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    [1.6.x] Near Future Technologies (1.6.x fixes Jan 21)

    I know this is probably the wrong place, and I'll be beaten for asking here... ...Is MKIV Spaceplane still part of the your ongoing (enormous) body of work? I can't find it anywhere. You're the modder who makes most of my game, Nertea, thank you so much for your endless supply of really great parts. Edit: As usual I managed to go past the thread several times before I noticed it, with an update posted by Nertea. Still, thanks again, your stuff is the best. Double Edit: There's a link in your signature... Yeah, I'm speshul.
  2. Ballistic Idiot

    [1.3.1] "Streamline" Engines, Fueltanks and RCS

    I'm a big fan of simplicity, a collection of parts with MFT profiles makes me happier than anything else.
  3. I'm sorry, Proot, but this is the internet. I can't be patient. It's a rule. Rabble rabble rabble, etc. etc. etc.
  4. Yeah the state of the game's mod handling in Windows is very frustrating, but Linux is just not that great. The game was awful for me and spending more time juggling OS problems than juggling started to feel like it would become an eternal struggle. I think I might fart around with 64bit more, it can't be any more frustrating than skipping mods I want because the engine is so primitive.
  5. Ballistic Idiot

    Umbra Space Industries - (Roadmap and WIPs)

    I have never actually looked into the mechanics of Tweakscale. Apparently I should have, it's brilliantly simple. Thanks very much, Nori. I'm going to build tiny rockets.
  6. Ballistic Idiot

    Umbra Space Industries - (Roadmap and WIPs)

    The radial engines, was what my thought was. The turbofans and jet engines are some of the best looking parts in the game from any mod. I want to put them on everything. Even my car. Of course I've always wanted a massive blender on the front of my car anyway...
  7. Ballistic Idiot

    Umbra Space Industries - (Roadmap and WIPs)

    So, Rover, if that is your real name. You know what would be a really cool thing to have in your mod(s). All of those superb looking radial engines? They should pivot, it would be so great to be able to use those turbo props and jet engines for VTOL. There's a tragic lack of versatile VTOL parts in this game, they're all purpose built for one frame or vehicle concept. Tweakscale would be kind of sweet, too. Now that I've finished being needy... Thanks so much for making KSP an exploration game for us. Your work (and the work of your basement full of Umpa Lumpas) is greatly appreciated.
  8. Proot, my friend. Your work is greatly appreciated. You've made KSP a pretty game, you made screen shots from orbit something to actually view without antacids. However, without your work KSP is a bland game, an ugly game. So... Get back to work.
  9. Ballistic Idiot

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    You're a mad man, Rover. You gave me ways build Kerbal Kennels on other planets and how you give me a way to starve them. I mean feed them. Feed them. Yeah.
  10. This does nicely demonstrate the problem with daisy chaining mods though. Fortunately Treeloader isn't mandatory for the mods to function, it just extends them greatly.
  11. First things first, try KSP module fixer.
  12. The odds a pretty decent that you're having a memory problem, B9 is GIGANTIC. How much RAM do you have and are you running 32 or 64 bit? 64 bit KSP has a habit of just kind of crashing for giggles, while 32 bit is pretty memory limited. There is a set of texture reduction for B9 to hammer it into less memory, jeck out the OP in the B9 thread for the link.
  13. It comes from a comic called Oglaf, it's a terribly dirty comic by a very deranged author. At least that's where I got it from, I can't post the source comic on the KSP forums though.
  14. If you do get to fixing the original, please incorporate the part scaling you put into this one. Like I said in the other thread, I love part scaling and for a mod as massive as KSPI it's hand-in-glove. Though I think my install is funky, the reactors are all the same, don't produce any electric charge and don't need radiators.