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  1. Nevermind. I was slightly out of view from Kerbin. As soon as it entered view, everything started working.
  2. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm on Minmus with an engineer, facing the sun and with a clear view to Kerbin. I've placed down two solar panels, a mystery goo, an antenna and a control station, all practically touching. Everything including the solar panels says "unpowered." The station picks up needing 3 power, but has 0 available. What am I missing?
  3. Does this only affect transmittable science or all experiments?
  4. When I saw KSP on the list of Red Shell users, my heart sunk. Once again though KSP shows they are here for the community! Damn I love these guys.
  5. I reloaded the craft file and KER's math works out. I had a docking port jr. on the top connected to the service module above and it was pulling fuel across the port. On it's own the math for the MEM appears to be correct. KER may be working just fine.
  6. I did run into an issue with the MEM. Bare with just a spark engine under it, KER only reported it as having 69 Dv (staged inside a fairing.) I knew that had to be wrong so I sent it anyway. I had more than enough fuel to return to orbit and re-dock at about 40km. I'm not sure what could be throwing it off. Also a couple of times I've noticed with the atmosphere setting off, it adds all the Dv up on the stage side and the total Dv column, but they don't match and I can't tell if either is accurate (admittedly I haven't bothered to do the math when it has happened cause I knew I had more than enough.) I'll try to make note of what combo of parts gives strange numbers.
  7. Yeah... Apparently I scrolled right passed and completely missed it! Whoops!
  8. Nooooo!!!! Steam is being cantankerous and refusing to download the update! Why? Why me? I wants to see the new shiny so bads!
  9. Maybe this is a silly question which has been asked somewhere else, but will missions be able to be imported into a career game? It would be nice to be able to build/download chains of missions that all work together and can be set to appear in a career once certain prerequisites are met.
  10. I got it working using Electrocutor's configs and holy cow my game looks amazing! I suddenly prefer stock over Ven's now!
  11. Ah! So that's why I didn't see any difference! Grabbing the cfgs now
  12. Love the UI overhaul man. It is super sleek and just makes the interface look so much better. Thanks for something I didn't realize I needed so badly!
  13. The Spark. It used to be my go-to engine for landers, but since it got nerfed, I now just use the tried and true 909.
  14. I've developed a strange bug where the construction ports will not connect to each other or other ports. The magnets will pull slightly on the first attempt, but it never finishes the connection and stays as two ships. The magnets only work on the first attempt. If I back away and try again, the magnets won't even work. Even more strange, I took the Explore Kerbin contract to dock two vessels to see what would happen. I sent up a new ship and It completed the contract even though the vessels never docked. I have not yet tried two completely new ships, but I have used KAS/KIS to attach new construction ports, which also did not work. Normal ports still work. Are there any known compatibility issues with KSI/KAS, ExtraPlanetary Launchpads, or the EL conversion Simple Construction?