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  1. It's not obvious when I'm within the atmosphere, but if I'm above the atmosphere without my ASAS on, my ship starts to rotate automatically in one direction without any input. I don't have any parts clipping either, so it shouldn't be happening. Has anyone else had this problem too?
  2. Although it's ALT+B, I didn't know about that at the time and I'd like to say thank you so much.
  3. I'm having a problem with the cruise missiles, in that after launching, they will arc in their trajectory but never adjust to actually fly towards the target (despite being launched towards the target to begin with). I feel like the problem is in my distance from said target, ~12km, because when I fire a cruise missile within a range of 5km, they will track and fly towards the target. Beyond that, they either keep flying upwards until they run out of fuel and crash, or they just crash into the ground (when launched at a low angle). And when they are able to hit the target, they never fly at
  4. Thank you all for helping me! I figured that the Module Manager versions had some kind of script within them for specific mods, but now that I know I've gone ahead and downloaded the newer one. Thanks!
  5. I'm stuck with 3 currently, and I'm going to run on a single one to see if that helps any better, as it keeps crashing me when I use TweakScale with anything else.
  6. It's like any ordinary rendezvous, but you have to plan further ahead than a normal rendezvous, because these things can whiz by at hundreds of meters per second faster than your ship is going currently. Just get ahead in the asteroid's trajectory (after its periapsis in Kerbin orbit). This might be some small details, but I assure you that it'll help in your endeavors.
  7. Well, here's my first shuttle (although it's an SSTO itself, too). Enjoy! EDIT: I forgot to add that I made both the SLS and the "Shuttle" in the SPH. I found it was easier having a horizontal symmetry as opposed to a vertical one.
  8. It would become difficult to get through, but there's nothing better than a sense of accomplishment. Wait, who said we needed to go through it anyways?
  9. Clearly because you don't have any struts.
  10. - Installed RasterPropMonitors and ViewVessel (VesselViewer?) - Did a full IVA docking maneuver, from launch to rendezvous to connection. - Got to Jool and back somehow (sped up too fast and missed my node, causing me to escape Jool). Overall it's been an awesome couple of days.
  11. This was on the return trip from my first interplanetary mission.
  12. Second album for Part 2 is now up! Here it is: (Sorry for bump.)
  13. I don't want to alter the gameplay currently, but I want to make it look better. What mods do you suggest to make it look better?
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