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  1. How do i turn on magnets? It says state off but i dont know how to turn them on.
  2. all comic book hero's cant resist comic book fire.
  3. Yeah. The user below me is not a brony.
  4. Presses Press this button to become a spider queen.
  5. Granted, but now your depressed. I wish I was president.
  6. I dont go to the Salty Spitoon. Welcome to the not Salty Spitoon, how much tough you are?
  7. Yes. the user below me watches Dr Who.
  8. Granted, but all turns are replaced with roundabouts. I wish that everyone on the internet could go 5 seconds without fighting one another
  9. Negative Press the button to become a parasitic brain worm.
  10. Granted, but the only appearance you know is a turd I wish Justin Beiber didn't exist(nice one joemamma)