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  1. Thanks for that. I can't remember where I first came across that quote. I have a copy of that first graphic, the sepia one. I had not seen the other two.
  2. The cat is nature's masterpiece - Leonardo Da Vinci
  3. I don't know what material would be best for a space tether, but i do know that if it broke it would be seriously bad. I think a torus or similar rotating station would be vastly safer.
  4. I enjoy railway history but have virtually no interest in modern rail. However, I LOVE steam locos! They may be grossly inefficient polluters that require lots of maintenance but oh boy! do those things have PRESENCE!
  5. Ernest Hemmingway was once challenged to write a complete short story in only six words. He wrote - For sale. Baby shoes. Never used.
  6. I remember someone saying that an Orion ship operating would be 'Not a pretty sight,' I have to agree.
  7. This video is quite beautiful and includes what must be one of the luckiest remote camera shots ever.
  8. My niece once took me somewhere in her Golf. As she didn't know how to get there she took out her phone, thumbed up a GPS app, dialed in the destination then studied the route. All while driving and taking the occasional look outside. When I nervously asked her why she didn't get a proper GPS so she could hear directions and take a quick look down at the screen now and again she airily replied that she preferred to look at her phone because she was a visual person, not an auditory person! It all helped to reinforce my opinion that humans in a car are unpredictable loose cannons, and that the sooner self-driving cars become a lot better the sooner the road toll will show a precipitous decline. On another note, a couple of years ago I took a demonstration ride in a Tesla. We were going along a multi-lane, slightly winding freeway and I was enjoying the sensation of the car keeping between the white lines, slowing down behind a slower car and then speeding up again when the road was clear. We came up to a truck in the lane to our left and, just as our front was about level with the truck's rear it started to move into our lane. I don't know whether the car would have done anything because I immediately turned the auto off and the car slowed down. Thinking about it later it occurred to me that as it was my first experience of auto driving I was alert and had my finger poised over the kill switch. I wonder how many Tesla crashes have been caused because the driver has been daydreaming, distracted or playing games on his phone?
  9. My favourite is when the Apollo capsule separated from the third stage, turned around, docked with the lunar lander and extracted it. That took nerves, skill and steady hands.
  10. I think that the original idea was to decrease the drag by getting rid of the wingtip vortices. No wingtips - no drag from wingtip vortices.
  11. The light has gone out of 221b Baker Street Vale Una Stubbs.
  12. At my next birthday I will be 8! Looking forward to my tenth!
  13. I have got to the age where I only take notice of birthdays that end with a zero.
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