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  1. To all the people that were have this issue think I have found a fix. At-least it worked for me. Deleted - TCA and toolbar from gametdata and then reinstalled Now it works, tested on two different copies and working now on both. (do not install over the top it does not work)
  2. Hi Adsii1970, I have been running Kas 4.10 asides from the error saying it is teh wrong version it is work correctly, well as far as I have got using it and that includes pipe end city on the mun for my mining op. What issue are you have maybe I can help? Linarn
  3. If I remember right the heat shields on all USA crew pods had off set center of grav to keep the craft at the correct angle so there was no need for the crew to keep making changes, just incase they were not able to make siad changes. Can not see why the Kebrals would not have come up with the same idea. then again they are Kerbals they like doing it the hard way.
  4. He's one thing I have always wondered about the sand castle.... it's not a picture but looks like it's a live shot from the mun. So does that mean that some where on the mun there is a sand castle????? An easter egg we have not found yet?????
  5. Hi Kospy, This mod is so well done it should be added to stock I think it is a great upgrade to KAS. I sayinbg that I do have one issue (work around below) that I am not sure if it is something I am doing wrong or the mod. the mod works great but I have an issue when eva auto-rotate to camrea is on in the game settings. it only seems to happens to containers when I move them from one location to another. the ship just falls apart, all the bits are thier so no explosions. But I cannot confirm that as the FPS drops to 1fps. I have tested with fresh install and the same thing happens. **** WORK AROUND **** with the freash install I tested out with the Camrea auto-rotate off and no issues the can mount wihtout any issue. keep up the good work. Linarn
  6. Hi All, First post and it's here!!! I have been playing this game for a few months now and as for paying for DLC's for this game it would be worth every penny. Squad has done a great job building this program and it's only in alpha and i love it to bits it is one of my most played games, but that will change later this year with the RSI SC alpha. one thing I would like to see is core game and kerbal system first puchase and then as DLC's intersystem research and parts. then new star systems DLC's.(just an idea) Linarn