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  1. Great! Are these part mods available yet or are they still in the works?
  2. Amazing! Where did you get those truss pieces from?
  3. Great! I just skimmed your mods list... I can see you don't use Kerbal construction time, Comorant aeronology, or airplane plus. I really hope it's not any of those mods causing this problem. EDIT: Confirmed that Kerbal construction time, Comorant aeronautics, scrapyard don't cause this problem. This is driving me nuts, I can't figure out what's causing this problem.
  4. Does anyone have any ideas for solving my dilemma? I really want to keep using this mod but if I can no longer add food, water etc to tanks and craft anymore, I'll need to use something else.
  5. Ok so I disabled autostrut (and rigid attachment in the VAB), but the parts on active vessels still load and either explode or are CLIPPED into each other. Yikes!
  6. Which mods are incompatible with Kerbalism? The reason I ask is that after Kerbalism worked perfectly for me for a good long while, all of a sudden after I installed a few more mods, the supply containers etc not longer give me the right click option to tweak their resources. The only mods that still shows me food, oxygen etc and allows me to tweak it are the parts involved with the Comerant Aeronautics mod Is there a conflict with this mod? Does this mod have issues with KAS, KIS or anything else? I'm not sure what is causing this problem. Thanks!
  7. I already am using KJR, but I also enable autostrut for every part... is that the reason why this happens?
  8. I've had this issue multiple times before. I load a craft that's in orbit, then all of a sudden it explodes and sends pieces everywhere OR it loads and parts of the craft explode rendering the ship dead in the water. This is why I stopped playing KSP a few months ago and now that I've decided to give it another go with mods, I thought this time would be different. What drives me nuts is that the craft that I had in orbit were PERFECTLY fine upon loading them in previous playthroughs, but all of a sudden they are now bombs. What changed? Why does KSP have such a difficult time with m
  9. The problem I'm having is that whenever I try to save a craft with STOCK flags placed around it, the decal reverts back the "kerbal standard" whenever I try to load it or launch it. Does your workaround fix this issue? And I'm a bit confused at your instructions as well. EDIT: Do I have to edit every parts cfg file as you stated in order for this issue to be corrected?
  10. In the previous versions of VensRevamp the windows, solar panels, and even some of the engine bells used to have reflective shaders. I explicitly remember this because of how impressed I was that Vens' models had the ability to show reflections with having lights on inside pods and cockpits etc.
  11. I'm also not able to load my craft with decals that say anything other than "Kerbal standard" on them. Does anyone know of a workaround or fix for this? Thanks.
  12. Interesting. Whenever I try to add FAR to my KSP 1.3 it always crashes on launch.
  13. Just FYI, VensRevamp mod doesn't show any reflections on any of the parts anymore.
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