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  1. Hello everyone. I remember that few years ago there was a mod featured on Daily Kerbal that allows you to start with all parts unloaded in editor so you can mark only parts what you are need to load. Unfortunately I can't find this mod using google - search by "mod to manage parts inventory" or "mod to load only some parts" doesn't help (I saw few slightly similar mods like Scrap Yard, but they add gameplay feature while I just need game not load all parts from 40 mods installed). Many be anyone here still uses this mod or remember that I'm talking about?
  2. Thank you for advise. I've already installed VS and played with code so yeah, I see that camera reset had nothing to do with ControlLock. Will try to experiment with SetVesselTarget. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with KSP API, so it will take time... Everything is working fine when players control different vessels. But moments after docking it starts to reset camera. It also triggers all windows reset - kOS terminal, all pinned parts window, etc. Very annoying Can you give me an advise where I should look? Is there an API reference or something like this? I know there are list
  3. Browsed through github issues list and found that it was already reported: https://github.com/godarklight/DarkMultiPlayer/issues/458
  4. I looked into source code and looks like it is caused by this function: https://github.com/godarklight/DarkMultiPlayer/blob/c85540b02d4e8f037254ee9161edfa9b371646a1/Client/VesselWorker.cs#L832 Looks like (isSpectating != wasSpectating) is always true and InputLockManager.SetControlLock is triggered. Every time lock is set, camera resets as well
  5. Hello. @godarklight I'm very impressed with DMP improvements over years. Last time I checked (2 years ago) it was not so good as apr 2020 version. I mostly interested in spectator mode: when one player controls vessel and others spectate his actions using DMP. This works, but every minute or so observers see "This vessel is controlled by another player" message and (very annoying) their camera resets (angle of view and camera mode). Is it possible to disable camera reset? Upd: camera resets in map view too: every few minutes focus is forced on craft that is piloted by main playe
  6. Не тут это надо писать, а в подфоруме моддеров - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/36-add-on-development/. На русском тут полтора анонсимуса.
  7. I used log_atm.ks to profile my launch vehicle (2.craft) draft coefficient and with some changes (setting initial Cd=3, Cd=2 at 1 km altitude and Cd=1 at 5 km altitude) LVD now gives more reasonable match with KSP reality. But when I try to modify scenario to something more complex - for example single stage to orbit with the same craft, the LVD and KSP results show large mismatch. It is very sad, that you need to manually modify Cd in LVD scenario to make result compatible with KSP. What about modelling Apollo or Soyuz reentry in RSS + FAR? When we also need to account for changing li
  8. Thank you for the link. I'll try to follow this guide. Unfortunately it doesn't look like solid solution I think there should be simpler way to determine drag properties in game. Can we get drag force from KER and use it to calculate surface area (from the formula like F(drag) = SurfaceArea*DragCoeficent*SomeFunction(airSpeed))?
  9. Hello. @Arrowstar I finally started to learn LVD Looks like KSP TOT now rivals feature list of GMAT I studied "Eve: The Final Frontier" tutorial, made few launch scenarios for two stage rockets. But when I started to think, how to use data from LVD in KSP. So I wrote the kOS program, that ingests JSON file with event data from LVD to guide craft flight. Unfortunately results that I observe in KSP do not match the predicted result in LVD. For example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/72kki2ztnlcpcvn/lvd_launch_problem.zip?dl=0 this ZIP contains: launch - the kOS program 2.craft
  10. Мнда. Вы реально ожидаете официальный "отчет о порделанной работе" в русскоязычной резервации официального форму широко известной в узких кругах игры? Да и если бы я зарплату получал за работку такого проекта - это бы сделало его хуже?
  11. Частая тема для жалоб на форуме - "я попробовал все возможное в КСП, высадился на все планеты, что мне делать дальше?" И у нас есть ответ для утомленных ветеранов. И это не RSS, точнее не просто RSS. В прошлом году я писал про наш опыт симуляции космического полета и ЦУПа и с тех пор проект заметно продвинулся: Мы провели еще одну полную симуляцию - в Казани причем на детской аудитории (летом 2018того у нас участвовали взрослые). Расширили документацию на сайте и добавили еще несколько планов полета. Оформили наш порект в форме программы дополнительного обучения Го
  12. Вот прошло пол-года и вышел RO под 1.4.3 правда весьмя косячный с некоторыми модами
  13. 12 hours long Moon landing flight simulation on two-launch schema with intermediate visit to lunar orbital station LOP-G. We started at 16:00 on Saturday and ended on 5:00 at Sunday. There were 12 participants - 3 in the Crew and 9 in mission Mission Control + 2 organizers. It was best KSP experience I ever had
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