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  1. The title rather says it all. I've never really understood how to properly set the ascending and descending nodes and there doesn't appear to be any documentation in the wiki on how change longitude of ascending node actually works. Can somebody tell me? I have satellite contracts I would love to do but I don't understand how to change my nodes. Thanks!
  2. Keep up the good work! This is probably the best tech tree I've seen since the gold rush of tech tree changes back a few years ago.
  3. Found one more error (again with BDB). The Prometheus II second-stage rockets are getting put one tier higher than they should be (even due to what's printed in the mod manager cfg). The error *seems* to be in this line: //Titan III @PART[bluedog_LR87_11*|bluedog_LR91*|bluedog_UA*|bluedog_LR87_LH2*]:NEEDS[Bluedog_DB] { @TechRequired = heavyRocketry } This puts *all* the LR91 engines in Heavy Rocketry, even the two that are supposed to be in Advanced (bluedog_LR_91_3 and bluedog LR_91_5). I think the line should be corrected from bluedog_LR91* to bluedog_LR91_11*. At least that's what I did and it seemed to correct the issue.
  4. Out of curiosity, my Woomerang launch site seems to be underground. What did I do wrong?
  5. Just as an installation note: if you include 1.10 as a compatible version of KSP in CKAN it will install the proper version of Parallax. EDIT: on a side note, are there any MM files floating around so I can use Mechjeb's autoland with this? I just noticed the landing site cfg and really don't want to hunt through the files to find the coordinates of all the sites.
  6. bluedog_Able_Engine It is literally the first entry in the BDB.cfg. Naturally it took me forever to find it. Near as I can tell it's the only piece of the BDB Vanguard program to not be tier 1.
  7. Excellent tech tree so far apart from one issue: the "alpha" engine in Bluedog design bureau is a rather critical part of the Viklun rocket as there aren't any other available 0.625 motors available yet (tier 1). I made the changes in my own game, but I would suggest taking a look at that. EDIT: using Tetrix, btw.
  8. I'm unsure. I do know if I rotate everything 45 degrees there's no longer a problem...so I rotated everything 45 degrees.
  9. Just to be clear, I'm just making fun. I really love the N-1 IRL and your various versions of it just keep getting better! Just look at that little tiny Soviet superman scurrying about the base!
  10. I do realize that. Trouble being I don't know the original project names to begin with. EDIT: didn't see Friznit's post. That's exactly what I'm looking for! Great! I know I've said it in the past but..... .....did it explode on launch like it's supposed to??
  11. Oh, is there a glossary of part names anywhere? I'm getting a little overwhelmed by all the different names and want to figure out what real-life programs they are from. This is just for reference, btw. It's a little jarring when I start seeing real-life names in my parts lists. I like the way you do things.
  12. I can confirm this as well. I was about to ask if anybody had a solution for the broken fairings, but alas! I've seen no other issues. The fairings issue appears to be mod-wide as yours is not the only mod I'm having fairing-related issues with. Procedural Fairings is working as a substitute for the most part. Also, have you checked out Universal Storage II's Tantares parts? They are pretty awesome! Got a core specially built for Vostok with some sexy radiators.
  13. I've known about those issues for a while. The issue I was having was with the stock radial goo experiment. It works a lot better after having removed the animation mod. Honestly, the only reason it ended up on this thread was because I initially attributed the problem to Bureaucracy rather than ScienceAlert.
  14. Yep, I have the same issue here. It appears to also affect the non-Dmagic Dmagic science such as Probes Plus's magnetometer booms. EDIT: you can ignore me. I somehow skipped an entire page of the thread (that you already commented on this exact problem). :p
  15. OK, it is in my game too...after a little bit. It doesn't appear to reflect what science I picked up on, say, the previous launch. It's a little odd, but whatever. EDIT: OK, it appears to be some kind of odd issue with ScienceAlert and how it reacts with DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric. Basically, if I set ScienceAlert fire certain sciences they don't animate correctly and even though the game says I have the experiment I actually do not. If I fire them manually they DO work. Weird. So basically, it doesn't appear to be an issue with Bureaucracy at all.
  16. Yea, the A-2 tanks and the A-3/5 tank are at 13000 each, which makes it impossible to use in early career, unfortunately. Also, I didn't have the launch rails spawn in my game, although it may be due to my mods. I'm unsure.
  17. BTW, this mod is an awesome successor to Monthly Budget. About the only thing I wish was included is a "science generator" like what MB had, although I never used it because it inexplicably decreased my reputation pretty dramatically. That being said, it's not a terribly big deal whatsoever as science is not hard to find. This mod DOES make my early career quite long as I have to wait for a fair bit of time for my science to unlock. Also, any science record keeping, such as [x] Science! or ScienceAlert has a bit of an issue if the science its looking for is still in the queue. I initially thought there was some kind of odd problem as it kept telling me I hadn't gotten a science project I was 100% sure I had. Not a problem for you to fix, of course, just an oddity you may want to make a note of.
  18. I'm running Beyond Home which has (as far as I can tell) a slower day. What I've discovered with that is I have my monthly endings at somewhere around 45 days or so rather than 30. This mod doesn't seem to count days but some other measurement. It does make my campaign quite a bit longer than I'm used to.
  19. The A-2 is REALLY expensive. I chopped two zeros off the price on each part, which puts it at about the stock prices.
  20. I'd say yes, as the Merlin 1a has the same mount and a larger engine. On a side note, I actually started checking out what's included in this and I came to the conclusion that I can remove BOTH Tarantes AND Bluedog from my install. I'm not going to deny that those two packs are both wonderful and quite detailed, but really the only thing I can build from either that I regularly used that I can't from SSTU is an Atlas-style rocket (1.5 stage to orbit) and honestly, I'm not really sure I can't. I've been really experimenting in sandbox and have managed to build a passable N1, a quite reasonable Soyuz, and a pretty much dead-on Apollo. Really, the only glaring thing Bluedog has on you is the Gemini stuff (2-manned capsules and accessories) and small landers. This pack is uncanny in what you can do with it. There's even a fair chance it'll supplant Station Parts Expansion. What would be the icing on the cake would be if you could use the station parts alongside Roverdude's OKS mod. I haven't played much with that so far, but as far as I can tell these parts have stock functionality only ATM. EDIT: They DO increase the base habitability, so there's that. They need to be combined with OKS parts and, unfortunately, OKS parts generally work better. Still, since OKS/MKS are really intended for permanent stations, the SSTU parts do have a niche. I love the station parts and REALLY love the DOS-style station cores and parts. Being able to build seven space stations that actually look different is uncanny. I love the different solar panel designs. This pack is awesome and I really wish I had discovered it long ago.
  21. One issue I just found: the "starter" orbital rocket (LR81-8048) doesn't come in a single-nozzle 1.25m configuration. The 2-nozzle one does, though. Is this intentional? EDIT: I discovered it's just the mount that has no 1.25m configuration. At least one of the others does.
  22. I had a mod up until I went through a mod culling that had a very nice feature: when hovering over a part it told you what mod that part came from. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea what mod that was. I'm sure someone here can tell me, though!
  23. Now this shows quality. Most authors would have made it a hard 30-days and called it done. This mod actually has a formula for figuring it out.
  24. Just wanted to come here and say this has very quickly become my go-to rocket pack. It's pretty much replaced every other generic part kit I've been using. It's great and I love it!
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