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  1. You speak as if Russia is to blame for all the deadly sins, are not we refused cooperation, first step was made by NASA... Disconnect CNN.
  2. As they say in the Roscosmos, it is better not to extend the operation of the ISS and to direct resources to other cosmic purpose, I'm glad.I do not think we need to ISS after 2020 (My personal opinion).
  3. Also I can say that today Russia is working on Angara "after a hard class of rocket refused," and over the PTK NP.Roscosmos has not even decided on the Rocket, and not to mention what that lunar bases...
  4. N-1 is not the name of the rocket ... It translates as "carrier 1", as I recall the N-1 was to get the official name of "Raskat".But the rocket did not fly. :-)
  5. I do not know, maybe this, http://andegraf.com/rockets/n1.htm PS.very beautiful model !!!
  6. guys have a question,as mbm format convert to png???
  7. Bimu gave me a job (for which I am very grateful to him.) Also, I have version 1.3, but over him even more work.
  8. COINCIDENCE : Report of the chief designer of the future Special Design Bureau and the creator of the spaceship "Vostok" Sergei Korolev, dedicated to the problems of rocket flight into the stratosphere, was written on the birthday of Gagarin, March 9, 1934.
  9. Happy birthday, Yura. You left too early.
  10. Piwa

    Saturn v

    Perhaps you use a plug-in fuel (Real fuel, World space).It conflicts with other plugins fuel.
  11. Piwa

    Saturn v

    Sorry for the terrible screenshots...
  12. Since software development Rockets for "RSS" suspended I decided to make "stock version." Rocket has four versions. As there is a beta version of "Apollo",at a Denny's on the LEM, you can perform "Apollo Mission". WARNING: 1. Possible conflict with the addon "World space" 2. Apollo has no internal IVA,has no docking port,has no parachute (use the Mk-2 R) 3. Rocket does not work with the FAR, (first stage outputs almost Rocket into orbit) it will be corrections in a special version for FAR. 4.In add-on has a powerful Struts, fasten them all motors and stages. Please report bugs you find, I
  13. logo itself, and one letter change does not matter, the meaning of one.
  14. It's really impressive is beautiful!!! but I must ask you to remove the logo "NASA", which has no relation to this Rocket...
  15. This picture is fully applicable to the United States, Russia does not bomb Ukraine, and Kosovo?? remember Kosovo. And yet, this topic offends me as Russian and slkduet delete it, or create a theme at the expense of Libya, Iraq, Yugoslavia.
  16. I was pleasantly surprised by the new particle effect,reminded "Orbiter 2010"
  17. Sorry to have kept with the answer, I think today I'll send you a trial version, if something is not right I try to fix.
  18. Piwa


    DasBananenbrot: Nice, I like it Scripto23: Really like that you're making this for RSS! Keep up the good work, looking forward to it Thanks for your support, I am very glad that you like)
  19. Piwa


    Thank you, nice that you like!!!) This is the new version. Just in my opinion it is done in a patch Nathan *http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/66550-Saturn_v_rss/page4 but it is better to wait for the new version)
  20. Piwa


    Yes, I work for Apollo, and change settings LEM Denny (for RSS), and will soon release the Saturn-Apollo stock.
  21. 1.1.I made ​​his version of the fairing and it is good, I can give it to you if you want 2. Autor allowed SSSRB include other add-ons
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