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  1. A good read, if you can find it, is 'The Starship and the Canoe'. It tells the story of Freeman Dyson and his son George, and the totally different life that the two of them traveled .
  2. Those darned Vogons have been at it again!
  3. looks to me like the Diesel principle taken to extremes.
  4. I watched Black Sheep Squadron a few times. I never realised that all the women in WW2 looked like supermodels!
  5. English is a wonderful language.. Why is the alphabet in that order? If on your foot you wear a boot, then on your feet you should wear beet.
  6. I think if I was forced to pick only one movie it would be Doctor Strangelove.
  7. A vacuum dirigible as described in the accompanying article could well be useful, but my problem is, how would you get it there? It would surely have to be built in situ on the Martian surface and that would seem to entail technology beyond anything foreseeable in the near future.
  8. All spacecraft should be totally unpainted. Flakes of paint travelling at orbital speeds can be as dangerous as bullets.
  9. A billionaire secretly building a nuclear space ship? Where is James Bond when you really need him?
  10. 42 sounds snappier in hexadecimal - 2a
  11. You know you have found a good forum when a poster quotes Gengis Khan!
  12. how old is that video? Quite old I would say.
  13. depends on which side of the International Date Line you are.
  14. The jerrycan was designed in the nineteen-thirties and cannot be improved upon. Google them. The whole subject is fascinating.