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  1. You know, I've been wondering why the Soviets developed a totally new rocket for their moon landing when they potentially had a rocket already in the Proton. Is there any known reason why they didn't?
  2. OK, makes sense. It's not *exactly* free science, though. You're still paying for it. In many ways, it's better than the vanilla way of gaining science as it is much more realistic and extends the game greatly. I mean, normally you can potentially get to the moon within the first week.
  3. So it's possible to stage the launch towers and such? I only have the option of staging the base itself. Everything else I have to assign to a group.
  4. It just strikes me as amusing as the game apparently doesn't bother doing the "stage" group unless whatever it is that's being staged stays attached to the ship. That limits its usefulness a bit. The best use of it (and what I originally thought it did) would be to allow a non-stageable part to be manually staged.
  5. OK, so I'm not off my rocker. Interestingly, I just discovered that everything not attached to your vehicle will NOT work when assigned to the "stage" action (at least in my game). I assigned all my drop pipes to "stage" and accidentally staged the pad too far up the list (I think it was stage 3 on a 5 stage vehicle). When I hit space to launch, the drop pipes worked like they were supposed to but the vehicle remained attached to the pad due to the aforementioned mistake. When I corrected the staging problem, the vehicle launched like it was supposed to but the drop pipes did not drop. I highly suspect this is simply a problem with the "stage" action. I've actually never really played all that much with action groups despite having several thousand hours in KSP. I think I'll simply stage all my drop pipes and such on an action. The Soyuz pad, though, seems to have an issue itself. I put the gantry elevator and the fuel pipe both under the action group 1, but when I hit it it only seems to activate the fuel pipe. The pad seems to think the gantry moved, but it doesn't actually do so. If I hit the button a second time both things snap to fully extended then the animations actually start to work. Odd.
  6. Can you make a tutorial on how to stage these? The only parts that I can get to stage with the launch are the "integrated" parts such as the small launch base's clamps. Any towers require manually staging them. I can assign them to "stage" in the actions group, but they fail to do anything. I've been assigning things like the gantry's elevators and drop pipes to 1 so I can get them to release before launch. I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to stage "non-integrated" clamps. I figured out a little while back you cannot have the base as the root, so it's always the last thing that gets added to my launch vehicles.
  7. I'm just trying to figure out the logic of this. I mean, research and development isn't exactly something that investors would be horrified you're spending your money on.
  8. I love this mod, but I never noticed until just now really that when you send budget to R&D it decreases prestige. There literally doesn't seem to be anywhere that says this. My program went pretty much bankrupt because I didn't know this.
  9. I'm not sure if it has been noted here, but this should almost be a requirement for this mod: Also, I'm a little confused as to how to make the non-integrated launch clamps work. I can place them and can manually release them, but they don't seem to want to release on launch. Am I simply doing something wrong or are they not automatic?
  10. But is it this version? The author is listed as GeordiePigeonOwner. I'm a little confused.
  11. Out of curiosity, is this supposed to be in CKAN or not? It doesn't appear for me despite AutoAsparagus, SafeChute, and UNDOCKINATOR being there.
  12. I'm having a very odd problem with the four wedge section. I have a single with two monoprop wedges, one life support wedge, and a battery wedge. Basically, when the stage the core is attached to is fired, the wedges start vibrating uncontrollably and tear the ship to shreds. The ship operates 100% normally up until this point. I've used USII for quite a long time and have never seen this before. I downloaded it from CKAN if that matters. EDIT: OK, after further troubleshooting it appears to be some kind of problem with the life support wedge. If I replace it with anything else the problem doesn't appear. However, the addition of a one-height (didn't try it with larger) life support wedge will cause the death vibrations. Curious. EDIT 2: Ok, the vibrations are still there even when I eliminate the life support wedge, they are just very fine. Also, when I stick four life support wedges next to each other I don't have to wait at all for the problem, the ship is ripped apart in seconds. It looks like perhaps the parts are clipping? Is there any good way of fixing this? It wouldn't surprise me if it's some kind of issue on my end. My game is heavily modded and not all my mods have been updated for 1.6.
  13. Title rather says it all. I'm curious if there is a way of telling how much RAM an individual mod is using. I'm using about 8GB and I'm curious to see why. I don't have any heavy-duty parts packs (I don't think), so I'm curious what's sucking down the RAM.
  14. Not Comfortable Landing. There was a mod once that had animated radial solid rocket thrusters that popped out and fired at something like 30 meters above the ground. They were quite chaotic and wonderful. EDIT: This is what I was thinking of: Thankfully they are still current! Lovely!
  15. Was this the mod that added the rockets that were designed to fire immediately before hitting the ground so you didn't have to use a parachute all the time? They were highly interesting.