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  1. Oh I dunno. I thought they were just doing mad tricks.
  2. Hahaha! A snow-boarding trip. I did not expect that!
  3. Spaceballs One has become... *drumroll* Mega Maid.
  4. Awesome Cupcake! Can't wait to try them out. Also, that's a really great picture of the new product fleet lined up by size!
  5. Awesome, thanks Cupcake! These updates look pretty exciting. I don't know what little issues you mean about the Tadpole, but the latest model looks great. I'll be sure to post some pics when Melbart gets to trade his current MK2 in for the new model! I really like what you've done with the toad. I actually didn't find myself using the current Mk2 Toad, because it just seemed like a Tadpole with a bigger engine. But it sounds like the redesign now fills a Tylo-shapped gap. I would definitely like to have one on stand-by attached to my Jool station! Likewise, the Jack Russel looks like it fills a neat little niche, where you want more than a Moth, but less than a Bulldog! It's great how alike it looks too! Looking forward to hearing more about them! That's a shame. I was looking forward to seeing the pics. I don't get to use Moth's much because I'm a bit heavy handed on the controls!
  6. Yes, I think it is - and I'll tell you why... If you don't mind a long post! I download a lot of craft files from this forum - there have been so many amazing designs over the last two years I've been here. Generally speaking though, I only fly the majority of designs once or twice. The reason being that half the fun of KSP is designing and building things yourself - If I'm going to take a ship to land on each of the moons of Jool, or whatever, I'd like to design that myself. And I feel like I've learnt so much about ship design from all the amazing craft I've downloaded from here. My ships are not brilliant. But I'm getting better each time. But having said that, in my experience with KSP - the Primary Mission Objective often spawns dozens of Secondary Mission Objectives... either as the result of a design flaw, or a change of plans, or something else I didn't think off before it is too late. In those situations, I don't want to spend the whole evening designing and testing support vessels, when I really want to get on with the main mission. So, I find it invaluable to have reliable, tried and tested reserves to fall back on. Craft I know I can trust. For example... Let me tell you about one of my recent gameplay sessions. Recently I started using Kerbal Inventory System in my game. I decided that I wanted to keep a "Kerbal Corps of Engineers" on standby in orbit. This is Doohan Station in orbit around Kerbin, ready to deploy engineers wherever they are needed. ...along with KCE Rachet - a Kerbin SOI lander manned by one pilot and three engineers, and carrying a large supply of spare parts for construction projects. Here's Rachet being sent off to the Mun for an on-going project. OK, right - Meanwhile, let's say, that a ship I've just put into orbit has gone a bit Kerbal. Maybe it's solar panel broke and it's out of EC, or I forgot to attach a ladder (cough, cough, again). What do I do? Pull the Rachet off mission and come back to repair it? Spend the evening designing another ship to send an engineer up? Reload my quicksave - like some kind of savage?! Of course not! I send this guy: Melbart Kerman, handyman and proud member of the Kerbal Corps of Engineers - in his trusty Tadpole Mk2. Because, I just need it to get done. And frankly, I can trust a Tadpole to go wherever I need it to go, and handle whatever I need it to do. I can trust it to work, where perhaps designs will not. So you see, the Mk2 is living up to the legacy of the Mk1 - because when the "KSC, we have problem!" message comes through, and I scroll through the hundreds of designs in the VAB/SPH to decide what to send up there, I mostly pick the Tadpole Mk2 to get me out of trouble. Just like I chose the Mk1 to in the old days. Oh... and I should mention - that Mun mission? ... It needed a quick unplanned delivery - requiring a ship good at manoeuvring with a load attached beneath it. If you're looking for a slogan, may I suggest "Cupcake Landers - Gets It Done!" Thanks as always Cupcake. I do use your dropships in my save, because they are damned useful! I look forward to seeing what comes next from your drawing board! Sorry for the long post!
  7. I just thought I'd mention A_name, if you want a mod that will allow you to take a Kerbal's helmet off - a less memory intensive alternative is the Kerbal Inventory System - which lets you remove a Kerbal's helmet at the click of a button. There's even a little Ffffft! sound when you do! Which if I may say Mesklin, was utterly genius!
  8. That looks awesome Rune! I'd always just assumed that the scanners had collisions - and putting them inside something like a Mk2 cargo bay would only end badly when you turn them on. I guess I should have just tried it. Also I've turned the ship every which way around in sketchfab and for the life of me, I can't see where you've hidden the drill! I hope you release this one so we can try it out!
  9. Hi Cupcake. Loving the Bulldog Mk2! I have a little ore prospector. It's not very elegant, but it does the job and far more importantly, it just about fits inside a Mk3 Cargo Bay. I thought, lets use the BYO Bulldog to drop it off on Minmus. I ended up with quite a stretched ship - a droplimo? As you can imagine - a droplimo does not want to go quietly into space... It was a very wobbly ascent. My Kerbals definitely should not have filled up on snacks prior to launch. Thanks to some very quick work with the airlock, there's now a full compliment of sick-bags heading back on a sub-orbital trajectory. Nevertheless, space happened! I nicknamed this particular Bulldog, The Water Bear, because the front reminds me of the little critters... Hmmm.. actually, Water Bears have eight legs... so maybe I should build another... oh well, another time! ANYWAY! Meanwhile, as hundreds of tons of explosive stuff makes it's way towards Minmus, a Tadpole equipped with an ore scanner pinpoints the best place to set down the prospector. Despite the apparent ungainliness of the stretched Bulldog, it was still as highly manoeuvrable as we've come to expect from Cupcake designs. Arriving on target was a cinch. The cargo was neatly dropped from the bay! and Minmus's gravity being what it was, it was a piece of cupcake to scoot The Water Bear over to one side. What a ship. "That was fun, let's go again!" I can definitely see follow up missions with a Cargo or Maxi version, filling ore tanks and supplying Puff Puffs to the team. In summary then - thanks again Cupcake for some more really interesting and fun designs! I had planned to work on my Jool space station this weekend, but I ended up playing on Minmus instead The time flew by, and if that isn't a ringing endorsement, then I don't know what is! Here are some un-edited screenshots, as there are too many to include in the post.
  10. Fantastic! I'm really looking forward to trying this out - hopefully at the weekend! This new Bulldog really looks the part! Am definitely taking some screenies when I get up and running. Grats on releasing both your smallest and largest dropships in quick succession! EDIT: I'm already loving the BYO version!
  11. I haven't had the chance yet to use the Puff Puff to carry base parts around, but already I can see the little dropship is shaping up to be a good'un! I can't wait to pair a couple of these up with the new upcoming Bulldog! Amazing work as always Cupcake!
  12. Thanks so much Nertea! I've always found it frustrating that they introduced heating without any particularly effective ways of managing it.