanted to try TAC life support, but as that mod never gets updated I went ahead and played with USI life support, and I love it I read in a thread somewhere that there was something in the config or something I could edit so that Kerbals would be "killed" rather than just go on strike. Can someone confirm this and tell me how to change this? Also, I am currently experimenting with using Planetary Base Systems as my main platform for making bases, since I love the stockalike design of that mod. Combining USI life support with PBS seems to make some interesting issues. First of all, the greenhouse of the PBS mod has two options: either "Start farming" or "Start life support". What is the difference between these two? Both seem to consume electricity but neither seems to give any extra supplies. It also seems like I got the "water" resource included for PBS. What is this resource useful for if the only USI mod I use are Life support? edit: I want this mod for the life support only. Not for the home sickness and being sick of the vessle they are stuck on. Any way to disable the two other features?
  11. Small incremeants means what? Is there a total value I cannot exeed? Is 1 the total value it can have, and does small increments mean .05 increases, or does the value go to 1000000 and I should do increments of 100 at a time?
  12. I got it working after installing Aset Props! It must have dissappeared in the great mod redownloading of 1.1 since alexustas still havent upgraded Aset since 1.0.4 I'm not sure if its Aset props causing this, or your MK3 overlay, but I can't read proper values of my Orbital/surface velocity as we as a few other values. Also, I just remembered that when I was using this on my shuttle in 1.0.5, I kept getting "Ground proximity" alert all the time, even when I'm in orbit. Is this also an issue with Aset or could it be related to something else?
  13. Im having issue where with this mod after the update. The MK1 inline cockpit just keeps the regular IVA view. No rasterprop All the other pods and cockpits works nice, but not this one. Am I the only one getting this problem or is this a known issue with this release?
  14. I LOVE this mod! It's so underrated and an absolute necessity now after squad reworked the IVA height of the cockpit, making Rasterprop pretty much useless without it. I'm having problems getting this to work with 1.1 though AlI the panels seems to be missing, even though I have Rasterprop installed and regular IVA (without the mod) works just fine. I would love to see this mod being reworked to work with 1.1 though (don't mind the tsunami consuming the KSC. Unrelated bug)