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  1. I think you mixed up land and sea area of the earth (or you have some advance information from the Netherlands...)
  2. cfds

    Prioritizing Bugs in the Bugtracker

    (emphasize mine) But is not exactly that the reason why the priorities should be given by a neutral party? At the moment, this "project" sounds a lot like an invitation to go campaigning for these very pet peeves...
  3. Was there any reason in the game to ever send a Kerbal on EVA and let it stand idle?
  4. cfds

    Inline Landing Legs?

    Does part clipping actually shield the clipped parts in stock aerodynamics?
  5. And for some reason, SQUAD has not yet found the manpower to remove the launcher form the release packages.
  6. cfds

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    On-going development is a bad thing when it is just done for the sake of doing on-going development. And at the moment, it does not look like SQUAD has any larger objective they try to reach in incremental steps, it looks more like they think "Hmm, we need a new update to get KSP back into the news feeds. Let's look what we can cobble together".
  7. cfds

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    You are aware that you can buy as many licenses for KSP as you want? Whenever you feel like you need to give SQUAD twenty currency, just buy another one...
  8. cfds

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    Hmm, I could have sworn there already was a revamp of 1.25m tanks and engines around 1.2.2... But I guess it's something for people who are allergic to mods.
  9. cfds

    The Landing Legs & Gears Is Killing Me!

    If they had any interest in fixing them they would have done so, by looking for, or creating, another system for landing legs. But throwing the hands in the air and blaming Unity does not cost anything and satisfies most players, so why put any effort in it?
  10. cfds

    Logical tech tree

    The whole problem with the career mode and the tech tree is that SQUAD only did the absolute minimum to not get into any trouble with false/misleading advertising. Harvester wanted only a lol-plosion simulator and the team after him just wants to count money. Actually delivering a quality product was probably never a priority during any phase of development...
  11. cfds

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    So KSP now asks if it may phone home by phoning home? That is like visiting someone at home to ask if one's restraining order is still in effect...
  12. cfds

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Only if you hit the ground (or another suitable means of sudden deceleration)...
  13. cfds

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    This is actually a pretty small set of combinations and can, again, be brute forced. And I don't see how saving a hash of a fingerprint makes it any less identifiable than saving the fingerprint itself...
  14. Another fine example of SQUAD outsourcing core features to the community and somehow being proud of it...