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  1. Okay the errors showing on the loading page was resolved earlier on, everything is working except for one. I noticed aerodynamic parts such as wings are not deforming after an impact. The wings that did not explode had some percentage of damage shown but no deformation could be seen. In regards to the changes I've made to the .cfg files to solve the loading page problem, I'd only removed the :FOR parts in 4 files: one from configs folder, \Configs\KerbalKrashSystem_Other and three from plugins folder, \Plugins\KKS-mods\KerbalKrashSystem_Leak\Configs\KerbalKrashSystem_Fuel_Leak \Plugins\KKS-mods\KerbalKrashSystem_Repair\Configs\KerbalKrashSystem_Repair \Plugins\KKS-mods\KerbalKrashSystem_Science \Configs\KerbalKrashSystem_Science Would photos of the crash results in different versions (0.3 and 0.43) help?
  2. I'm getting the same 4 errors with KKS in the loading screen, directing the errors to the .cfg files. And I'm not sure what you meant by going into the KKS files and remove the :FOR[KerbalKrashSystem] because I can't find it
  3. Nope, not working. I have checked if JSI is in the correct spot, redownloaded and tested, yet RPM still not showing up. I tried removing all mods, leaving only ModuleManager with JSI in Gamedata folder but it's still not working. Could it be I'm using KSP x64 bit that's why it's not working? I'll try downloading the x32 bit and test it out. Will get back soon! Edit: Tried with 32bit version. Still not working I feel stupid saying this but... I was testing using Mk1 Inline cockpit. GOSH my bad, it's working! Thanks for the help.
  4. I need some assistance... RPM is not showing up in IVA. I have downloaded ModuleManager and placed it in GameData as well as checking if the .dll is in the correct spot.
  5. ST Aerospace Custom aircraft made to be used specifically with BDArmoury, or simply blow stuff up! Note: These aircraft are not designed to resemble real life aircraft, although some of the models have slight resemblance, it is not meant to be accurately designed to its real-life counter parts. These planes are built to execute dogfights, just turn on guard mode, adjust the perimeters, set the teams and hit the activate AI pilot mode More planes coming soon! 1. SG F001 "Todak" Part count: 36 Mods used: BDArmoury, Adjustable Landing Gears, SC Panzer Speed: 266m/s (w/o AFB) : 337m/s (with AFB) Mass: 9.7t Size: 3.7m x 8.7m x 10.5m Engine: J-404 "Panther" x 1 Armament: 20mm Cannon x 2 Capacity: 1 Cost: 23240 Download link: