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  1. Ladyhawke is one of my favourite movies, because I am just an old romantic at heart. R.I.P. Rutger Hauer.
  2. Whenever I go to a museum and see toys and household items that I remember as everyday things when I was young. Mind you, at my age I see things every day to remind me of the passage of time.
  3. I enjoyed The Last Starfighter. It does not take itself too seriously, as quite a few of the 'space operas' tend to do.
  4. I have a friend who delights in giving oddball presents. Last year he got my wife a couple of polished coprolites (fossilised dinosaur poo) for her birthday. In a thrift shop my wife found the ideal present for him, a set of bagpipes!
  5. I usually just look for vintage clothing, but if I ever find a slide rule I buy it.
  6. benzman

    KSP + Cats = ?

    If I am stroking my cat and he gets tired of it, he gives me what I call 'love nips' and my wife calls 'bites'.
  7. I have a few favourite movies that I could watch just about every day - the original Star Wars, Mad Max II, Excalibur, City of Lost Children, Ghostbusters, Little Shop of Horrors - probably a few more.
  8. Here in Australia, my favourite whisky costs about US$450 per US gallon!
  9. Here in Australia it is 6:00 AM, So I have just woken up.
  10. I am convinced that I have all the makings of a Grumpy Old Man.
  11. bees can fly because of scaling effects. Could the mods do us all a favour and delete this whole post?
  12. Don't get me started on 'less' or 'fewer'.