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  1. My first reaction was "As long as our fringe physics obeys conservation laws, any closed cell could generate thrust", but that's kind of the standard statement I suppose. Thinking about it, the force in question could be the colour force and the barrier like properties come from residual strong force. That would explain why they let EM waves (light) through, but not ordinary matter. That's not how they work in most sci-fi (eg Star Trek, where they are said to be 'EM particle fields tuned to certain frequencies' ), but it's kind-of a neat idea.
  2. Although, why build an airship if you can just levitate the vessel with a forcefield?
  3. EVE et al. In my opinion, KSP needs a visual upgrade really badly. Volumetric atmospheres, scattering, dynamic lighting, zodiacal light and perhaps even gegenschein for extra astronomy points would be nice. Weather would be really cool.
  4. Thought I'd fill in some details: 1. This is actually a difficult and open problem. In the solar system it is assumed the period of gas giants radio emissions matches the rotation of the core, backed up by incidentals and implications with respect to all the other rotational moments present in a gas giant. But the exact source of the radio waves is still up for debate. Even the assumption of a core at all is not certain. On Saturn, for example, there are three rotational systems used for defining the period; System I (10 hr 14 min 00 sec), System II ( 10 hr 38 min 25.4 sec) and System III (radio period: 10 hr 39 min 22.4 sec). 2. If you see a reference to "sea-level" in planetology, it generally refers to the altitude where barometric pressure matches that at Mean Sea Level on the earth; that is also used as a reference for the "surface". Again, taking Saturn as an example, gravity reaches about 1.065 g when the pressure reaches 1 bar, while the temperature is a brisk 134K. So the "surface gravity" is given as 1.065 g. 3. Radius is determined by trigonometric calculations on the apparent size of an object, usually during occultations or eclipses in order to shine light through atmospheres. This is especially true for exoplanets. There's undoubtedly special data sets that require different measurements, but those would be more or less impossible to obtain for any exoplanet. Internal measurements, such as from center to some arbitrary cutoff point, become complicated very quickly since those measurements aren't uniform across the object. For gas giants, even determining the center is difficult. The cut off-point is also rather contentious. Indeed, defining the edge of the atmosphere even on Earth is rather ambiguous, it depends very much on what you are looking for. In that frame of reference, in a deep gravity well, you may also have to consider relativistic effects to accurately measure the height (eg, the famous GPS satellites' drifting cesium clocks). Defining the radius optically and from a somewhat distant observation is a lot easier. 4. That's not known to be the case. In fact, current models would expect at least some mini-neptunes to be captured by super-jupiters during orbital migration. I'm thinking in terms of the currently popular pebble-accretion model, but can't see why a smaller, early and runaway accretion zone couldn't orbit a larger one even during formation. So the answer is: there probably are gas moons around large planets or brown dwarfs in planetary orbits, most likely they would occur in high-mass, high-metallicity star systems.
  5. Easeist way vould be to just edit the prnl files in the mod folder (eg notepad). Just remove the lines containing whatever you want to keep. Then prune.
  6. Didn't see it mentioned, but ethylphosphinate is probably one of the worst chemicals created ever created by man. Also known as VX nerve agent; unlike most other compounds mentioned, it has no use other than as a weapon of mass destruction.
  7. I was just trying to figure out how to do this, either with a mod of my own or through kOS. Here it already exists! Thanks!
  8. nuFAR is awesome! As has been noted, even with the new aerodynamics in stock, you can do some pretty silly things. After passing the KSC at Mach 3 and pulling a 12.9G back-flip somersault and landing on the first third of the runway, I decided I had beat the game However, not one to be fazed be silly minecraft physics (voxels, right :yhbt: ), I have endeavoured to recreate the previously mentioned silly vessel with FAR. The supermanoeuvrability bit is there, but as you can see in the video, at supersonic speeds those large surfaces disintegrate if you so much as touch the controls (or indeed, the airbrake). I haven't quite got the somersault landings yet, I think I'll have switch to an analog controller to get that down. Future work includes a variable sweep wing with IR (disintegrates and/or flaps like a bird currently), using kOS or custom mod to limit control surface deflection by dynamic pressure. There are zero struts presently, and I'm trying to avoid using any as a challenge. Service ceiling is about 20km, where it will melt if going above Mach ~3. MODS in use: FAR Kerbal Joint Reinforcement BD Vector Jets TweakScale (wheels and control surfaces) Lots more visuals and visualization, but other than the engines all parts are stock.
  9. There are several things you can do; Squad didn't plan this very well since DNS updates hardly propagate instantly across the world. a) Wait for your DNS to update; clearing your DNS cache might help (probably not unless your spamming the refresh while waiting) connect directly to squad's IP. I'm not comfortable posting an anonymous IP and telling people to connect to it, but it's available on the forum and through the internets. c) buy another copy on steam
  10. I get the feeling that Youtube is having an undue influence on the development cycle of this game. Just because critics on youtube (famously TB, Jim Sterling et al) express reservations against early access doesn't mean it's ok to push unfinished products out the gate. I'm glad I've been on board for so long, because I am certainly one of those who get put off by a shoddy release and as it stands I probably would have skipped it if it was a full release. So much in the game still feels like an afterthought. Integrate, balance and polish. Release that as a beta, judge the reaction. If ok, then you go 1.0. Standard fare stuff. You're really jumping the gun on this one, Squad.
  11. Success story here; I'm running K64x on a heavily modded 0.90 install. I've used CKAN for 70+ mods and then dropped in some 0.25 mods and treated CKAN badly by deleting stuff and overwriting. I installed RSS through CKAN and then just dropped the 6.4 files (the configs, not the plugin folder) in my gamedata. Works fine! Even locations work, although the land locations tend to be at the bottom of pits. EDIT Just found the locations cfg version in the repo, cool stuff!
  12. Ah, no that clears it up-- it was likely the animation; I was showing him stock behaviour, with the wobbling and all that. Also, his reference is 'recreational' skydiving and as I understand it, the drogue (or is it called a pilot; that's the word he used) deploys the chute rather quickly by comparison there. Also, terminal velocity for a human is about 55 m/s! If I can get him to sit still again, I'll show him the DRE animation
  13. I have some input on this that might be relevant; I was playing the game while an acquaintance of mine who is into skydiving watched. His immediate reaction when seeing the chutes pre-deploy was "DOH! cut it! cut it! do you have spares?!" As I explained how it works in the game he went on a rant about air pressure and sailing into the wind; how if the chute ends up like that it likely won't deploy and get tangled, or worse partially deploy "and send you into the tumbler". I don't know if the circumstances when skydiving can really be compared to re-entry, in particular the masses involved, but perhaps the problem is how pre-deployed chutes work?
  14. I wouldn't worry, even if ferram4 decides to move on, which shouldn't be anything strange considering it's a mod and he really has no obligations here, there's a community of talented people who can carry the torch -- as huge a loss to said community as it would be.
  15. I'm working on a project to gather data about the distribution of science points in the game; in particular I'm wanting to do some analysis on the accumulated science value (per experiment) over distance from the KSC, both in terms of average physical distance and delta-v. There's a lot of discussions about balance one way or the other so I wanted to find some interesting data points to balance around for my own game. One interesting point, to me at least, was that some players feel there is little motivation to go interplanetary; that's where the idea of this data point came from. So I'm wondering, has this been done? Is there a map of sbv values out there somewhere? If not, is there any interest in me sharing something like that when it's done?