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  1. Ascent Guidance (and other things) were broken for me as well, until I upgraded FAR to the latest unofficial release. The new version of MFI seems to have done the trick.
  2. OK, so, after seeing this I've actually started reading articles in Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics. Damn you, science!
  3. Is it just me, or is your upload on SpaceDock broken? Or is it SpaceDock in general? Will we ever know? Aaaah!
  4. Some nice additions there, including the commented-out code. *cough cough* https://github.com/ferram4/Ferram-Aerospace-Research/compare/KSP_update Edit: this - string msg = String.Format("[{0:D2}:{1:D2}:{2:D2}] {3} failed due to aerodynamic stresses.", FlightLogger.met_hours, FlightLogger.met_mins, FlightLogger.met_secs, part.partInfo.title); + string msg = String.Format("[{0}] {1} failed due to aerodynamic stresses.", KSPUtil.PrintTimeStamp(FlightLogger.met), part.partInfo.title);
  5. You need to get hired by Squad, if you're not already employed somewhere else. Heck, come work for us. We'd probably have a job for you.
  6. And the way things are looking now, Squad'll need every minute of those four weeks.
  7. There's discussion in the CKAN thread about this very issue:
  8. I'm still seeing this, to be honest. No, I'm not. This is what I see: Downloading "https://spacedock.info/mod/198/Throttle Controlled Avionics/download/" (libcurl) 3220 [1] INFO CKAN.Curl (null) - Using curl-ca bundle: (none) 3551 [8] INFO CKAN.NetAsyncDownloader (null) - Finished downloading https://spacedock.info/mod/198/Throttle Controlled Avionics/download/ 3551 [8] INFO CKAN.NetAsyncDownloader (null) - All files finished downloading Installing mod "ThrottleControlledAvionics" Unhandled Exception: CKAN.FileNotFoundKraken: Trying to install ThrottleControlled
  9. I too run 64 bit KSP, but memory starts to be an issue when the KSP process starts getting over, say, 10 GB memory or so. All of a sudden all those huge tracts of memory starts taking quite a long time to traverse, and the game slows down considerably.
  10. Lovely. Here, have some rep! *nom nom*
  11. I can't seem to finish the first mission. I get up to 2500 metres, I stay there long enough, turn around and land at the runway. Situation: landed never goes green, and neither does biome, even though I am clearly on the runway with no speed whatsoever. Hm?
  12. The previously launched engines all seem to need settling and their ignitor count is reset to the engine max. The centrifugal settling technique seems to work fine, however.
  13. I have a save game which I've put >100 hrs in, all of a sudden all those probes headed everywhere and anywhere need ullage. Maybe I -should- consider turning it off...
  14. Oh, but why didn't I read the whole thread? Darn...
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