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  1. Another fine example of SQUAD outsourcing core features to the community and somehow being proud of it...
  2. cfds

    Adeline concept for Ariane 6

    Name two...
  3. cfds

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Shame that the EU did not give you a grace period of two years since the GDPR was adopted on 2016-04-14. Wait...
  4. [Emphasize mine] The last part of your quote does actually make this the definition of a balance issue.
  5. cfds

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Well, I am sure SQUAD has learned from this and created a set of cases that will be manually tested by QA before each release. /s
  6. Was the whole chained rigid body concept really a planned feature? It looks more like Squad was looking for a system to build a craft from multiple components via Drag&Drop and Unity did provide this out of the box but also did build a chained rigid body directly in the process. Separating the different aspects of a part ("entity that can be moved in the explorer", "target for right-clicks to access functionality", "representation of a rigid body component") would probably have been possible but keeping what Unity provided and declaring it "Kerbal" was a lot less work...
  7. As far as I know the launcher has never worked in any version for a long time. That it is still included is probably just Squad being Squad...
  8. cfds

    Have I reached the end?

    I am not sure what you are talking about. People who say that they do not want to buy the DLC usually add that it does offer nothing to them. I have seen no example of anyone saying that they are giving the money to streamers instead.
  9. cfds

    KSP Weekly: Something about TESS

    Because the only alternative to rushed and aimless updates is no updates at all...
  10. cfds

    1.4.1 & Making History Really Buggy

    They were just shutting up and taking the money? I mean, with the amount of people telling everyone that they would pay $15 for a turd with the Squad logo, why would they put any more effort than needed into the product?
  11. cfds

    Engines with re-sizeable bases: Drag

    Shouldn't you just use FAR when you are concerned about drag? That the stock "aerodynamics" work in wonky ways is long known.
  12. cfds

    Boring company

    Don't forget that the most important aspect of Hypeloop and the Boring company is to lobby against anything remotely looking like a high capacity, high speed train system. One might think Mr Musk has some stake in some form of individual traffic....
  13. By this reckoning, five dice and a yahtzee block should cost more than a set of the settlers of catan...
  14. cfds

    Ksp need to fix the performance

    Well, the obvious solution would be to drop the chained rigid body simulation altogether and treat vessels as monolithic blocks. In most use cases there is a pushing engine at the back and inertial mass at the front and no need whatsoever to simulate bending, twisting or compression. You could still compute some kind of differential forces to special parts (decouplers, docking nodes) to test for breaking but you would massively reduce the number of constraints...
  15. cfds

    Arianespace launch thread

    Their job is to provide guaranteed access to space for European countries and have a domestic space industry, not competing with some hype-clowns. Looks like they do their job well...