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  1. I think ESA or China would be cool with it. - - - Updated - - - international **** waving contest?
  2. Also I think you should check out the kerbin shuttle orbiter as well (aka. Kerbin mini shuttle) it's new it works and it's lots of fun and is continually being updated with new features. .
  3. No one knows most expect march and just so you know it is rumored that whenever someone asks the release is pushed back a week.
  4. Hey helldiver glad to see this released! Is it integrated with the tech tree?
  5. so excited seeing how close this mod is to completion im actually holding of on updating my scan sat network so I can do it with this.
  6. whats the state of no mans sky after the office flood?
  7. No it's battlefield arma is a mil sim and it is not possible in arma( I've tried you can't hold a weapon in free fall).
  8. Star citizen is not F2p. Right know it's donate money via a pledge package and get whatever was in the package as a reward for supporting the development. Once the game is released (or maybe even in beta) pledge packages go away you buy it like you would any other game pay once and get access to the persistent universe and the squadron 42 campaign. Now they both look like great games and it's a great time to be a space sim fan. My recommendation is to go ahead and get elite for now and play that till your burned out from it since elite is on track for release this year. SC has at least another year of development so you could also get the most basic pledge package or wait till SC is out. Moral of the story go out and do some more research. Go ahead and ask questions on each games forums both communities are nice and will be willing to answer any questions you have. /end rant.
  9. So ya this is a big freaking deal. The internet will either completely change or things will go on business as usual. There still is hope though if a bill could get throuh congress supporting net neutrality since the court only ruled the FCC didn't have the regulatory authority to enforce net neutrality..... Yet. If you live in the US call your congressmen. Now discuss.
  10. Requiem762

    Sim City.

    So sim city is getting officially supported offline mode. Discuss.