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  1. @SilverState, do you still use your SSTU patches with the new Kerbalism? I just stumbled on your post from March and wondered if they would need a lot of work to be compatible with Kerbalism 3.0.
  2. Just discovered the same issue as the posts above with the nosecone. Extreme drag levels with the nosecone that no gimbal could counter. Take the nosecone off, the rocket flies completely normal. This is in 1.7.
  3. Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone has run into recent issues with engines exploding upon staging in flight. I can't pinpoint where the problem is, but if I remove RealFuels and the Stockalike Configs, I don't have the issue. However, I'm finding nothing in the logs to point me toward the problem. The logs simply show that the engine exploded. No exceptions or errors to go with it. The in-flight log says that the engine internals have melted. I've tried rolling back to the previous version of RealFuels and found no difference. I've tested with a couple different types of engines
  4. Can anyone tell me if RealHeat or Deadly Reentry is recommended for this mod? Or both? I see there is a DR config in the compatibility folder, but wondering if that addresses heating issues rather than just increasing difficulty?
  5. This seems to have helped me have more stability. I had the value set to 1 in my startup script based off a suggestion from a few versions ago. Thanks for this!
  6. The plugin doesn't work in 1.1 unfortunately. However, in testing air dropped packages like these using stock parts, it seems like you can fly up to about 20km away before the debris disappears if it's still not landed. This seems to be different than in 1.0.5, but I could be wrong.
  7. Got it. Well, I think I tracked my crashes to the Editor Extensions mod -- removing that seems to have resolved it for me. As far as that stacktrace, a bit of Googling led me to add 'echo 0 | sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope' to my KSP startup script. I didn't see the stacktrace come back the last two launches, but I'll need to keep checking I think. Thanks for the reply Sal.
  8. I've been having an unusual number of crashes today, so I decided to check my player.log for the first time since using both 1.1 and the prerelease. Wondering if anyone has seen anything like this at the top of their player.log: Native stacktrace: /home/me/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program/KSP_Data/Mono/x86_64/libmono.so(+0x91772) [0x7f6f5ba71772] /home/me/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program/KSP_Data/Mono/x86_64/libmono.so(+0x348a5) [0x7f6f5ba148a5] /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0(+0x10340) [0x7f6f5ed2e340] ./KSP.x86_64() [0xd2b0d
  9. That must be the issue. I just looked at the craft file and there aren't ModuleEngine or ModuleEngineFX -- only ModuleEnginesRF and ModuleEnginesAJEPropeller. Craft here. (Remember this is an RSS/RO/RP-0 save.) I'll try out the new DLL and upload the log a bit later anyway.
  10. Thanks @magico13 Saw some definite changes with the new build. It found pilots, attempted powered recovery, but the [SR] entries in the log end abruptly and the recovered Kerbals are killed, vessel destroyed. See below: [LOG 20:11:40.109] LR-EX2 Unloaded [LOG 20:11:40.250] RemoteTech: AntennaManager: RegisterProtos(LR-EX2, d6c1b1f7-a83f-42b0-8b37-23508d35daf9) [LOG 20:11:40.272] RemoteTech: SatelliteManager: RegisterProto(LR-EX2, d6c1b1f7-a83f-42b0-8b37-23508d35daf9) [LOG 20:11:40.272] RemoteTech: GetSignalProcessor(LR-EX2): Check [LOG 20:11:40.295] [SR] Vessel LR-EX2 is going to be
  11. Thanks magico! I'll give this a shot tonight and report back. Update: Still seeing the same behavior. Kerbals get recovered before it tries powered recovery, then doesn't have a pilot to control with. The other concerning part is that I don't actually find the Kerbals recovered. I did a separate test with a parachute on the plane just to see that it would recover without powered recovery. The parts recovered, but the Kerbals did not. In the SR UI, it didn't show any crew under the "CREW" tab. Unfortunately, I didn't capture the log on that first test. Here's the log for t
  12. I think it may not be the engines. I recovered it with parachutes just to test, and found that my pilot wen't missing from the command pod after recovery. Was listed as MIA after I ended the mission. Never actually showed as recovered when the SR popups came up. However I think it's not attempting powered recovery due to loss of pilot. Maybe something to do with pre-recovery? The log isn't very clean. This happened after a few different other missions and tests. I'll run a clean log a bit later. Here's the relevant portion of the log that I gathered this from: [LOG 11:22:59.61
  13. Magico, I know plane recovery has been talked about previously, but I'm having some trouble trying to recover a plane with powered recovery even with the minimum TWR set lower than the plane's active TWR. Usually the recovery message says something like "Attempted powered recovery but...", however I don't get that message at all with this plane. It's like it's not attempting it. I'm using RSS/RO and the plane uses 4 prop engines from KAX (I think). Is there something that the code is looking for in order to identify an engine for powered recovery?
  14. Figured I'd mention that I'm working on SXT and Tantares (not LV) configs -- just in case anyone else was going to.
  15. I'm seeing strange behavior with the latest update. In the SPH, assemble a plane with procedural tanks. Center Of Mass shows in its normal position. Save, launch, reload to editor -- center of mass is now far forward of its previous position. Remove procedural tank, COM goes back to normal -- delete tank and rebuild it from scratch, and you start back at square one. Seems to only be related to a procedural tank -- procedural structural element and procedural nosecones don't seem to give me the same behavior. I can get some pictures and logs if needed -- I was just curious if I'm the only one s
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