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  1. Thanks, I wanted to make sure and not start any upgrades to other tracking stations because in one of the descriptions it read something like space craft could be recovered from there and wasn't sure if it needed to be updated, I do have one tracking station being upgraded now and will find out soon if I can recover from other locations. thanks
  2. I don't know if this is where this question should go but, I was wondering if for each of the launch locations do I need to upgrade all the buildings in each of the locations. I understand updating the launch pads , runways and hangers but the tracking station is used to for all vehicles, the R&D is I would assume is for everywhere, as is mission control for contracts. and administration building. Thanks
  3. Thanks very much, I thought everything wasn't complete yet
  4. 1st choice is StuntFlyer 2nd is StuntFlyer1 Thanks I dont know how My email was used Thanks Again
  5. please change my name to kenk or stunflyer1 thanks
  6. how to change display name
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  7. Ive tried all the latest updates to ksp 1.0.5 and RO/RSS using CKAN and add the latest RP-0, but cant find the Aerobee engines to create a sounding rocket, also all the engines seem to be non-rp-0. Everything worked in 1.0.4 is there still issues, and is there a file for the engine