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  1. I'll add +1 to this one, I'm running the KSP 1.4.5 version. Experienced the issue on a ship which had 3x open cycle gas core rockets. I also had a pebblebed that seems to do this, just stopped producing power. I haven't undergone a rigorous testing of the issue either but I did wonder if it had something to do with changing the number of nuclear rockets on the craft in flight via docking an decoupling. When assembling large space craft in orbit I (used to) make a habit of using CANDLE's to moving the bits around pre-docking, which were then decoupled. I have noticed this often seems to mess KSP-IE up, so much so that I stopped doing it and started using conventional rockets instead. On a similar note the KSP-I dialogue in the VAB which displays thermal infomation starts displaying gibberish as soons you start mixing up different nuclear components on the craft. You can apparently go from a 9GW excess of waste heat capacity to a deficit by adding one CANDLE. This issue has been around as long as I've been using KSP-IE and I wonder if it might be related.
  2. Thanks for the tip, I did some brief testing with the inline refrigerator and its does appear to work (thus far) bug free. . . . . hmmmm perhaps the issue is just with the scoop. Having previously given up on atmo. mining I was investigating the terrestrial kind (specifically hydrates processing) and then began encountering issues with ISRU core temps. No matter ho many radiators I add, or what I attached them to the core temp of both the large and small inline ISRU converter always levels out at about 1200K/1000K leading to 60% efficiency. Thats on the launch pad, its less in space without convection. . . . but that's the only effect of rads I've discovered. I had similar issues before with the stock convert-o-trons but those turned out to be a result of tweakscaling them, the ISRUs I haven't scaled away from their defaults and yet I can't get those core temps down.
  3. Over the last few days I've been trying to play around with atmosphere mining and its just been bug after bug after kraken. I mostly seem to have issues around power, I had one reactor just stop working causing a dead ship due to a complete lack of power, and my second a third attempts died due to NaM issues in both electric charge and megajoules. Something is seriously borked, leading candidate so far: The atmospheric scoop, followed possibly by the pebble bed reactor (which has powered all my failures).
  4. So I have a science lab full of 50+ experiments, some of which I'd like to keep for processing in the lab and some of which I'd like to return to Kerbin. The lab is currently full of data, it will take an age to empty out. Is there ANY way to separate the experiments between command pods? All the ways I'm aware of are all or nothing.
  5. @FreeThinker If I'm running KSP 1.4.5 whats the best way to apply updates? I ask because you seem to routinely (and very helpfully) release updates for several versions at once and I'm wondering what the difference is, and which CKAN will apply if I choose to use that. Is CKAN clever enough to realise I'm running 1.4.5 and apply the appropriate version? CKAN lists the latest update as follows:, Max. KSP version 1.5.1
  6. Ok I worked this one out myself. Its tweakscale, DON’T scale convert-o-trons, it messes them right up.
  7. @FreeThinkerI dunno if this is a KSP-I issue but I think it might be because of the way KSP-I overhauls the thermal and IRSU systems ISRU core temperatures. No matter how many radiators I put on my test ship (or where I put them, or where the ship is located) my Convert-o-tron 250's thermal efficiency sticks rigidly to 19%, which is rubbish. Whats going on? Every other source I've found basically says "Make sure you have enough radiators!" and it's clearly NOT that. Related Question: What are the upgrade techs for radiators, I have thus far worked out Heat Management - Introduces Titanium Rads. Nanolathing - Graphene upgrade Adv. Heat Management - Introduces Graphene Rads. Exotic Rads. - Graphene upgrade Extreme Rads- Graphene upgrade My Rads were MkIII, I just researched Nanolathing. . . . still MkIII, am I missing something?
  8. Reading back through the last few pages I can't seem to find any definitive answer to whether CC works on KSP 1.4.5 CKAN seems to think not.
  9. @Gordon Dry Ha, ok now I've nit the same issue! How do you apply this in Texture replacer? I found the post in the TRR thread:
  10. Hello one and all, I am attempting to resurrect KSP with a brand new install after a long time away (I think 1.0.5 was my last game) and confess that after trawling through this thread I am a little confused about the state of things in regard to this mod, identified issues below. - The mod appeared to cease development and be replaced by TextureReplacerReplaced, but this currently claims compatibility for KSP 1.4.x whilst the replacement is on 1.3.1. Whats up with that, I'm assuming this is still the place to be? What are the difference between them. - At some point the female kerbal model appears to have changed meaning that any old female textures I have probably won't work. I think I'm clear on this. - There's a lot of fuss about reflections, do these work? Or are they still the mess the thread makes them appear to be? Are the optional? - PNG or DDS? I think DDS was preferred last time I was around but I've seen some suggestions that perhaps PNG is back in favour? - I've seem some suggestion that textures with clouds are no longer necessary due to the mods that actually add clouds, like Scatterer. Are these mods in general use these days? I seem to remember them being buggy and memory hungry when I was last around. - Lastly I have the old planet textures I was using that I can;t seem to find linked anywhere. I think they're the best textures I've seen and should be available but I'm afraid I have no idea who did them originally and doubt I'd be allowed to redistribute them . As a sample here are the textures for Jool and Laythe if anyone can help me identify them. Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. Am I right in thinking that 1.2.1 hasn't really changed or broken much form 1.2 I ask because I'm not seeing the usually post-update flurry of mod updates or many questions along the lines of "working in 1.2.1?" in the threads for many mods. Am I to assume this is because most of them just work without issue?
  12. Oh Darn it, just when all my mods were oh so nearly 1.2 ready (I was waiting on one!) its back to square one again. Oh well I guess I'm stuck on 1.1.3 for a while longer,
  13. I don't think so, It's mostly been removing things relating to defunct contracts and the odd small tweak to a ship in flight. . . . . but its worth checking. Where might I find the seed? I could compare it with an old save and see if it changed. Would making a note of the seed (to be restored) insure against similar alterations in the future?
  14. Not on 1.2 yet (still 1.1.3) but thanks for the info, worth bearing in mind for when I do make the jump!
  15. Fair enough, well the only stock thing that I changed even slightly recently was upgrading to 1.1.3 from 1.1.2, is that likely to have changed the ore distribution map? Questions remain, I figure those here likely know the most about whatever system is responsible for the resource distributions maps, stock or otherwise. If there's a better place to post these questions then pls let me know, I'm guessing @RoverDude will have the most knowledge of the system.