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  1. In simple terms, you need to burn away from Kerbin in the opposite direction, as you are heading into the solar system rather than out. This is an excellent guide
  2. Forgot the classic landing shot... Love those fat legs
  3. Made good use of B9 and the Concentric Aerospike engine for an SSTO with ISRU:
  4. One trick I've found is to slap a docking port or probecore on top at the CoM, and control from there - this makes the navball a whole lot easier to read and use for gentle landings.
  5. The original theme track from Thunderbirds is always great for launches
  6. Finally did the big one Jebs will be Jebbing
  7. Ultimately, you'd want the rover kicking up dust and leaving tracks (maybe even bouncing a bit), like the later Apollo missions, so they were really fun to drive. In the meantime, rover surveys as suggested above would help.
  8. The closest I came was when I had to "swerve" to avoid some once. IIRC I thrust radially to avoid it as I was on a docking intercept with a station some way ahead. It was an orange tank from some previous launch.and I missed it by 30m or so. In an earlier save I used to go round cleaning up until I got bored / realised the chance of hitting debris was miniscule, This was before the incident above however...
  9. Haha that's the first thing I looked for as well! Cheers for the link katateochi
  10. I've got two types of lifters, heavy (based on double orange tanks) and stupidly heavy (based on double biggest tanks) They are both asparagus staged monsters, and as asparagus staging is a little bit fiddly, I really can't be arsed to build any custom versions so they get used for everything. The stupidly heaver lifter does destroy the pad every time, but I play sandbox so
  11. Perhaps it's the game's version of the famous Mars curse?
  12. I've tried simply dropping the NeidonMoons and PlockMoons folders from the 1.9.2 version of OPM into the GameData/OPM/KopernicusConfigs folder of my game.... and got exactly the same results as above. [edit: starting a new game in this setup also results in no OPs]
  13. Hi Augustus, Unfortunately that did not work. Until I replaced the new module manager version (2.6.17) with the old one (2.5.13), the game would not load at all. Having replaced it the saved game loaded, but it has reset the clock to year 1 day 1, wiped out all but 7 ships (all of which are at or inside the orbit of Duna) and reset the solar system back to default (no OPs). Does anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Hi CaptRobau. Firstly, I'd like to congratulate you on a truly awesome mod which has added to my enjoyment of KSP immensely. The first time you get to Sarnus and see the rings reminds me so much of the first time I saw Saturn through a telescope in real life. Amazing. I'm playing a very extensive (130 flights in progress, year 4 day 338) game in version 0.90, and you've added some moons of Neidon and Plock since I downloaded OPM. I've not got to either yet and I'd really like to add them to this game. Earlier in the thread you've mentioned that this might be OK. I'm hoping that I can drop the relevant files into my game and add these. I'm running OPM 1.6.5. Which version should I get the extra files from? Is there anything I need to be careful of in terms of compatibility etc.?